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This week at the Lexicon


There’s been a decided lack of new posts here, I know. Sorry about that. I spent most of the week in London at the publisher working on the new book, In Search of Harry Potter, which is due out October the 9th, and so I’ve been commuting back and forth, which means hours on the train. So there have been only a few behind-the-scenes updates and edits.

One baffling problem I’ve been trying to sort out is the fact that our /icons folder wasn’t working. I finally determined that it’s because the server has its own folder with that name and automatically hijacks any URL. So this evening I need change that folder name and then track down and fix any links that will then point to the wrong place. Thank goodness for Dreamweaver. Even so, that’s going to take some time.

One thing that a working /icons folder means is that we will be able to start working on the icon database (the one that we’re missing all the current data for) and get the icons to work properly. If they’re set up right, clicking on an icon in the timeline or the Portkey brings up an icon search page with relevant links and saved searches for that icon through the entire database. This will expand over time as we begin databasing more areas of the Lexicon until clicking an icon will give you a well-organised screen of everything in the entire site which has that icon attached. So if you click on the Potions icon, you’ll see a list of people, places, timeline events, canon snippets, creatures, essays, and so on that are related to that topic, along with a concise definition and even offsite links.

Should be very cool … but I need to get the folder to work first, and the start re-entering all that data ….


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