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Hey, Jo!


I’d just like to point out that I did ask what Dumbledore’s wand was made of…in July of 2004 in the open letter, which I know Jo read.

Oh well.

EDIT by Bel~: Oy, Steve! You must have been tinkering in the Timelines and got your dates mixed up? The Open Letter was actually in 2004. 🙂 Three years ago in OUR time, not Harry’s.

EDIT: Sorry, I’m fixing it now.


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  • Haltiamieli

    What, in 1995? Wow, you trully were a genius to understand to ask it already back then! 😉

  • roonwit

    Yes, 1995 is extremely impressive given that PS wasn’t published until 1997. Do you mean 2005?

  • kamion

    wooow, this from the man he keeps telling us
    Jo isn’t a star in Math’s.

  • Naomi


    You know we love you, Steve.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Please, Jo, come back to answer this letter!

    Jo said in NYC she surfered the net a week after HP7 looking for FAQs for her website, but she still hasn’t updated and here she has a great selection!

    PS: Why MNet had to remove the link to the letter?

  • Jonelle

    Hee hee, so is this gonna be discussed in Canon Concludrums?
    Don’t worry Steve I get 1995 and 2004 mixed up all the time 😉 Just be sure to take frequent breaks when updating the Lexicon.

  • Ashley

    Awww, don’t listen to them Steve. I’m sure that you were Confunded or maybe your brain was infested by a Wrackspurt.

  • Taj

    Hahaha, good one, Ashley. We love ya, Steve.

  • hpboy13

    I should have guessed that the Lexicon would have asked such a vital question years ago! Indeed, I was shocked b Jo’s comment saying no one asked.

  • Moony =Luna Lupin

    Well Cronista de Salem, you’re right. If Rowling is still looking for faq’s for her website, she can find some in the open letter. If she had an e-mailadress, I could send her my little list, I suppose they aren’t all faq’s but they could give her inspiration for “extra stuff”-items. Speaking of her website, it’s a pitty you can’t hear the sounds by using the text only-version.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    she hasn’t update her website since a day before the publication :S except for WOTM. But it seems for the Open Book Tour that she had INTENTIONS. I hope she updates soon… JKR.com is dead from months ago 🙁

  • Da Jones

    Yes, but what could the core of the Elder wand have possibly been.

    That is the question to ask now.

    BTW I believe that DD must have taken the PS to the FB w/ GG. This would have contored GG,as GG could not be defeated nor DD killed. The immovable object versus the irresistable force.

    IT would have lead to a long epic attle with lots of time for meaningful conversation.

  • Bandersnatch

    ::petitions for the core of the Elder Wand to be made of chocolate::

    Who’s with me?

  • *raises hand* Me!!!

  • hpboy13

    Me!!! That is the most powerful substance in the world.

  • Clock_maker

    Mmmm…. You could have to stop some people breaking it open and eating it!

  • KayleeTonksLupin

    Da Jones said:

    Yes, but what could the core of the Elder wand have possibly been.

    That is the question to ask now.

    BTW I believe that DD must have taken the PS to the FB w/ GG. This would have contored GG,as GG could not be defeated nor DD killed. The immovable object versus the irresistable force.

    IT would have lead to a long epic attle with lots of time for meaningful conversation.

    Now me, Kaylee:

    Uh, what? *confused*

    And Bandersnatch wrote:

    ::petitions for the core of the Elder Wand to be made of chocolate::

    Now me:

    YES!!!!!!! Of course it is!!!!!!

    ~Kaylee T-L

  • luna lupin =moony

    The core of the elder wand was one of the questions I listed. I don’t know what it is, I suppose Dead had no other substances with him as his hair, or a phoenix feather, or blood (eventually unicorn?)? Chocolate as a core of a wand would be odd, dead don’t seem to me someone who’s giving sweets to his victims. But it could be, though.

  • Atb

    The core of the Elder wand….. the best I could think of is Merlins blood. Hence the references to Merlin.

  • Luna, we’re joking. 😉 Chocolate wouldn’t seem practical as a wand core, but its one of my favorite magical substances!
    Atb, ewww! blood? that’s just gross! haha…. but hmm…. Merlin’s beard? We have Veela hair, unicorn tail hair… perhaps a chin hair? 😀

  • Bandersnatch

    ::translation of Da Jones for KayleeTL::

    BTW=By The Way I believe that DD=Dumbledore must have taken the PS=Philosopher’s Stone to the FB=Final Battle w/ GG=Gellert Grindelwald. This would have contored=countered GG,as GG could not be defeated nor DD killed. The immovable object versus the irresistable force.

