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Time Turning on JKR.com


Jkrowling.com has a special Halloween treat for us!
The Do Not Disturb sign on the Secret Door has returned, but along with a TimerTurner! The Time Turner allows you to revisit all the past puzzles that lay behind the Door each time the Do Not Disturb sign was removed since the beginning.

Click the handle of Time Turner to turn back one puzzle at a time, and the date of the door opening will be displayed. Click on the hourglass part of the TimeTurner to activate that puzzle. (Watch time go whizzing past outside the window!) We hope you’ll enjoy working out these puzzles for yourself, but if you’re of the impatient kind, the Lexicon’s Guide to JKR.com has full instructions.

Also the Wizard of the Month Calendar has become an Archive! Now displaying all the previous WotM honorees. It’s nice to see the twinkle in Albus Dumbledore’s eyes! (His image was not animated last month.)

For quick reference, here are the dates of the previous puzzles:

June 28, 2004 = 1st Door opening- Brick wall puzzle

August 16, 2004 = 2nd Door opening- Dart board, Gringotts Vault

October 31, 2004 = 3rd Door opening- Flying keys

December 20, 2004 = 4th Door opening- Christmas riddles

March 31, 2006 = 5th Door opening- Mirror reparo, WOMBAT 1

September 29, 2006 = 6th Door opening- WOMBAT 2

December 21, 2006 = 7th Door opening- Christmas present

Wednesday June 13, 2007 = 8th Door opening- WOMBAT 3

Happy Harry Potter Day!!


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Taj

    Wait, where are all the other WOTM honorees shown? I still see only one (Harry).

  • Hey Taj! Perhaps its your cache… try going to an altenate address, like jkrowling.org or jkrowling.net

  • Taj

    Ah, thanks Belinda! Oooh, ooh, by the way – Dumbledore’s image now blinks, his eyes twinkle, and it looks the Elder Wand has a “Lumos” spell on it.

  • Moony =luna Lupin

    It’s a pitty Dumbledore’s dates aren’t changed, I mean, 1996 remained the same, but the Lexicon dated Dumbledore’s death in 1997 (correct, because Snape killed him in may/june 1997). It’s also a pitty the puzzles aren’t avaiable in the text-only-version of the site. Would the wotm-archive remain there tomorrow? I hope so.

  • Xammer

    Perhaps JKR should check the Lexicon…

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I love this updates, but please, Jo, ¡update! Because all this is Lightmaker work, not Jo’s. I would love she writes a bit for her website, and not recycles old content only.

  • roonwit

    Maybe there are updates. Have you found the peeling bit of wallpaper yet?

  • aillinne

    And WoM archive, too, not only Time Turner!

  • aillinne

    People, it seems there’s also a new riddle ahead for us! Try in right corner of the light switch in RoR page! The wallpaper revels cauldron, egg and something (I dunno) and when Peeves knocks pens on main page then from cup falls out an egg! It’s defenitely some new extra!

  • aillinne

    To better see where to click and pull the wallpaper switch off light on RoR page.

  • aillinne

    Spoilers! If you want to unveil secrets of JKR’s site don’t read this!

    Go to rubbish bin site. Leave mouse on Spickoscop till it’ll reveal sign with “?”.
    Then go to Extra site and on the paper (when we used to draw lightning bolt) try and draw “?”. New Extra: Subjects 3rd year, classes, teachears and more!

  • willowtree

    I really wish there were a chance to do the WOMBAT test again. I tryd with halp of the timeturner today and got an Outstanding, without halp. but is no fun without the studentcode and the a way of entering the room were you see your certificate. can she give us new tests, now that the 7th book is published, that would be really great.

  • Nyssa

    I can’t get the time-turner to work… I’m clicking on it, but it’s not doing anything…am I being stupid? Oh, and has anyone figured out what the sqiggly thing you need with the egg is yet?

  • Nyssa

    Ok, apparently I was being stupid. I got the time turner working, but I still don’t know what the squiggly is meant to be.

  • Sunny Baudelaire

    I hope the addition of the Wizard of the Month Archive doesn’t mean that we stop getting new ones.

  • Karrelien

    I took the first wombat-test.. and I got an Acceptable..
    It came directly after I submitted the test. I don’t know wether everyone now gets an acceptable..

  • Jayni D.

    Karrelien, I took all three Wombat tests again and got Exceeds Expectations for the first two and Outstanding for the third.

    I really wish she would publish the correct answers sometime soon. :^)

  • aillinne

    I took WOMBAT 1 and got an Acceptable, but I was unable to take others. Strange.