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The Half-Blood Prince


I made it home at 3:30 this morning, my head buzzing. Did I like the “Half-Blood Prince” film? Absolutely! I loved it! I think this film captures more detail of the original book than any other of the films have managed to do. It’s what the film of “Prisoner of Azkaban” could have been if they’d included the parts of the book which actually mattered instead of replacing them with a frog-toting choir and talking shrunken heads.

Specifics … let me see. It’s always hard to come up with a definitive and detailed list after seeing a film of this complexity and scope just once and in the middle of the night.

I loved the humour (and romantic entanglements) which permeate the story. The Quidditch is spectacular and brutal and exciting — and played in the snow, which is totally cool. Thanks to a few well-placed moments between Harry and Ginny, I could almost believe that he was actually interested in the her when she’s been almost completely erased from the other films. I’m afraid Bonnie still looks like an eleven-year-old girl, and I just don’t think she captures any of the brash, daring, flirtatious Ginny of the books. But Yates and Kloves managed to give Harry and Ginny opportunities to connect as the film went along. Do I believe it? Well, almost.

The kids’ acting has really taken off. Remember when they could barely utter a line? Compare Emma’s wooden attempt at tears in Hagrid’s hut in the second film or Dan’s painful-to-watch crying scene in the third to the wonderful scene in this film with the two of them sitting on the stairs with her heart broken and his all twisted up and confused. Dan’s portrayal of Harry’s budding confidence works extremely well, particularly in counterpoint with his confusion over Ginny. He’s hilarious as he wanders the castle grounds giddy from Luck Potion. Rupert’s Ron is wonderful as well, from showing off at Quidditch to stumbling around under the influence of love potion. The kids have come a long way indeed.

Jim Broadbent is a perfect Slughorn, in my opinion — and that man can arch his eyebrows and look befuddled better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Maggie Smith is in great form. Other characters are almost non-existent, however, which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise when you consider the vast scope of the story being told. They just can’t include everything. But someone please tell me why, then, they added a whole scene of the Death Eaters attacking the Burrow? And for that we lost the entire Battle of the Tower. Luna was great with her weird glasses and lion hat, Lupin’s heated conversation with Harry gave us brief but important insight into that complicated and troubled character, and Lavender Brown was hilarious. Poor Neville, however, only gets one tiny line. At least Dean gets a kiss.

So okay, was it perfect? Clearly not. After we got past the surprisingly dull battle between Harry and Snape, the requisite Very Serious Talk at the end was almost as lame as the ending of the second film. I was about ready to push them all off the astronomy tower by the end of it. And please tell me why Ron was just looking pensive and sitting fifteen feet away from his best friends while they discussed the most important decisions of their lives, to go after Horcruxes. I was also annoyed by the lighting of the film … or rather, the lack of lighting. I know it’s a “dark film” and that it takes place in a dark and draughty old castle, but still. This is the magical world! It should be colourful and animated and alive, not black and white and dark blue.

All quibbling aside, I did love the film. It was exciting and funny, easily one of the best of the series. It did a remarkable job of capturing not only the major plot points of the book but also the nuances and delightful subplots. I can’t wait to see it again. I might have to wait until after Azkatraz, though! I fly out Friday morning!



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  • Elizabeth

    I loved waking up and seeing a post as soon as I got up! I loved the movie also but I am so distraught that they burnt the Burrow! Plus, they left out the memories that help Harry find the other horcruxes in 7. Maybe since they are splitting book 7 into 2 films they will be including it there. But overall, I was very impressed with the Half-Blood Prince.

  • Nicola Vojvodic (16)

    Saw it! It’s good, better than OP. I like it… Just memories missing… but I expected that…

  • Michele

    I know it was a big book and they had to leave somethings out but the memories are key and so many sub plots where cut out why add the seen with the Weasleys house burnt down and the scene with Harry falling into the water and Dumbledore saving him, the book is good as written no need to add stuff. Also the fight scene and the end was a total and complete let down, this was the start of the WAR and not having the funeral was brutal, Dumbledore deserved to be mourned as did Sirius who was hardly thought of.