    An interesting idea of how Dumbledore could have vanquished the owner of the unvanquishable wand! Although it is only the legend of the Elder Wand that says that it is unbeatable, so it may not be 100% unbeatable in reality.

    Likewise, Beadle the Bard notwithstanding, the Elder Wand was probably made by the Peverell brothers and not the personification of Death (Dumbledore thought so, anyway). But it could still have an exotic and unorthodox core, to make it so powerful.

    I’m still rooting for chocolate. 😉

  • Big_Kelpie

    Is there any doubt about the core being chocolate? i have known it since poa

  • pteris vittata

    That might explain Dumbledore’s obsession with sweets. The elder wand likely formed a telepathic bond with the headmaster, causing increased candy desire.

  • elor

    Thanks for the “translation”, Bandersnatch! I wondered, too. 🙂

  • Alorra Spinnet

    I would like to point out that in the commments after said question on the Open Letter, it still says he asked her in 1995.;)

  • Taj

    Da Jones, do you mean Dumbledore would have used the Stone for himself? If so, then I have to disagree because Dumbledore made it explicitly clear in Book One that he wouldn’t be interested in the Stone.

  • Taj

    I’m still confused as to HOW Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald in their 1945 duel. If Grindelwald (although less skilled than Albus) was using the Elder Wand, then Dumbledore shouldn’t have been able to defeat him.

    Maybe Grindelwald just let his guard down for a moment, or was too tired to go on. Also, Rita Skeeter said that Grindelwald might have surrendered…but, then again, this is Rita we’re talking about (how does that line go? one quarter truth, two quarters rubbish?)

  • Taj

    Or was it the power of love?

  • JJB

    Like Voldemort, Grindelwald wasn’t the Master of the Elder Wand, only its owner. Harry pointed it out to LV in their final, duel “You still don’t get it, Riddle, do you? Possessing the wand isn’t enough! Holding it, using it, doesn’t make it really yours. Didn’t you listen to Ollivander? The wand chooses the wizard…” DH36 The outcome of their duels seems to prove LV and GG weren’t the Masters.

  • Bandersnatch

    But JJB, if GG wasn’t the Master of the Elder Wand when DD fought him, then how did DD become Master of it? So GG must have been the Master.

    Maybe DD said, “Look over there!” and when GG turned to look, DD grabbed the Elder Wand out of his hand. 🙂

  • kamion

    apart that the best core for the Elder Wand would probably chocolate,
    I think that it’s the only wand that did not have a core.
    The wood in itself already was the magic conductor as it was touched and modified by Death.

  • Reader2

    I think so far you are the closest to the truth.
    The master of the Elder Wand can not be overpowered directly, but that does not make them unbeatable.
    May be Dumbledore ambushed Grindelwald, the way Draco ambushed him.
    May be Dumbledore was not working alone, and somebody else distracted Grindelwald long enough for Dumbledore to disarm him.
    May be Grindelwald went soft on the old flame and hesitated in the critical moment.
    There is plenty of possibilities.
    The part from Rita’s account can also be true.
    After all, the duel would be over once Grindelwald lost his wand. All he would have left is to serrender.

  • gsteelwraith

    At a guess, the core of the elder wand could be thestral hair. After all if the wielder is supposedly the master of death, then it would stand to reason that the core be composed of something that is closely associated with death. I’m curious as to what the barrel of the wand is made of, though. Petrified wood would be an interesting material.

  • Ashley

    That could also be true if it were a Grim hair. But do thestral even have hair? Lexicon really doesn’t have that much of a description of their appearance.

  • Taj

    Grindelwald was definitely the master of the Elder Wand because he took it from Gregorovitch, against the latter’s will. Otherwise, Dumbledore wouldn’t have become the wand’s true master when he took it from Grindelwald, when we know he did. While the terms by which Gregorovitch took the wand are unclear, we have to assume that he was once its master as well.

  • Bandersnatch

    Actually, the real story of the Elder Wand has never been told… UNTIL NOW!

    Neither Harry, nor Draco, nor Dumbledore, nor Grindelwald, nor even Gregorovich was ever the master of the Elder Wand. Each assumed that he was, but the true master of the Wand of Destiny was never actually defeated by any of these or anyone else, and so he retained ownership of it throughout the centuries.

