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New Hidden Extras on JKR.com and News


Tricks and Treats abound on Jo’s official site today for Halloween!
There also appears to be new hidden extra content for you Scrapbook.

We’ll leave this post spoiler free for those wanting to solve the mysteries for themselves, but see the first comment in this pensieve for clues as we get them.

Also, the Daily News has been updated with a new article.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • 1) Draw a ? mark on the square blank paper on the Extra Stuff bulletin board.
    Clue: Hold your curser on the Sneakascope in the Rubbish Bin until it moves.

    2) Peel back the wallpaper next to the light switch by the Door for a new Potion recipe (egg and Lacewing Fly leg). Wait on the desk top for Peeves to knock over the pens, an egg appears. Click on it. Wait in the Fansites trophy case for a new Lacewing Fly to flit in and land on the FSA cup. Click on it.


  • aillinne

    I have some new extras! I have some new extras! Yupeeee! Early draft workings (Hand written). But I will not tell you there how to get them, cause I’m very bad girl!

  • El Cronista de Salem

    there is a bug in FANSITES. one secret is with subjets and the other one is a paper from HP1 (the reverse of the Sorting Hat paper). There is a third secret?

  • aillinne

    Bug? I only have a spider, none bugs…

  • El Cronista de Salem

    yeah, it’s a flying bug, but it isn’t a fly or butterfly. it has long legs. it flies and stops in the main cup.

    there are 2 secrets or more? subjetcs, chapter of hp1… and?

  • aillinne

    I don’t know how many. I told you how to get to a one in pensive on Time Turning.

  • julesmerope

    There are three.
    1. the eggand squiggle that you get by checking the walpaper in the ROR, and by waiting for peeves to knock over jo’s pens on the main page so that an eg falls out. I havent got the squigle, hair or whatever it is yet.
    2. wait for a cranefly/daddy long legs to rest on the fansite award cup and click. this gives a draft of part of Bk1
    3 go to the rubbish bin. leave cursor on spinning top untill it moves to reveal a “?”. go to the extra stuff page and draw a “?” on the shet of paper that was previously used to draw a scar.

    so we just have to find the squiggle thing

  • El Cronista de Salem

    it is possible that the “hair” is a leg of the bug? then, there will be only 2 secrets, not 3. i would love to be wrong…

  • Nope julesmerope, sorry to disappoint you, but there are only two. The squiggle on the Potion recipe is a leg from the Lacewing Fly in the Fansites case (that you already got).

  • Kristi

    I’m confused on the question mark. I keep drawing it, but nothing happens. Is something supposed to happen or I just draw it and move on?

  • El Cronista de Salem

    new news! “companion books”. i don’t agree JKR: fans are gonna to buy her book anyways.

  • aasa

    I can’t succeed in peeling off the wallpaper. It just WONT WORK!!
    Has anybody out there with a macintosh and firefox succeeded?

  • ren

    where should I be clicking on the wall paper? Nothing is happening…

  • HPfan24

    I can’t find the wallpaper by the light switch. How exactly do you do it?

  • At the very upper right corner of the switch plate, you can see a faint “L” shape line in the wallpaper. You need to grab the corner of it, close to the corner of the switch, and drag slowly upperward to peel it back. If you let go it will pop back into place again.

  • aasa

    yeeeyyy! thanx! i had to try at least 18 times, but FINALLY!

  • HPfan24

    muchas gracias!

  • willowtree

    i can not draw on the paper, i can not even take the pen, and nothing else either, like moving the cup to form a circle. it worked before but not today, that is really bothering me, when something on the page finally changed.

  • If you can’t use the pen, perhaps you’ve entered the site through the Accessibility Enabled version? Try using one of the language choice flags for the regular version (British for English) instead.
    Also, it helps to click on the pen exactly where the string ties around it.

  • willowtree

    Thank you Belinda,
    I really entered the Accessibility Enabled version, I had it bookmarked and had not known ther would be a difference. thank so much, now I can start hunting extras, yay!

  • wildcard47

    I can’t even get the question mark to come up when I click on the Sneakoscope in the rubbish bin. Am I just supposed to hover the mouse over it or is there something more involved? Never mind actually trying to draw a question mark on the paper in extra stuff…

  • Domoor

    The first new special content page is the back of ‘More idle jottings (Page 1)’.
    The second new special content page is the back of ‘Page of doodlings (Page 2)’.

  • No need to click on the Sneakascope, just hover your curser on it… it will start spinning and eventually move off to the left on its own, to reveal the clue underneath.

