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Thanks to Claire M. Jordan, the author of an excellent essay in our collection, I have been able to update the page listing differences between the UK and US editions of Deathly Hallows. Most of the differences are simply substitutions of US terms for British ones (e.g. ‘crib’ for ‘cot’). There are a few interesting changes in wording as well.


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  • iscaria

    Well done! This is one of the updates I’ve been most anticipating since DH was released. The other update I have been eagerly awaiting is the ‘Horcruxes’ page. It got a very minor update in July last year, but is still largely the same as it was before DH was released. Seeing as horcruxes are the most important element in DH I pretty much figured that page would be one of the first to be updated post-DH, but, alas… Care to give that poor, little neglected page some long needed attention? Thanks!

  • Just incase you don’t allready know the Harry Potter Wiki voted in support for you linking pages to us.

  • Uh, cool!

  • JJB

    I just re-read Claire’s essay–great job BTW–and wonder if the new information in DH about the area around Lily and Snape’s neighborhoods makes any difference in the conclusion as to where Spinners End is located. We now know that there is a neighborhood of better-off families nearby since the Evanses live near enough for Snape to encounter them and Petunia at least shows a condescending attitude toward the address, indicating a sense of class superiority. I noticed some of the locales were rejected previously because the areas had become Yuppified. This might cause some of them to be re-included in possible locations.

  • I did a little exploring in that part of Britain as part of my research for the new book. What an interesting tour! Did I find the definitive Spinner’s End? No, but I certainly found some possiblities.

  • Cereus Greggii

    So glad you’re back. Missed you. Good luck in all areas, Steve, Thanks for the Lexicon, it is still the greatest site.

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    Yes, Im so glad that you’re back. You missed to all fans of lexicon.I wish you a good luck about your new book that you working about. And of course, Lexicon is, and forever will be the best HP site.And for which date we can except your new book?! Greetings from Serbia to everyone…

  • Marco

    Well, my idea is, that Spinner’s End is somewhere in the Saddleworth Villages in Greater Manchester. The river may be the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, it was closed in 1944 and re-opened in 2001. While the river was closed, it was blocked at some points, so that the polluted water couldn´t escape. http://www.penninewaterways.co.uk/huddersfield/index.htm

  • JJB

    OK, I’ve been hoping someone else would ask but since no one has…

    What’s the meaning of Lugless? It’s not in Strictly British so I can’t be sure. Yeah, given that it’s the term switched for “Your Holeyness” I can guess but I’d prefer to be certain.

    While I’m here, I checked the A to Z Index and the name Elvendork isn’t there. I know the Prequel is listed as a source of canon so I know it isn’t deemed worthless. Did I overlook it, did it merely get left off the main index, or is there some reason not to list the name?

    Also, now that I’m on a roll, while not Strictly British, the name Sunny Jim occurs in OP(17) by one of the gargoyles as a sort of universal moniker but it’s not often used in the US—even though it originated here.

    OK, I think I’m done—for now! Oh, and Cheers to Serbia.

  • roonwit

    Lug is slang for ear.

  • JJB

    Roonwit, thanks! I figured as much but it pays to be sure.

    I’m wondering why JKR didn’t use the “Your Holeyness” for the British version–I think it’s funnier. The same question occurs to me with some of the other differences. Both versions were edited together so why did the suggestions for the American version not go for the British one–or why bother changing it at all? Of course, this doesn’t apply to translating “cot” into “crib” but some minor wording changes seem odd to be in one and not both. Oh well, another HP mystery.

  • roonwit

    I would imagine that “lugless” was what Jo wrote originally, and she probably changed it in the US edition when the Scholastic editor queried it, presumably on the grounds that US readers wouldn’t recognize the term.

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    Roonwit, thanks! You and JJB resolved a HP mystery for me. I have read all HP books on Serbian and then on English. For the first time I didn’t understand anything but I learned English so hard and now I understand. But some things I don’t. Thank’s. I really love English and I have many penpals from England and US (most of them are HP fans). But I working on my book and have lot to study for High School and I had no time to ask them, or I forgot…Once again thanks and lot of cheers for JJB from Serbia…

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    Marco’s idea of location of Spinner’s End is quite good. It would work.
    That’s all for now, I think. – Lot of cheers from Serbia for JJB, Steve and to everyone…

  • azi

    I disagree that Spinner’s End would be in Saddleworth, since it’s a fairly rural area and I associate the street with being in a town/city. Plus all the terraces are stone in Saddleworth aren’t they? HBP says Spinner’s End and the surrounding area are brick houses. I think it’s more likely to be in Manchester personally. That side of the Pennines anyway.

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    Maybe!Well we now have another HP mystery!Cheers from Serbia!

  • Deborah Hubbard

    The general air of sleaze has always said Bradford to me, and at least parts of it are brick as far as I remember … but sleaze is widespread and sleazy neighbourhoods usually have nicer neighbourhoods quite close.

