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Happy Holidays


We here at the Lexicon wish you all happy holidays and safe travel! I want to wish a very happy (belated) birthday to Lisa, whose big day snuck by us on December 8. Sorry, Lisa…

We also wish a happy birthday (a little early) to Melissa over at Leaky, who turns…er, some youngish age on the 27th.

For all of you in the US midwest, buried under that massive snowstorm: settle in, drink mulled wine, and snuggle up with a good book.

Merry Christmas!



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  • Rhona

    happy birthday tot lisa and Melissa. And a Merry Christmas to everyone.

    PS: there an update. Accio quote had the text version of the podcast with JK Rowling.

  • katty

    Merry Christmas and happy Holidays for everyone! Happy Birthday Lisa, Melissa and Steve!
    Thanks Steve and Lisa for sending your birthday-date to my callendar.

    All the best!

  • Orion

    Merry Christmas to everyone at the Lexicon from Chile!!

  • SpongeBob

    I’m not joking: Steve has hurted HPL more than nobody in the last months, and he nerver works here. He MUST resign, if he really loves HPL.

  • Taj

    SpongeBob, it is the holidays. Let’s stop with the name-calling for a while, and just enjoy these special times.

    Happy Holidays to everybody at the Lexicon and to Potter fans everywhere!

  • Merry Christmas Steve. Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  • aillinne

    Very Harry Christmas!!!And Happy Birthday to Lisa and Melissa!!!

  • Bandersnatch

    A very happy birthday to you as well, Steve.

  • Aphra

    Happy Christmas, HPL. May you have joy of the season whether you’re in Texas, Michigan, NYC, Chicago, Maine or the United Kingdom. And raise a glass of cyber-cheer to the coming New Year.

  • Happy birthday Lisa and Melissa! And, thanks Steve, that’s where I live :)Merry Christmas HPL!

  • Domoor

    A very good Xmas to you all! 🙂

  • Cosmic_kitten1

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • S.D.

    Merry Christmas to all! May that present that you most desire finds its way to you during this holiday season.

  • Kaz

    Merry Christmas to everyone at the Lexicon and everyone else as well!!I hope you all have a happy and safe holidays 🙂

  • hpboy13

    Happy Birthday to two of the biggest names in HP! And a very happy holidays to evryone ere! 2007 was the ultimate year of HP, the climax, everything we could have ever hoped for and more. However, we still have the denouement that is 2008 – HBP to look forward to, mroe tidbits from Jo hopefully, and whatever surprises the heads of HP have in store for us (in the heads of HP I include Jo, Melissa, Steve, Emerson, and the rest of the gang). Hopefully this case with Steve will get resolved peacefully and we’ll be reading the Lexicon encyclopedia this time next year. Happy holidays everyone!

  • hpfan1234578

    Happy birthday to the aforementioned people. And a very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. If you don’t, happy (insert appropriate holiday here)to you.

  • ascatal

    merry christmas steve and a happy year and idid curl up with a book….HP and The order of the Phoenix hee hee

  • Nannette

    Happy Christmas Steve, the rest of your team and everyone out there. I am in New Zealand where it is summer although it has rained. It is now nice and mild at 3 in the afternoon on Christmas day.

  • Clock_maker

    Happy Christmas. Yes Nannette it is raining here in NZ… I noticed the HPL never decorated their front page like last year for Christmas (it had the marauders throwing snowbaalls at Snape)

  • MC

    Merry Christmas, Steve and the Harry Potter Lexicon staff from a fan from SEA! For the past year, HPL has been my number one resource site.

    Being an amateur writer (I’ve written since 5), when you write, you must not just put your heart and soul, but your whole self into your character. You have to put yourself in THEIR position, think what you’d do if you’re in their predicament, and also capture the attention of the reader at the same time. Being a writer means that you’ve to take 3 roles: the writer, the reader, and the character. So it has been with Jo and Harry Potter. And so it has been with Lexicon. You guys have put so much time, effort, and electricity bills in this site. I wish you good luck.

    Remember also, during Christmas, the baby born in the manger 2007 years ago. He will be there for you like he was there for the shepherds and the Magi. Thank you, and God bless you all!

  • John

    Happy Christmas to you all, you deserve it.

  • TJ

    Happy birthday, Lisa! Thanks for all your excellent work on the site. Cheers!

  • TKinDhaka

    Dear Steve & Everyone at the HPLexicon;
    Merry Christmas from Bangladesh! Thank you for continuing to produce the most scholarly and enjoyable HP site. Good luck in the year ahead.

    Be well,
    TK in Dhaka

  • Kenni

    My gosh! It’s almost the end of the year!! Where does the time go?? 🙁 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (and got that “Harry Potter Who Scene It?” Game you’ve been begging for months for…)See you next year! Peace and chicken grease!

  • Lisa

    Thanks to everyone for the good wishes! I too, curled up with a book, the hilarious _Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians_ by Brandon Sanderson. A *very* fun read full of snarky asides and quirky characters.

    Today is Steve and Melissa’s birthday. Happy happy to you both!


  • pete

    Happy new year to you all at the Lexicon. Great to see the site is back on air – I thought you’d had to put it on ice. I’m praying for a sensible resolution of the little awkwardness between you and Jo (and, I suspect, a host of lawyers). Don’t let the lawyers grind you down. Your site is just great, and long may it continue.

  • LeAnn

    I have just finished reading The Deathly Hollows, and I find myself very sad that I haven’t another installment to look forward to. I also find myself very envious of J.K. Rowling having written the “unbeatable” story! Her books far surpass any other epic tale ever told. It cannot even be said that the story of Harry Potter serves as the modern day form of such great stories as Beowulf, David Copperfield, or Chronicles of Narnia. No, Harry Potter is it! I am an aspiring author, and I myself, could I choose to write the most wonderful book ever written, would have chosen no more, no less than each word written in the Harry Potter series.

  • Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.