  • Zoe.K

    I thought that this film was alot better than OP. It was clever, funny and there was some excellent filming. However, i strongly disliked the “burning burrow” scene (where did that come from and WHY?) and i thought they rushed the ending and they should have included more memories.
    Overall, i was very happy and greatly enjoyed the film.

  • Mateo C.

    I know a lot of people are confused with the attack on the Burrow. It was added to show the danger that the Death Eaters and Voldemort are back. Harry keeps hearing about all these attacks, so they added it so Harry could experience first-hand what it’s like to be attacked without warning. I’m okay that they added it (though seeing Mrs. Weasely was heartbreaking), but it wasn’t very exciting and it could have been more destructive. The death eaters are attacking Harry Potter and members of the Order of the Phoenix. You would think that they would use more power.

  • Rick

    I saw the movie and I just want some clarification. I agree I did not like the Burrow burning. Does this mean there won’t be a wedding in the next movie?

  • Zoe.K

    I understand what you are saying (Mateo C.) that helped clarify.
    But wouldn’t it have made more sense to perhaps include more of the battle that actually happened at Hogwarts (there wasn’t really much of a battle.)
    Also, what will happen in the next movie? No wedding?

  • jensenly

    Ahh…but you forget. The Borrow was made from magic and magic can reconstruct it, as well. While personal belongings might not be magically recreated, certainly the physical structure can be.

    That said, I wasn’t all that thrilled with the addition of the Burning Burrow to the exclusion of other more important scenes which could have been filmed.

    *sigh* Do they EVER solicit serious fan input?

  • Jerri

    Both young actors that portrayed Tom Riddle were brilliant! Now, I can’t wait to see this movie on the IMAX!!!

  • Larry

    Burning the Burrow implies that Dumbledore left Harry without protection. I think that is not realistic.

  • Chubbs

    The burrow burning was goofy, also the first kiss between Harry and Ginny was way off from the movie. Thats a big scene in the book and they changed it, plus in the book he hides the potions book and sees the “tiara” that plays a critical part in the next movies. Also I would of loved to see the Voldemort – Dumbdledore meeting memory, would of been cool. Good Flick just a little dissapointed at some of the omissions.

  • Rose

    I was disapointed that the battle of the Tower was left out. As well as Dumbuldors funeral. Both have important information for the next film. Also, can anyone tell me what did Dumbuldor reminding Snape he had to do for him? From the book, I thought Dumbuldor knew about the attemp on his life and wanted Snape to see it through. I am probably way off but I couldn’t think of anything else. Over all I loved the movie, and can’t wait for the next 2.

  • olivier

    I enjoyed the film, but like most the burning Borrow, the inexistent Battle of the Astronomy Tower and the absent funeral dampered my pleasure. But in my opinion both Snape and McGonagall (as in almost all previous films) are too kind (especially Snape). The Harry-Hermione scene – though cute – is, at least in my memory, also an invention (also Dumbledore asking Harry if something is going on between them). But an absolute plus is the wonderful music-score. Just great.

  • Sarah

    The burning burrow scene should have been replaced with the true fighting scene at the end of the movie. The missing memories are critical. How does Harry know that the remaining Horcruxes are the Hufflepuff cup, something of Ravenclaw and the snake? Or that the locket was Slitherin’s? Maybe they will add it into the next movie but I think it is critical information. I also did not like the scene when Harry is hiding the potion’s book. He knows where he hid it and sees the wig with a tiara on top of the cabinet.

    Overall it has been better then the last few but they needed to stick closer to the book. It was great the way it was written!

  • Larry

    Since both Fleur and Bill, along with Fenrir’s attack on Bill, were all left out my guess is that there will NOT be a wedding in Movie #7. Maybe I am wrong but it seems like Steve Kloves and David Heyward are leaving that line of the plot out all together.