    Do we know for sure that the Evanses were socially superior to the Snapeses? Petunia clearly hoped like mad that they were, but equally clearly Lily didn’t mind at all. Does this suggest that the Evanses were,perhaps, actually not that different from the Snapeses and that only Petunia minded? She was a social climber of note as an adult … and perhaps, just perhaps the way their parents so warmly welcomed Lily’s identity as a witch might suggest (a) that they were really secure in their own identity, or (b) that they saw it as an opportunity for her to better herself, as if she had been a brilliant tennis player or opera singer.

    No answers … but nice questions!

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    So many questions!Well I have one!Im wonder what means “Quid Agis”?Harry sad that when he came to common room after Quidditch, when he kissed Ginny. – Quid Agis? – he asked Fat Lady, wondering what’s hapening inside. And Fat Lady sad to Harry: – You will see! – answered Fat Lady but I don’t understand what that means.(HBP24)
    Can anyone tell me what that means? That’s all for now!Steve the cover art for your book is great!Cheers to everyone from Serbia!

  • Prl

    “Quid agis” is latin, meaning “what happens?”

  • Michael

    Harry learns Latin?!

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    No, he don’t have Latin as a subject but Latin is a part of spells so he learn a bit at the Charms class, I believe.Latin is a key for understanding a spellwork, check essay at Lexicon.Cheers from Serbia…

  • daddybug

    Perhaps “quid agis” was just the password?

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    Could be!I think that didn’t say the pasword to Fat Lady.So, I agree with you, Quid agis is a password.Cheers for you!

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    Could be!I think that didn’t say the pasword to Fat Lady.So, I agree with you, Quid agis is a password.Cheers to Prl from Serbia!

  • Deborah Hubbard

    On a technicality, Quid Agis? means What are you doing?

    That makes it much more likely to be a password than a question: if the Fat Lady is in her frame, anyone can see what she’s doing so there’d be no point in asking.

    Of course, if she had her back turned … different matter! Probably nibbling the alcoholic chocolates again.

  • Marco


    At least we habe had a fox near Spinners End (which was killed by Bellatrix), and the home of foxes is usual, where nature is not far. On the other hand, there were also Fish´n Chips selled in close vicinity, so Spinners End must be at the edge of any conurbation.

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    Hi!Im just reading the book ”The comlete idiots guide to the World of Harry Potter” by Tere Stouffer.There’s a chapter about Runes and how they look like but there’s nothing about how to read them.I don’t understand.Hermione sad that she made a mistake with ehwaz wich means friendship and ihwaz defence.Ihwaz and Ehwaz are names of the two runes.The runes has 24 letters and each one has name, but if every rune has meaning like ihwaz and ehwaz how is possible to read the story and to not make a mistake?

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    Can anyone explain me or give me link to some page…cheers from Serbia…

  • Steve Morrison

    This page has some information on runes. Jo never specified which runic alphabet is used by wizards, but the Elder Futhark seem to fit everything in the books.

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    Thanks to Steve M. Elder Futhark fits but I can’t find anything about reading and writing of Elder Futhark runes…there’s only how to read Hungarian Runes which don’t fits with those runes in HP.But thanks anyway Steve M. Cheers…

  • Cricket

    excellent essay, Claire! Very readable and interesting.

  • Nichola Vojvodic (15)

    Have you seen HBP International Teaser Trailer?Trailer discovers position of Astronomy Tower in movie.I think that HBP will be the best HP movie…

  • Big_Kelpie

    Nichola, I always think, after watching the trailers, that the next movieis going to be the best, the most faithful to the book or whatever, but I have always been dissapointed(specially with Movie 4). So, in spite of what previous experience has taught me, I agree that the HBP seems like a superbmovie and will be the best one yet.
    Changing the subject, Jkrowling.com has been updated! It’s a news article about “The tales of beedle, the bard” release party, I think.
    I’m certain I and others have said this before, but I miss the old regularly-updated lexicon. Do you think this site will ever be like it once was again?

  • Big_Kelpie

    I’m so sorry for double-posting, but I had to say Happy Halloween!. Maybe certain door will open tonight, I do miss the times in which I would update jkrowling.com every 5 minutes in halloween.

  • Nicola Vojvodich (15)

    That’s right Big_Kelpie.I have been dissapointed with movie 3 because its odd, I can’t explain…
    But when I watch this trailer for HBP something tells that will be at least good.
    About updates on JKRowling.com I noticed ìn the morning of October 28th.Great thing.
    But what’s with HP fans?There’s no new comments, posts by Steve, Im suprised with comment of Big_Kelpie.
    About trailer, I think that this is the second HBP trailer, can someone give me link to first one?
    And of course cheers to Big_Kelpie…

  • Big_Kelpie

    Nicola: The link to the trailer in youtube is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpCPvHJ6p90

  • Nicola Vojvodich (15)

    Thanks Kelpie and cheers from Serbia…

  • mathilde

    COOL !!!!