  • MoodyLupin

    I can’t seem to see the lacewing fly! I’ve been on the fansites trophy page for ages.. how long does it take to show up? Does it go away again if you don’t click it?

  • It took over a minute for the lacewing to come in.
    Also, it seems that you *must* peel back the wallpaper to activate the rest of the steps. So if you didn’t do that first, the lacewing won’t show up.
    But it doesn’t appear that you need to do the lacewing or egg (wait for Peeves on the desk to knock over the pens cup) in a particular order.

  • For those who have problems peeling off the wallpaper: switch off the light before you try. You can see it much more easily then.

    But I have a problem too: the time turner won’t turn (and YES I am on the British website!). It’s open only for tonight, isn’t it, because of Hallowe’en?

  • aillinne

    Umm… Actually I can turn back the time on Jo’s site without problems… Matbe the Time Turner will be “forever” -_^

  • Judge

    RE: Others writing Encyclopedias or Companion books… Yeah, we’ll buy whatever Jo writes and it may be a good thing to give royalties to charity but it gripes me that people think it’s such a sacrifice for a author. It doesn’t come out of the author’s pocket, it comes out of our pockets first. I wish she would give up a little of the control or put out the info soon. Better still, how about an expanded version of the Epilogue when she puts out the paperback.

  • heather

    help!!!!!I peeled wall paper did sneakscope but the pens arent falling!What do i do

  • Heather, you’ll need to wait probably 5 minutes for Peeves. It takes a long time. And be sure that you aren’t clicking on anything as you wait! You can move your curser around, but don’t click!

  • Nyssa

    The time turner wouldn’t turn for me either (see the Penseive on the time turner) for ages – I had to go out and come back and just keep trying loads, but I did eventually get it – you need ot hold the mouse right over either the top of bottom of the handle/turny thing.

  • Yes thanks I got it too! And I finally could do WOMBAT 1 + 2, YAAAY!!!

  • El Cronista de Salem

    The exams results aren’t avalible, but with patience we can know which ones are correct and which ones wrong. With a lot of patience, making and remaking the exams. Maybe some day XD

  • El Cronista de Salem

    hey. new news in TLC. all my support to HPL. i can’t believe it.

  • Karrelien

    There isn’t a new WOM… Does this mean that it is over? that there won’t be a new one?

  • roonwit

    Karrelien – not necessarily. They have just made a lot of changes, so I could believe that the auto update has failed or simply been switched off. There may be a manual update later.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I hope it is a mistake from Lightmaker, with all the WOTM archive… *cross fingers*

  • Reader2

    I hate being a pessimist, but so far the WOM were clearly poping up automatically.
    The way they were changin suggests that they were updated every may.
    Well, we are a long way from may, and the claendar did not change automatically.
    Looks like it is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

    On the bright side, it looks like the animations were updated.
    They are a lot cooler now.

  • Javajolene

    I can’t get the WOMBAT tests to let me actually *take* them! ACK! I get to the tests, but then the time just automatically runs out. Any help out there???

  • b

    I had that problem with the WOMBAT tests, too. I had the problem using Safari on my mac. When I switched to Firefox it worked great! Good luck!

  • hpboy13

    Well, the lacewing aint coming, I guess I’ll try again tomorrow. Question: when you “peel back” the wallaper is it suposed ot stay peeled back? Cuz mine doens’t.
    And I honeslty cna’t believe Jo is suing the Lexicon. I am evry disappointed.
    1)All the information in the encyclopedia is already on the internet Lexicon, so what exactly is she losing?
    2)It’s not like Steve’s on a desperate rampage to swindle us and make money, he’s just makign an awesome book for readers liek Mugglenet did.
    3)Is she really under the impression that people would rather buy Steve’s book than hers, especially if it only “regurgitates information”. Only hardcore fans will buy Steve’s book, but many will buy hers.
    Point is, I’m behind the Lexicon on this one!

  • RonBigFan

    About the sue
    I’m sorry, I really am. But this time I think she went too far.

    1. Even if the sue is from WB and the publishers, after all is JKR name and if she doesn’t approve it or doesn’t like the action, she has the power to stop it.

    2. Nobody has the right to say anything about the (my opinion) excellent work of the Lexicon, they have spent and dedicated a lot of time and resources to build the site. He has published other encyclopedias and he really knows how to do his work.

    3. If JKR feels that the book can “damage” the sell of her own “future” / “may be” / “someday” encyclopedia, is for only one and simple reason: SHE IS GOING TO COPY THE LEXICON, she doesn’t have to copy the texts, because one of the greater and most complicated work is the ORGANIZATION, THE CHAPTERS, etc.