    Yes, my friends, in conjunction with that most excellent publication, The Quibbler, I can now reveal that the true master of the Elder Wand was that most amazing wizard of them all…


  • Moony =luna Lupin

    it would be nice if Rowling gave Willy Wonka the same honour as she did with Malodora Grymm (wicked queen of Snow White, told by the Grimms). This wicked queen appeared in the lexicon’s chocolate frogcardgalery (weren’t there famous wizard-cards included in gof-dvd?) It would be nice if Willy Wonka appeared in the series of famous wizards, he’s my favourite chocolatier too, Bandersnatch!!! Well, if he was the only master of the elder wand and the core of this wand is made by chocolate (or honey), he earns a place as wizard of the month or on a chocolate frog-card. Bandersnatch, where can I find that petition?

  • Reader2

    Gotta love Willy Wonka, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high.

    Most wizards from pas tlegends and fary tales who got some recognition in the Rowling-world had been wondering through various books for centuries.

    Wonka is just to new, even though he would fit into the Rowling-world very nicely.
    After all, isn’t he the current distributor of the Every Flavor Beans?

  • Taj

    Willy Wonka a wizard? Chocolate the core of the Elder Wand? Clearly the Lexicon’s visitors are in a desperate need for a trip to Honeydukes!

  • Taj

    Oh, and by the way, Lexicon – On the Reader’s Guide for “Prisoner of Azkaban” Chapter 3, it says that “Did Dumbledore himself question BLACK’S wisdom in talking to the Muggle prime minister about Black’s escape?” The first “Black’s” should be “Fudge’s”.

    Thanks Taj, we’ll get this fixed.

  • Naomi

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate…

    *starts organizing a trip to Honeydukes*

  • DA Jones

    Thanks for the translatiom Bandersnatch. Never post at about three AM your fingers are sleepy. What did I start with a simple question about the Elder Wands core?

    Chocolate as a wand core is not practically but you can still have a chocolate wand because cocoa comes from the cocoa tree, so why not make a wand from its woood? Of course you could also have a apple wand, a banana wand etc…. The wands in the tropical countires mutt be very strange. A banana wand with an apple core anyone?

    I like the Willy Wonka idea but alas, I think he is still copyrighted.

    TAJ: The PS is used to make a potion which is drunk (the Elixir of Life) and has to be rebrewed after a while. Dumbledore could have simply used one the potions when facing Grindelwald. A one time temporary use for the betterment of man. Dumbledore says in PS something to the effect that Flamel has enough stock of the potion left to settle his affairs.

    It’d temporary use is not beyond Dumbledore’s character I think. It might also explain why he was somewhat ancient (a side-effect of the onetime use of the potion?)

  • Reader2

    Well, DA Jones,

    Neville has a cherry wand, is that close to Wonka?

    Although, I don’t think cores can be fruit-flavored.
    Those should come from a creature, even in tropical countries.

  • jz

    Not sure about the core of the wand (and I am highly in favor of the chocolate theory) but it’s obvious, isn’t it, that the wood the wand is made of is ELDER? the tale of the three brothers tells of Death fashioning the wand from a nearby elder tree. It is known as the Elder Wand for this reason.

  • Bandersnatch

    D’oh! You’re absolutely right, jz! For some reason, I forgot all about that and kept thinking the word “Elder” meant ancient. But it’s right there in the text.

    Right, then, an elder wand with a chocolate core. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand. Sounds good to me!

  • Reader2

    The core has to come from a creature, so I guess the creature in this case was a chocolate frog.

  • Bandersnatch

    I like it!

    I wonder if Death ever got a Chocolate Frog Card.

    “Death (immortal)
    Most famous for his role as taker of human souls, for constructing the three Deathly Hallows, and for running at people while flapping his arms and going ‘woo-woo-woo-woo!'”

  • Reader2

    You know Bandersnatch,

    You bring up an interesting question.
    Showld the Lexicon consider Death a character?
    After all, they do consider Grim a creature.

  • beauxbatons

    Bandersnatch and Reader2,
    I absolutely do agree, and I want to see that CFC.
    Jo, are you looking for ideas ? 🙂

  • KayleeTonksLupin

    Hi again! Is Death a character? 😀 Lol…that’s amusing…Chocolate frog wand core!!!! Heehee!