  • ravenclaw rambler

    Just seen it, and it was much better than the rather lukewarm reviews I’ve seen.

    Like others, I was puzzled by the last scene – why was Ron so detached? And are he and Hermione dating or not?

    I suspect, with essentially three films to cover the last two books, some of the missing stuff may turn up in the next film.

    Funny to see my local railway station early on in the film.
    And I’ll look out for Death Eaters before crossing the Millennium Bridge on my way to work on Monday!

  • Jean

    The burning of the burrow was absymal. It felt to me that it was cut into the ilm simply to have some type of battle, in the absence of the “real” one that occurs in book. It did not loop in an otherwise loose tread; did not portray a convincing threat and left me scratching my head during the rest of the movie as I tried to find some purpose for it as the story unfolded. With that said, the rest of it was a relatively satisfying, albeit shortened, version of the book.

  • Marco

    I also think,that the burning of the Borrow is utterly nonsense, since there is use for it in DH. What is more, that nobody of the occupants made any attempt to extinguish it (Aguamenti). Another bad mistake is a male bartender of the Three Broomsticks instead of Madam Rosmerta. And Harry was more competent in the books in terms of duelling.

    There will be a wedding at Movie DH. Clemence Poesy will reprise her role and Bill Weasley will be portrayed by Domhnall Gleeson, son of Brendan Gleeson. And there will be also a Shell Cottage. Check out mugglenet.com and the-leaky-couldron.org

  • fedcop596

    Thanks for the information about the movie, I beleive they have destroyed the last three movies with to many changes. Hope that some where down the line (years) someone will remake them (movies)as they were written by JKR.

  • DTD

    I actually liked the last scene. It mirrored the ending of the book, a “last golden day of peace with Ron & Hermione.” Much better than Hagrid returning and everyone clapping for him (CoS) or flying off on the Firebolt (PoA). I also think that Ron sitting by himself is supposed to foreshadow him leaving in Deathly Hallows…but maybe I’m just trying to explain away the weirdness.

    I’ve also read that the director cut out the Hogwarts fight because he felt it would be too repetitive since that happens again in DH, but still wanted fighting so he put in the burrow fight.

  • Kelly Rose

    Okay so i saw the movie a week ago so don’t judge me on the details but i do have some comments…

    1. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why the whole scene with the Death Eaters burning down the Burrow and Harry and Ginny chasing down Bellatrix and Lupin, Tonks, and Mr. Weasley following them. It was just a pointless scene that should not have been there.
    2. I loved Tom Felton’s Draco Malfoy. His tortured portrayal was very good, and when he was holding Dumbledore he showed that he wasn’t really evil.
    3. The way they showed Ron and Hermione was great. Lavender was clingy with her Won-Won! and Cormac was hilariously conceited.
    4. Cutting out the battle after Dumbledore’s death was terrible. Harry and Snape’s lame duel was disappointing.
    5. Did anyone else notice that right before Bellatrix came to the Burrow, Tonks called Lupin sweethart meaning that they were already together. Not only did thy cut out Tonk’s depression from not being with Lupin but they skipped right to them being together.
    6. After the little wand lighting, no on seemed to care that Dumbledore was dead. They didn’t show when everyone was in the hospital wing or the funeral. I really think that they should have shown a final farewell to the best headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen.
    7.Poor Fleur, completely cut out. Her and Bill’s relationship didn’t affect much this year, but in the seventh book, their wedding sparks Harry, Hermione, and Ron’s departure, so it better be included.
    8. Ginny still looks so young but Bonnie does do a good job with flirting it up, and winning over her man. I wish they had shown them as more than just that one kiss.
    9. I must admit that the scene in the cave was very good. It showed almost everything that happened in the book.

    All in all this was a good movie but it was more for the people who watch the movies and don’t read the books.

