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More on abbreviations and dates


After discussion with Lisa, I’ve decided to change the way we indicate Pottercast references. The interview with Jo is now referenced as PC-JKR1 and PC-JKR2. Any other Pottercast references will be given as PC#, so that a citation of Pottercast 121 will be PC121.

There have been some questions about the dates Jo has used for the deaths of Dumbledore (1996) and Fred (1997). In each case, she has given the date of the start of the school year (and therefore the book) in which the deaths occur. However, the actual events happened after the New Year in those books and therefore would actually be 1997 and 1998 according to the timeline of the stories (as verified by the dates given in book seven and other canon sources). We indicate the most correct canon dates in the Lexicon, so we list Dumbledore’s death as 1997 and Fred’s as 1998. We’ll keep an eye on this and let you know if we get clarification at some point.


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