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Happy Birthday Molly Weasley


As expected, the Wizard of the Month calendar on JKR’s official site has changed to display birthday wishes to Molly Weasley for October 30th, again this year.
Happy Birthday to one witch who showed us just how powerful love really can be!

(Note for those Americans wondering about the hour delay from the usual 7pm posting, BST {British Summer Time} ended yesterday, and DST {Daylight Savings Time} for us has another week.)


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Therequiembellishere

    I’m glad we finally have a day, but I wish we had a year. It’d help us get a fix on when Rubeus became Gamekeeper/Groundskeepers/Keeper of Keys and when Argus became Caretaker.

  • Reader2


    Hopefully Molly will be made a Wizard of the Month at some point.
    Then we’ll have the year.

  • Angelina

    I bet the first fall of Voldemort was a nice belated birthday present for Mrs. Weasley in 1981.

    By the way, “American’s” does not need an apostrophe.

    Oops! :blush:
    Thanks, Bel~

  • John

    Rock on Molly! You took out Bellatrix Lestrange, I love that quote, that I am to polite to post on this pensieve, you know the one! You are awesome!

  • YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!
    And John, that is the awesomest quote from any books I’ve ever read.

  • Cricket

    YOU TOTALLY ROCK!! Happy Birthday to my favorite literary mother. I wonder if Jo patterned Molly after her mother…

  • Taj

    Have a very happy birthday, Molly! Enjoy your many grandchildren too!

    Am I the only person who thinks that Molly and Arthur were in the same year as Lucius and/or Narcissa?

  • Reader2

    Molly mentioned that Womping Willow was plented after they left.
    That puts them a couple years above Lucius.
    But you are still not alone.
    Most people out rule this comment as a mistake.
    It’s just too hard to believe that people can hate each other that much unless they used to sit in the same classroom.
    After that magnifisent duel between Molly and Bella, I would be OK with them being in the same year as Bella.
    That would be very poetic.

  • katie C

    Yay we have the same birthday!

  • Moony =Luna Lupin

    Happy birthday, Molly! I hope, Rowling will post some details about you (year of birth, …) and some details about food, and magic involved with food/cooking. If I’m thinking of you, Molly, I associate you with receipts, maternal love, … Have a happy birthday, without too many work. Enjoy your leisure-time!

  • JJB

    Happy Birthday, Molly! I hope by now *sniff* you are able to celebrate without *sob* Fred… *voice trails off as sobs become wails* Hope your family is around you today *takes out handkerchief and wipes eyes* and that George isn’t too… *throws self on floor convulsed with sobs* Sorry, I’m having great difficulty getting over Fred’s death, as you may have observed. Molly, my heart is with you and I hope you’re coping better after over nine years than I am after a little over three months.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I would like Jo adds new birthdays… JKRowling.com has become very boring. I wonder what she will do with Snape’s birthday, as he is the next birthday of the HP7 dead characters.

    Bets with the next WOTM? I hope he/she isn’t Snape or some member of DA. Maybe Grindelwald? Somebody with new canon, I hope…

  • Taj

    I bet the next WOTM will be Snape…I just have that feeling.

  • Marco


    Narcissa Malfoy was born in 1955 and Lucius in 1954. It will make Molly an underaged Mom, if she was actually in Lucius year, let alone in Narcissas, since Bill was born already in 1970.

    I think, that Molly was more likely in the same year as Bellatrix Lestrange.

  • Lizzie

    Filch was at Hogwarts 25 years before book 7

  • Reader2

    Snape might very well be the nex WOM, but I am expecting either Ron or Hermione.

    Are you trying to point out the fact that Arthur and Molly still remember the previous caretaker?

  • hpboy13

    A very happy birthday, Molly! That quote has become one of my all-time favorites, and thank you so much for destroying Bellatrix! Rock on!