  • Deborah Hubbard

    I have never believed in Michael Gambon’s version of Dumbledore; he lacks wisdom, charisma and authority; but couldn’t the make-up department have made his Horcruxed hand look worse? It resembles the henna patterns on the hand of a pretty Indian bride. And drinking the potion in the cave left him slightly tired but not enfeebled, and certainly not on the brink of death. Silly!

    Spinner’s End was good visually; but Narcissa was not beautiful and too restrained, and Bellatrix was not even slightly restrained! I don’t get movie Bellatrix. She is made to appear so silly and naughty-schoolgirlish that it’s easy to forget her dangerous fanaticism and also her magical skill. This means that Molly W will seem to be duelling with a comparatively easy target in 7(b), if the duel is included at all.

    I did like the new-look twins! Education never suited them … but now they can be their own people. And Ron, gazing at the moon and segueing so smoothly from daft passion to horrified realisation as the antidote takes effect … people have won awards for less. Harry’s method of choice for expressing emotion is Lots Of Heavy Breathing, which should have been rethought. McGonagall is going soft in her old age: no wonder Snape can take over as Headmaster so easily. She was far too nice to Harry at the end – no pressure at all. Unlike her.

    I liked the way the two Vanishing Cabinets were shown: it worked. Pity that Moaning Myrtle couldn’t feature in Malfoy’s tormented life, but Snape’s first aid on the floor of the loo was wonderful. And the way he holds a pause when chewing out Harry must be the envy of all teachers! He and Ron really live their parts …

    I wasn’t as impressed by Slughorn as I wanted to be. He looked like a bank manager. No flamboyant clothing, and not nearly enough plump body for the clothes to cover. The wake for Aragog worked well, though, and he did a great funeral oration.

    Generally speaking, pretty good movie. but I went straight back to the book. There’s an old joke about a little old lady who said she preferred radio to television because the pictures were better; I mostly agree.

  • Sophie

    I feel that Steve gives a fairly acurate and fair review, I can walk away and say that I loved it, merely because it was great to get a visual on how it all happened and fill in any gaps in my own head, but I have to say I am surprised that JK would have allowed an entirely new scene to be added to the film which had no relevence to the main story while they skipped out important things like the memories. I also feel there was not enough emphasis on how important that book was and only a mention from Snape that he was the half blood prince at the end before it was forgotton about. I did think that Alan Rickman gave a stunning performance as Snape and the scene where he killed Dumbledore was actually better than how I imagined.

  • Marco

    Now let´s have a look at DH movie!

    My wish would be the employment of Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) as a Death-Eater in DH, maybe Dolohov or Yaxley. What do you think?

    Do you have heard, that Jamie Wylett was caught with cannabis plants, and that in considerable amount? He may face a prison sentence.

  • Char

    I agree: I found the entire attack at the Burrow scene pointlessly a waste of airtime which should better have been spent on making the last duel a little more spectacular and emotionally charged. Harry and Snape seem to just cast spells, but the hatred and pain (from both) wasn’t there.

    I just wish the producers and directors and even some of the actors stopped ‘making it their own’ and be a little truer to the books. I accept that entire subplots may have to be lost and thus small changes occur, but the books were so richly detailed they never had to invent scenes and ‘moments’

  • Char

    … or change characters personalities from the way JK Rowling invented/created/imagined them

  • Snuffles

    I was exremely disappointed!
    I found the movie extremely cold, sterile and empty. There was no emotin except between Ginny and Harry and they didn’t even show Dumbledore’s funeral. How many die hard fans can’t even think about the ending of this book without bursting into tears? And yet it is completely removed. Yes Ginny and Harry were given some real emotion which had to be done as most of their relationship takes place in his head in the book. But the burrow scene was completely unecessary. It lacked everything that makes the books special!