    Although it’s obvious that the core should be of Sherbet Lemon!!! *Amused*

    Now, I like the Willy Wonka idea.

    And now for something completely different…a Crunchy Frog core, not a chocolate frog one!

    Unless that’s still copyrighted, too…

    *is highly amused*

    I think I need chocolate today, lol.

    ~Kaylee T-L!

  • Ashley

    Maybe Death used one of his one hair. It is possible.

    And I would think Death would HATE chocolate. It is used to calm nerves.

  • Reader2

    What would Death have against calm?

    Ah well,

    If we all stop fooling around we can actually figure out what kind of wand Dumbledore had before he went up against Grindelwald:
    He was born either in July or August, so the wood had to be either Holly or Hazel (Oak is theoretically possible, but I simply can not believe that one).
    He is very tall, so the wand had to be between 13″ – 15″ long.
    As for the core, that’s simple – phoenix feather, what else can it be?

  • Ashley

    Well, I believe that Death wanted to cause chaos for the three brothers after they bested him. He wouldn’t want

    Does it really matter what his wand was before he beat GG? But I think he would have a dragon heartstring and maple wand.

    Plus, Reader2, Jo only used the ‘birthday woods’ for the trio. If she did that for all the characters Neville would’ve also had a holly wand not cherry. And it would have been easier for Ollivander to find a wand for his customers.

  • Bandersnatch

    Ashley is right; Jo said here
    that she only used the birthday-wands for the Trio. Although it turns out she also used them for Draco given that his birthday is 5 June and his wand is hawthorn — whether that was intentional or not I don’t know.

    Does Death have hair? (I always think of him as a skeleton! 🙂 )

  • Reader2

    Ashley and Bandersnatch,

    Perhaps not everyones wand material was chosen by birthdate, but didn’t JKR also say that she abandoned that concept when she was coming up with a wand for Hagrid, just because oak was so suitable for him.
    You have to admit, cherry suits Neville better than holly.
    While, holly would fit Dumbeldore just fine.
    And why maple? Why dragon heartstring?
    What’s so wring with the phoenix feather?
    The guy has a phoenix familiar, phoenix patronus and if we had to choose which one of the trio is the most like him, it would definitely be Harry, who has a phoenix wand core.
    What more do you want?

  • Bandersnatch

    There is no basis to decide one way or the other, so everyone is free to choose whatever they think would be most Dumbledory.

  • Ashley

    Thanks Bandersnatch.

    I just meant that meant that just because his pet and patronus were phoenix doesn’t meant that his wand was phoenix. It could be dragon heartsting because I see them as more power oriented. We know that he is powerful.

    I thought maple because they (other than oak which wouldn’t work for him) is known for long life but can die unexpectedly. I grew up around maple trees so I know what I’m talking about.

    I thought that Death was a Grim as in the dog. But even Dumbledore isn’t sure if that part of the story is true. lol

  • Reader2

    Well, Ashley

    At leas twe agree about oak.

    And it sounds like you suggest that the core of the Elder Wand could come from the Grim.
    That makes sence.
    I guess the material of Dumbeldore’s original wand is not as easy to figure out as I thought, at least not in such a way that it would satisfy everyone.

    Although, I can’t help but thraw one lust argument out into the open:
    We know plenty of characters who definitely have wands with the dragon essence:

    I admit, they are all pretty powerful, but look what characters we know to have the wand with phoenix essence, only two:
    Harry and Voldemort

    So, which group is more powerful?

    Which group looks more suitable for Dumbledore?

  • But if the core of Dumbledore’s wand was a phoenix feather, then certainly not from his own Phoenix, since it only gave 2 feathers: 1 for Voldemort’s wand and 1 for Harry’s.

  • JJB

    I love the creative—and very humorous—minds visiting the Lexicon! *licks sticky fingers after popping in a handful of chocolate*

    On a more serious note… “If you planned your death with Snape, you meant him to end up with the Elder Wand, didn’t you?” “I admit that was my intention,” said Dumbledore, “but it did not work as I intended, did it?”DH35

    Why was it Dumbledore’s original intention for Snape to get his wand? Was Snape the Plan B just in case Dumbledore’s guess was wrong and Harry didn’t survive his trip to King’s Cross?

