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Rowling to be on PotterCast!


The Leaky Cauldron has announced that J.K. Rowling will be the featured guest on tomorrow’s PotterCast. Leaky staffers Melissa Anelli, Sue Upton and John Noe were on hand for the first extensive fan interview since 2005. Melissa promises new canon and lots of fun, so stay tuned. Among other things discussed was the missing 24 hours! Accio Quote has been asked to help with the transcript so we hope to have one for you by the end of the week.

Sorry for the tardy post, folks. I posted it to Accio Quote as soon as I got the news and figured Steve would post here. I didn’t count on him being offline all day, probably snowbound. Stay warm, everyone!


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  • Yebsakin

    just listened to it, so good, looking forward to the scottish book 😉

  • JJB

    Just a note, the HPL clocks are off compared to before. I just posted and the time differential was slightly less than three hours. Unfortunately I know my clock is right, otherwise I’d be off work by now!

  • Troy

    The first fan interview after HP7, it was supposed to be the best and most in-depth of ever.
    TLC has used the ocassafion for internal jokes of Dawlish, elves or horcris and it hasn’t really canon. Not enough for an hour. TLC doesn’t representate me and 95% of fans, despite what Jo thinks.

  • hpfan1234578

    The tim of post for me is 6:12 PM ET. I don’t know how much the time differential is, but I listened to Jo on the program and she is wonderful

  • John

    Go Jo, I squeed for at least five minutes after I heard her say, “This better not be about house elves.”

  • Big_Kelpie

    I agree with Troy, TLC gets to interview jo and wastes precious time joking and going over the same old topics.
    I thought it would be more in-depth than that. Maybe questions about the character’s future we still don’t know instead of discussing Hannah Abbot’s blood status for 5 minutes.

  • Stephanie

    I thought the interview was great. To those who are poo pooing get a life. We are lucky that Jo is willing to take her precious time to talk to them. I enjoy the joking and chatting it means she really cares about talking to them and giving us information!!! I’m looking forward to listening to next weeks interview and hope that everyone is as excited as I am. Just waiting for the Scottish book now!! I miss Harry already and it hasn’t even been six months yet!! Happy Christmas All!!

  • Taj

    I LOVED this interview! It was so funny and so rich in details and new information…ah, I could go on for hours. I just love Jo and her personality. Simple as that.

    Big Kelpie and Troy, why so bent out of shape? Jo is a fun, jovial kind of person – don’t expect a woman who created such a wonderful world to be so dull that she doesn’t join in the joking!

  • Patrick

    The joking wasn’t all that bad, but I do wish there could have been some more cannon.
    So Herpo the Foul created the first Basilisk AND the first Horcrux? Hmmm…interesting.

    And she said that the Pettigrew-hand incident made her editor sick, but I didn’t find it all that terrible. And if the Horcrux creation process is in the same genre, it can’t be TOO dark. Albeit the obvious fact that it’s a dark invention and all.

    The “thrice defied” him explanation wasn’t as complicated as I would have assumed, but it makes sense. And the reason why Harry’s scar hurt him when Voldy was around, aka the soul trying to exit the entrance would…I liked that bit, just wondered why I didn’t catch onto it in the first place.

    All in all, good bits of information, and I’m looking forward to the next podcast. Oh! and some more website updates!

  • Reader2

    Hocrux had to be an ancient invention.

    I wouldn’t be stisfied if it was invented by Slazar, for example.

    I’ve shared my observations of “hocruxes” in mythology on this site beofre, and that included an ancient Egypsian myth.

    I guess an acient Greek wizard will do.

    There are three issues Jo brought up that left me a bit puzled thoguh:

    Did she say that Hannah is a half-blood?

    Did she say that Dawlish’s first name is “John” (John Dough-lish)?

    Did she say that Voldemort had tried to recruit James AND Lilly (as is he was willing to bend his rules THAT far)?

    Those would all be nice facts to add.

  • The new canon wasn’t really flashy, but there is some deep, meaty stuff here.

    I also enjoyed the repartee, and hearing Jo sound so relaxed and funny.

    I had hopes of beginning to deal with the avalanche of new canon tonight but ended up doing the canon summaries over on Accio Quote instead.

    I’m also trying to bake Christmas cookies and decorate this week, so please be patient.

  • Yes, Dawlish’s first name is John, named for John Noe. Pretty cool 🙂

  • Troy

    But this info, about Dawlish, was revealed months ago and you ignored it. As Luna’s patronus.

    My question is: Why?

  • Lisa

    Troy, it wasn’t ignored, it is one of a number of post-Book-7 character updates I haven’t gotten to yet. There was no intention to diss John, just exhaustion and a lot of “real life” stuff on my end.

  • jensenly

    I am glad she cleared up the misconceptions regarding the “thrice defied” portion of the prophecy. So many people interpreted the word “defied” to mean “fought”, when in fact it was the more literal definition of the word.

    Good interview and her review of the “Harry as an accidental Horcrux” was terrific and went a long way to clear up some of the confusion swirling around the fandom.

  • Rhona

    accio quote has the interview on text. There are al lot of interesting facts. Hopefully the lexicon will put it on the website.

  • hpboy13

    Well, it wasn’t the encyclopedic Q-A some of us were hoping for, but I enjoyed it tremendously! New canon, mixed in with Jo and John’s incredible sense of humor, made for a very fun interview! I’m just so relieved that Hermione went back to Hogwarts – how could she not? I wonder if Luna and Neville had to repeat a year?