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Great news! Thanks to Roonwit, we have our timelines back. Well, almost back. The back-up file was dated March 2007, so some material was lost. Also, since the domain names have changed, the links in the timeline entries themselves don’t work at the moment. However, we’re hoping to get things cleaned up, working properly, and updated soon.

But any way you look at it, this is fantastic news, and I am so grateful to Roonwit for his help.


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  • cmwinters

    Wow . . . did you lose your data during the domain name transfer?

    God that has to suck. *wince*

  • Actually, the tables were moved to the new servers just fine, several months ago. We have no idea how they were emptied, although from all we can tell, it was an accident. So thank goodness for backups! That data interfaces with the Timelines but also with the Portkey, filling in related timeline information for any bit of canon you research. And there’s actually more information there than you see on the timelines, since the timeline display was created before most of the data was entered and we expanded the amount of information we’re entering for each event. One of the things on my to-do list is to find someone who is willing to do a little database work for us and design a new and more detailed timeline display.

  • jensenly

    roonwit for President!