    4. After book 7 HP is almost finished. Anything she wants to publish has to have a lot of advertising. And I ask to my self, Who were the people who manteined the fans “awakened” between books?

    5. Just analize who will buy the Lexicon and why, and the same for JKR “maybe” encyclopedia. It will be different persons or for differents reasons, so it is not going to damage anything

    6. With actions like that I think she and (sadly) her future books will not be selling as expected, and even be banned by her own (ex)fans…

  • I love the Lexicon. I could not write my fanfic without this awesome resource. But I honestly could not see buying it in a printed edition. For one thing, the web format makes navigation between different sections and tracking down specific information really easy. For another, as long as there is new information about the Potterverse coming out, a printed copy is going to go out of date almost immediately. But keep up the fantastic work you are doing, you guys! We really do appreciate it.

  • MoodyLupin

    hpboy13, no lacewing for me either. Very strange 🙁

    I’ve peeled back the wallpaper and have the egg. Its just not appearing, however long I wait.

  • aillinne

    Hello! There’s a new Daily News update on Jo’s page, behind great green Dark Mark you’ll find “Stories of Beedle the Bard”. Not for everybody, though.

  • moony =luna Lupin

    No puzzles and extras for the text-only-version of jkr’s website, I only can check every section, but can’t peel wall-papers, find eggs or legs, or whatever. Since I installed ie7 I can’t hear the sounds of the website either. When, dear Rowling will your website be really accessible for blind users (as I am), so we could enjoy ourselves together with the oter lexicon-visitors?

  • kamion

    I first thought it were her nasty lawyers who
    started a witchhunt, but according to the update on her site Jo personally disapproves of a printed edition of HP Lexicon. She does not mention the Lexicon, but still this sounds like backstabbing the reputation Steve and co has build up over the years.

    suddenly they are pictured as moneygrabbes,

    Man! Is Jo trying to be her own Rita Skeeter?

  • Zoë Zacharias

    I left a long comment on TLC already, but I just wanted to say that I support the Lexicon in this “companion books” debacle. I have been hoping for a long time that the Lexicon would be released in print.

  • selia

    Isn’t there a mistake on the guide to jkrowling.com site? It says the archives were addded on October 3 (missing zero?).

    Btw, the fly doesn’t come up for me either. Nor does the egg appear, alsow Peeves knocks over the pens. But when I peal back the paper, it doesn’t stay so, it falls back. Is it supposed to be that way or…? Ah well, never mind, I got to work anyway.

  • Maria DK

    To RonBigFan


    And really… It’s the lexicon that has made copies of HER WORK all the way. So don’t even go there.

    I’m with Jo on this one. None of us knows what her plans are. So for all we know, Steven could be taking her book away from her. The Harry Potter universe is hers. And if she doesn’t want at printed version of the lexicon, even if some see it as unfair. It’s her right. It’s her universe.

    To selia

    About the wallpaper, no, it’s not to stay back. =) Try to enter the page via the UK version.

  • aillinne

    Well, it’s not like the Lexicon has got stuff, which has never made it into the books… (not counting the interviews) I support Lexicon folk on this one.

  • JJB

    Go Lexicon! I love the world JKR has created but she has some control issues, as they say. Fans who will buy her encyclopedia won’t be satisfied with anything else but may enjoy something from a different point of view. If she wants to ensure her charities get enough money, she has made more than any author in history and could take money out of her own pocket. I’m absolutely not opposed to her making as much money as her creation allows but her position is objectionable, to me at least.

  • alp

    THere is another thing I have found–on the bulletin board pick up the earaser and drag it across the plain but torn piece of paper you will see a recipie!

  • Crom

    I would have though a simple word from Jo would have stopped lexicon releasing the book?
    Is there realy a need for legal action?
    Its sounding like she migth be releaing her encyclopedia in the next few years though which is good.
    Then maybe lex can release thiers after so it doesnt steal any of the sales(though if every1s like me i’d buy both)

  • Crom

    alp thats old.

  • JJB

    Here’s an idea, Jo should team up with Steve and put out the encyclopedia together. He’s already done a lot of the hard work and she can put in the extra stuff. I’ve got a feeling that when Jo comes to actually compiling the book she will find it a great deal more work than she expects.

