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Recently, some of my friends have been receiving unwanted and annoying phone calls from members of the press, trying to get in contact with me. This is definitely not appreciated. One friend has had to change her phone number several times to avoid these kinds of calls, but is still receiving them.

To avoid this kind of harassment, I’ve created an email account which can be used to contact me directly. The address is
[email protected] Please use this method of reaching me and do not call my friends and family, as they will not be willing to talk to you and will not put you in touch with me.



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  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    It’s great honor for me to help you.Im now going to check dates and send to you.But can I use [email protected] to send you?Stay the best…

  • That will be fine, sure. According to sources at WB and at the production company that produced the DVD extras, the timelines on the DVD originally came from the Day-To-Day calendars on the Lexicon, which include dates which are NOT from the books which I invented for those calendars. The timelines on the Lexicon only include dates which are directly from canon. If the calendars (therefore the DVDs) and the timelines don’t agree, the Lexicon timelines are probably correct.

    However, the timelines are incredibly complicated and I’m sure there are errors. I’d love to be able to fix any that you find.

  • Can I send you my own maps of Hogwarts & grounds in movie, to publish them because those in lexicon are WRONG.I also made a map of Hogsmeade in movie and I checked my maps for a thousand time and they match with movies,draws for films etc. Im afraid that you maybe must re-draw it.Maybe not.Contact me on my email…
    And you should make cover art for book The Tales of Beedle the Bard on home page…
    And Serbian version of HP Lexicon.HP Serbia site may be interested for that…:-)

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    I have sent you maps.Stay the best…

  • Krishna Majmudar

    Steve…I’m sorry to hear that they’re harassing you. Hope everything is okay.

  • daveindetroit

    Was probably the tabloid bottom feeders that are so relentless. Although it gets harder to distinguish the scum from the “legitimate” press every day.