  • Moony88

    “I think this film captures more detail of the original book than any other of the films have managed to do”
    You have got to be kidding me, I think this has been the least faithful adaption yet. I thought there were so many instances of logic fail. The Burrow burning scene was completely illogical and a waste of precious time (they could have put another memory in instead) oh and how they all just stood there watching their house burn, um its called magic; USE IT! I thought this scene was what I call a “dragon breaking free from chains and flying over hogwarts” by that I mean it was just put in to be dramatic and add excitement etc just like the scene in GoF where the dragon breaks free from its chains during the 1st task – illogical on so many levels.
    Furthermore I feel that they put entirely too much emphasis on the Draco storyline only to have it amount to nothing as they cut the battle out – what exactly was the point of letting the death eaters in? So they could watch him fail at killing Dumbledore, smash some windows and leave. I felt there was little importance put on the Horcruxes and instead they put more effort into the romance and redundant Draco storyline. Over all I felt this movie was a huge disappointment. There were a few positive things but overall I felt it was a clumsy, porrly written and poorly executed film =(

  • Snuffles

    Moony88: Here Here!!

  • Tim

    Tim was quite fun, but to be honest, I’d have to give it a C+ Unlike most people I quite liked the idea of The Burrow being attacked. It lacked emotional gravitas, and it was all a bit random and rather quiet, but I got what they were trying to do. Most of the characters came off a bit too cutesy for my liking: McGonagall and Snape are too tolerant, and Rickman has never played Snape as a vindictive, vicious person, which he is in the books.Harry is, and always has been, a quick-to-anger type. Not a bad person, but capable of being a bit of a jerk, whereas Daniel Radcliffe just makes him nice all of the time. I find him somewhat less engaging for it, especially as I don’t know any teenagers who’re that nice all of the time. Luna stole my attention and heart again.
    It also seemed odd at the end. Hermione and Harry chat, while Ron sits miles away, totally unineterested in his future, which Hermione has blythely promised to Harry.
    Sectumsempra? Hello there, Harry just badly mutilated a fellow student and his punishment is….? To have it forgotten about.
    Funnily enough, I actually became less fond of the books as the series went on as there were a lot of dropped plots and threads and disposable plot devices, but I still like the rather teen-angsty book rather more than the film.

  • Tim

    PS I’m sure I meant to write “It was quite fun” sorry for the egocentricity.
    PPS I was dubious about Helen McCrory as Narcissa, but I think she did a good job. I still liked the initial shots of her with long blonde hair much more than the look they eventually gave her, but I like her.

  • Rock

    I read the book over again so that I could get familiar with the characters so as not to miss anything (in the preview I saw a girl rising, and forgot why). I think reading the book over was a huge mistake!!!

    I just saw the movie last night and boy was I dissapointed… Everyone in this thread made great points about the missing scenes, but wow did I not like it as much as I’d hope. The burrow attack confused me, thinking I missed a whole chapter of the book sitting there.

    Like everyone the end battle missing was sad, seriously though if Harry Potter (the one in the book) was at that last scene in the movie (and not this cheap version they made him into, lacking some seriuos emotion) he would have jumped out and tried to fight every one of those guys (maybe I’m drinking some HP Happy juice or somethin).

    I can honestly give this movie a C no “+” because it just wasn’t exciting or on-the-edge-of-your-seats-waiting-for-the-next-scene you know was coming, but never comes because they changed it so much.

    This will be the worse of the Harry Potter Movies (for me), and I will learn my lesson as to not read the (Deathly hollows, although I read it 3 times already) book for the last 2 films so I can try to enjoy it for the sheer imagery that it could/supposedly be.

    I will wait until it goes to DVD and watch it (Half blood prince) again and just watch it without trying to detail each chapter of the book and compare notes. This is in hopes to try to better appreciate this movie! The Harry Potter Series (books) was so wonderful and well written that I now understand why people in general cringe when they put books into movies.

  • omikse

    did anyone else notice that the Pensieve had changed?…it was a marble looking basin, on a marble looking pedestal, very impressive in past movies….this time it looked like a dish pan just sitting on the table.