    Did Snape know he should take the wand or is this traditional for killed wizards to have their wands taken by the one who killed them—unless their wand was snapped in two, which would be sad? 😛

    Given that Dumbledore was sure Voldemort would try to get the Elder Wand, ever since Harry’s wand beat Voldemort’s in the graveyard of Little Hangleton, giving/losing the Elder Wand to Snape would make him a marked man. Did Snape know anything about the wand or what it would mean to be the possessor of the unbeatable wand that Voldemort was more obsessed about than even killing Harry? Even if Snape had had the Elder Wand when Nagini killed him it might not have helped because Snape did pull his own wand at the time but hesitated and did not use it. Truly, he who hesitates is lost. Poor Severus.

  • LBecker

    Reader2 wrote:

    Gotta love Willy Wonka, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high.

    Most wizards from pas tlegends and fary tales who got some recognition in the Rowling-world had been wondering through various books for centuries.

    Wonka is just to new, even though he would fit into the Rowling-world very nicely.
    After all, isn’t he the current distributor of the Every Flavor Beans?

    — October 26, 2007 @ 3:08 pm

    Reader2 I think Jelly Belly makes & distributes Every Flavor Beans. My family visited the factory in California and tried them there. Bacon & black pepper & dirt are such a weird flavors! LOL.
    I love the serious dialoge here, as well as the humor! Keep it up ladies & gents.

  • Ashley

    I also said that it really doesn’t matter what his first wand was made of. I still believe that.

    I guess phoenix would be stonger. It would have to be if Peter had dragon. joke. But we don’t know the core of a lot of others. I suspect Mcgonagall had a phoenix. And all the Weasleys had a unicorn tail wand.

    I think Snape was the one person other than Dumbledore who knew everything. Or at least nearly everything. He was the one person that he trusted more than everyone. Fanfics have the wrong impression of how close Dumbledore and McGonagall were. They get confused when they see D&M relationship in the movie.

  • Reader2

    You probably wont like my theory on why Snape was intended to become the master of Elder Wand.

    The way Snape reacted when Voldemort was talking ot him about the Elder Wand, it sounded like he didn’t know eanything about it.

    On the other hand, Snape was intsructed to look up Harry and tell him about his kimikadze mission.

    Meanwhile, Harry was still under impression that Dumbledore’s death was no more than a murder.

    Thus, what Dumbeldore planned was for Harry and Snape to come face to face, with Harry out for Snape’s blood, and Snape trying to pass a bit of information to Harry.

    In a situation like that, Snape would be looking to take a few hexes from Harry at least.
    His goal would be to keep the duel going long enough to tell Harry everything he needs to know, and bet his survival on the fact that Harry does not really have a killer instinct.

    Either way, Snape would end up defeated by Harry and passing the mastery of the Elder Wand to Harry (while it was still in Voldemort’s possession), thus setting a perfect trap for Voldemort.

    Wheather Snape would servive in the process simply didn’t matter as long as h would get the message accross.

  • Reader2


    I don’t think the cores are really about the power level.

    Even Peter is much more powerful than he appaered, see as he was able to take out 12 people in a single blow.

    To me it seems like the dragon represnts power as in plain strength (magical, mental, physical, financial…)

    Phoenix represents the kind of power that defies death.

    Harry and Voldemort both managed to actually rise from the dead, but that doesn’t mean that they have got a patent for the phoenix feathers.

    The headmasters defy death by leaving a bit of themselves behind in the portraits (so you are probably right about McGonagal).

    Also many wizards defied death by getting a hold of one or more of the Hallows.
    So, pheonix cores were probably common among Potters, Gaunt and all othose who ever got ahold of the Elder Wand.

    Note, Dumbledore belongs to both groups.

  • Ashley


    I can see your point. Molly and Ron were very powerful and both most likely had unicorn tail for their first wand.

    That comment about Peter was a joke. I know that he’s powerful in a few ways. He was just emotionally weak. But we have to wonder where Peter got his wand because he didn’t have one in PA. He couldn’t walk into Ollivanders and get one.

  • Reader2

    Olivander made a wand for Peter during his year in captivity.
    I guess we’ll never know what Peter’s first wand was made of.

    As for the unicorn hair, there we have:

    To me it looks like unicorn wand core stands for the power of belief in your cause.