    Even if they don’t team up, I stand with the Lexicon and Steve. Others have had no problem using information from the Lexicon and giving no pay—not even credit. It’s ridiculous to think any companion book or encyclopedia would affect sales of a book written by Jo herself. If she is concerned about how much money her charities receive, she has earned enough from the HP fandom to just write the check herself. I don’t begrudge JKR one cent she has earned but her current attitude smacks of ingratitude. It’s not like anyone is going to write stories for profit using her characters and if they put out books with misinformation the fandom would revolt and not pay for the companion books. I’ve always felt JKR was over-controlling with regard to HP but bore it as necessary to guard her secrets while writing the books. They are now written and it’s time for her to let go of her need for absolute control.

  • aillinne

    You have obtained Your rights to Harry Potter world by “prescription” in this world!I cross my fingers for You! Hope, everything will be O.K.!

  • Mars

    The real question here is WHY IS STEVE PUBLISHING A BOOK?

    The Lexicon is a great website, you can update it easily, it got its proper accolades even from JK Rowling herself. Why does he feel the need to make an inflexible book that you cannot update in case new information?

    There’s only one answer, he wants to make money! Money he didn’t earn because everything that will be written in that books comes from someone else’s creativity. All the great effort he did on this website is wasted because he wants to make money. :((((

  • Domoor

    I’m sad about this. Maybe Steve should tell us what’s going on.

  • aillinne


    How do you know, that that money will not benefit HP Lexicon for exemple?

  • Harry Stu

    I think most people are unaware that Warner Bros. and JKR had sent quite a few “Cease and Desist” letters to Steve before they finally had to resort to a lawsuit. Warner Bros. and JKR TRIED to settle this quietly, without embarrassing Steve, or causing a ruckus. I think that was very generous of them.

    JKR might be rich, but she’s rich because of her own creation; her books. Those BELONG to her, and we need to respect that. We ALSO know that she’s been planning an Encyclopedia for a long time, and that ALL the proceeds from the sale of those books would go to charity. The Encyclopedia wouldn’t just contain a re-hashed version of the books… it would contain a lot of background information about the characters not previously revealed in the books. THAT’S what’s special.

    Now, my guess is that Steve and JKR could have worked out some sort of deal. We all know that JKR has a terrible memory for details pertaining to dates and numbers. Why can’t Steve offer to work with her on doing the time line for the Encyclopedia? She might even like that idea.

    JKR has let us, as a fandom, play in her world without retribution. We write our fanfiction, we have our fansites, and JKR smiles and lets us have our fun. However, if she says “Thou Shalt Not Publish”, then that’s the end of it. Other Potter-related books that have been published have been “analysis” books and “discussion” books and “theorization” books. Doing a definitive-type encyclopedia is different, and JKR has drawn a line there. That’s her right, as the author.

    Steve had been asked several times not to go forward with publishing this book. He has shown that he seems to think he’s above the rest of fandom, and now he seems to think he’s above JKR herself. The best thing he could do for himself, and for the rest of fandom, is to back down and not publish the book. Really.

  • Stella Maris

    How do you actually draw on the paper? I can pick up the pen but I cannot draw with it…

  • aillinne

    Try to death… that’s what I’ve done! Good luck!

  • bandmum

    Thank you, Harry Stu.
    You have said it all beautifully.
    Steve, please don’t publish. It’s rather like waiting for Book 7… I’m enjoying looking forward to Jo’s Encyclopedia.

  • Lilyp

    I’m really very disappointed on Jo in the case against Steve. It seems she is just ignorant and arrogant saying that Steve will gain from her work. He won’t. He will gain from his own hard work. It’s she and WB that have gained from his work so far.
    What about all his work in organizing this information? Can’t she understand it is genuinely a different work, and a massive amount of work?
    She has created the world and the characters, but he has created the easy to access ways of organizing the informations in her books. When we need quick information about one spell or one kind of creature, where do we look for it? In the books we all have? No, we look for it on the Lexicon.
    Steve is a librarian, his profession wouldn’t even exist and people wouldn’t study a lot to be a librarian if organizing and compiling information wasn’t a distinct work than creating it. And a difficult work at that.
    Jo has herself admitted that she has used Steve’s work in the past and Warner has admitted using it too. And they didn’t pay a cent(as no one of us did) for Steve for his wonderful job. Seeing how he was in contact with translators, I suspect the translators of her books all around the world have used his work too.
    I confess I did. A lot. I used to work in an HP site in Brazil and I ordinarily translated her website to Portuguese. It would be much more difficult if there was no Lexicon. When a spell or character was mentioned, the Lexicon was an easy way to find out if said spell or character had already been in any of her published work and to keep the translations coherent and consistent.
    People don’t even know how much they owe to Steve.
    Thank you, Steve, I completely support you.