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New Hogsmeade Page


As promised, we now have a completely re-worked and updated Hogsmeade page as well. I also created a new detailed list of all the secret passages between Hogsmeade and Hogwarts – something we hadn’t done before. Enjoy!


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  • Karrelien

    Thank you guys for you’re never-ending-story-synopsis-writing-thing
    Keep up the good work!

  • Phil

    Great work. One nitpick, I think the Hog’s Head passage opened in 98, not 97, as I seem to recall it had only been open a few weeks when HRH got there in May 98, right?

  • NightSky

    I think you are doing such a great job. I am having so much fun trying to read all you have done!!!!

  • Big_Kelpie

    The passage definetly opened after Easter holidays as Neville says that as Ginny never came back from this break, everything was more complicated and then he was forced to hide.
    It would be 98

  • Clock_maker

    Well done Lexicon staff!

  • Clock_maker

    A tiny nit-pick. How do we know that the extra passages (4 known by filch, and 1 caved in) lead to Hogsmeade. could they just be leading out of the castle??

  • Moony =Luna Lupin

    Thanks a lot for all this hard work and updates! This is a wonderfull website, my most Hp-favorite. Well done! Best

  • JJB

    Is this another of the passageways?
    “…Lee Jordan reckons he’s found a new secret passageway out of the school.”
    “Bet it’s that one behind the statue of Gregory the Smarmy that we found in our first week. See you.” Fred and George to Harry PS9. This first floor passageway may also be the one Fred called out “Nice night for it” and others stood around it while Harry passed by trying to figure out the Horcrux connected to Ravenclaw.

  • John

    Great job, thanks guys and gals!!!!!

  • Clock_maker

    STOP the press!
    i have been readinf Redwall by Brian Jaques and in chapter 6 (about rats) it states “Old Wormtail has lost a paw” Could this be a reference to how JK got the idea of cutting of pettigrews hand??!!??

  • hpboy13

    Amazing job! I absolutely love reading all of this new stuff, kepe up the awesome updates!

  • Reader2

    By ellimination, the passage behind Gregory the Smarmy would have to be one of those Filch knows about.

    The statue over the passage to Honeydukes cellar has got to be Gunhilda of Gorsemoor.

  • Graymayne

    In the section dealing with secret passages you seem to imply that the passage is one way only, from the inn to the Room of Requirement. That cannot be correct, the passage opened up so that the fugitives could obtain food, and the escaping pupils used the passage to escape the battle. The sentence is very ambiguous as it stands.

  • Insel

    Oh wow… the Hogsmeade page is awesome! This site is my favourite Harry Potter site on the whole net!!! I just can’t wait for the next wizard of the month… I hope it will be Ron!! That would be wonderful!

  • JJB

    Clock maker, you are right… we don’t know where all the passageways led. In PA, Harry noticed the passageways he had never entered and saw that “many of them seemed to leadright into Hogsmead.” Many but not all.

  • Thanks for the comments! I’ve updated the page to clarify that not every passage necessarily leads to Hogsmeade, and that one is behind the statue of Gregory the Smarmy. I also changed the date on the Room of Requirement passage – just an error on my part, there.

    Graymayne, I’m not sure what it is about the Room of Requirement passageway’s entry that’s confusing – maybe I’m just having trouble reading it from another perspective? Could you help clarify?

    Thanks again!

  • Bandersnatch

    I wonder if Graymayne is thinking of the phrase “the passageway can only be accessed from the Hog’s Head.” Taken out of context, that does sound like the tunnel can only be entered via Aberforth’s inn.

    When I read it in context though, I think John means that although the entrance to the passage in the Room of Requirement is in plain sight, the entrance in the Hog’s Head is hidden behind a portrait, thus qualifying this as a “secret” passageway.