  • Bandersnatch

    JJB et al.:
    I don’t think Dumbledore told Snape — or anyone — about the Elder Wand. But you’re right that Snape would be a marked man after the deal went down. I guess Dumbledore was hoping that Harry would defeat Voldemort before the latter was able to track the Wand to Dumbledore and acquire it by killing Severus. “But it did not work as I intended, did it?” Poor Severus, indeed.

  • Ashley

    Ok maybe I’m wrong. I blame on the intense pain in my mouth. But can we be sure he made any wands while he was captive. I can’t remember that being in Dh. He could have made a new one for Malfoy Sr. or even Riddle if that was true.

  • Rhapsody

    It shows as 1995 in the open letter too.

  • JJB

    Ashley, Olivander told the trio he made the wand for Peter while they were in Shell Cottage and he was identifying the wands they had taken at Malfoy Manor.

    Reader2, I don’t dislike your theory but find it interesting. Still, I think I’m thinking more in line with Bander right now…but I’m open to all suggestions.

  • Reader2

    Thank you, JJB.

    Ashley, making a wand for someon like Peter was an easy task, but Voldemort needed more than just a wand.
    He needed the kind of wand that could override his bond with Harry.
    Olivander simply could not make something like that.

    As for Lucious, that’s an interesting observation on your behalf.

    Ollivander could’ve made a new wand for Lucious if Voldemort had ordered him to, which he obviously didn’t.

    It appears Lucious was deliberately kept wandless.

  • Ashley

    JJB, Thanks. I’ve only read DH once and that was the day it came out. So a lot of the smaller details are forgotten.

    Ok. But wouldn’t Ollivander tell him that it was pointless to try to find a wand that would be able to defeat Harry. Not even the Elder wand could do it.

    Wouldn’t Voldemort want all of his followers armed for at least the final battle if there was slight chance Harry could Win? Lucy didn’t even seem to have a wand there.

  • Reader2

    From one of the scenes that Harry dug out of Voldemort’s head, it looked like poor Olivander did try to tell him that.
    That’s why Ollivander was in such a bad shape when they found him in the basement.
    Telling a Dark Lord that he CAN’T do something is never a good idea.

    As fdor Lucy (ha ha) he found out how badly his Dark Lord responds to failure.

    I think the Elder Wand would’ve overan the connection between Harry and Voldemort, but only if it was held by it’s true master.

    Harry himself summed it up in the big face off:
    “So it all comes down to this, doesn’t it? Does the wand in your hand know that its last master was Disarmed? Because if it does … I am the true master of the Elder Wand.”

    Note, no matter how much Voldemort was afraid of death, he actually rather died than admited that he has no power to destroy Harry.
    Speaking of superiority complex, or perhaps the power of denial.

  • Ashley


    I seriously need to read that book again if I forgot that.

    Voldie knew that he would need all the fire power he could get his hands on. Even tough he was a magor git Lucy was very powerful and Voldemort knew that. Did Voldemort want Malfoy dead?

  • Reader2

    You know, Ashley

    I don’t think it’s very clear in the book, but I wouldn’t put that past Voldemort.

    Perhaps he was under impression that he has so much advantage in the battle he might as well discard one unreliable wizard.

  • JJB

    Ashley and Reader2,

    It seems that LV understood he needed his Death Eaters to do most of the dirty work and always liked the odds better if he outmanned the other side by ten or fifteen to one. You can’t maintain those odds if you keep killing off all your servants. He calculated that servants afraid for their lives would do anything—he didn’t figure on their being limits to or something stronger than fear of death. Note that he kept Lucius with him in the Shrieking Shack rather than throw him wandless into the battle. I think another part of the reason he didn’t want to kill Lucius outright was because it would make others wonder what Lucius had done that was worth being killed for and they might begin to figure out his failure to protect a Horcrux. Besides, LV always displayed good manners and since he was staying at Malfoy Manor, killing his host would have been a real breech of etiquette. Of course, if Lucius hadn’t pushed others out of his way as they ran for the door when LV learned of the theft of the cup, he would have been among those slain for having heard the news—so much for being a slave to manners.

  • Marc

    Grindelwald stole the wand from the desk and climbed back out the window. We see this through Harry as he sees into Voldemort’s mind as he tortures the other wandmaker.

    The wand chooses the wizard and because Grindelwald stole it, it did not choose him. It did however choose Dumbledore after he defeated Grindelwald.

    We know it choose Dumbledore because it choose Draco and then Harry allowing him to defeat Voldemort.