  • Big_Kelpie

    Did I watch the same movie?
    In my opinion, it was great. I felt as if they stopped taking the books/plot so seriously and actually tried to adapt it into a movie. I really liked how they were passing references to things in the books and the past movies. There was some continuity at least, which is more that what I can say about the last two movies. This one is finally a good movie, no trying to hard to be faithfull to the book (it is impossible) but still telling a good story instead of putting together a couple of “cool” scenes (GoF) or heavily relying on a character, supposedly funny scenes or visual resources which don’t really work.
    The only things that bothered me were:
    1. No Dursleys, I really like them, and I believe they could have made a short funny scene with them, instead of Harry flirting with the waitress.
    2. The repetitive Draco & the cupboard scenes, I actually would have liked it better if when Draco is at the tower, while he explains to Dumbledore how he got DEs there, there were some flashes to his “experiments”, instead of showing him througout the movie. Then everyone would think “that explains the bird in the Ginny/Harry scene”, showing real planning and not being afraid of using diferent resources.
    3. What happened to colours? I really believe I saw no yellow, no orange, no happy colours. I get it. It is supposed to be dark, but as each film has to be darker, they have began to overdo it. Actually, the plot of CoS was really scary, students attacked all over the place, there was an actual very real threat but we got colours.Using dark colours to set the entire atmosphere is rather lazy, it works in children’s stories. Actively introducing a juxtaposition between the magical world inherent cheery, colourful tone with the movie’s dark happenings works better in media intended for adults.
    4. The absence of some memories, though. there is probably a plan to include the information on the next books. HOPEFULLY.
    5. Not really paying attention to the whole HALF BLOOD PRINCE plot. If they had let the line when Ginny compares it to Tom’s diary, it would have made a huge difference, specially since we would then find out the diary was a horcrux.
    Sincerily, i think that this movie was superb, but the movies changing styles so much is what makes them seem so horrible. Emphasis is put on different aspects according to the director, the actors don’t know how to act their parts due to characterization changing every two years, etc. The films really are coherent. I would really hate trying to understand the overall plot just by watching the films, i doubt anybody does, most people rely on friends (who are book fans) or enjoy each movie independantly, with no consideration of the fact that there are parts of a saga.

  • Big_Kelpie

    I meant “The films really areN’T coherent.”

  • Moony88

    Cheers Snuffles!

    I have to disagree with some of your points Big_Kelpie.
    “I felt as if they stopped taking the books/plot so seriously and actually tried to adapt it into a movie” maybe I’ve been watching different movies then the ones you have because I feel that they have never tried to make a genuine book adaption. I understand they need to cut certain things out in order to make it more streamlined and there are certain things that wont work on screen etc but I’ve felt in the past that they’ve always cut out the wrong things and overemphasised things that were insignificant. I think this one has been the least faithful yet, and yet if anything this was the one that needed to be the most faithful because a lot of what happens is crucial to the next one.
    “…still telling a good story instead of …heavily relying on a character, supposedly funny scenes or visual resources which don’t really work”
    Um I’d have to say that this movie relied heavily on “funny scenes”, I often felt the humour detracted from the story or was simply put in there to cover up the bad job they were doing on certain plot lines/scenes.
    I agree that the movies aren’t coherent, particularly this one, I have a friend who hasn’t read the books yet and he was confused by many things in this movie.
    Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion about this movie, I just dont quite see the many positives in this film that others are.

  • Viggar

    I totally loved the movie, but with that said.

    I think it was sad that they’d cut out Dumbledore’s funeral. I mean when Cedric died (GoF), he got one, but Dumbledore whom we’d know in 6 movies dosen’t have one?? That’s just not okay in my opinion..

    About the Borrow scene, I think it was okay, though I would rather have seen the big fight in the end! And the important memories..

    One last thing, the Harry/Ginny kiss was just lame.. It was much better described in the book at least that’s what I think..

    But with all that said I, as I said before, loved the movie. I think all actors did a great job! Especially Tom Felton’s version of Draco Malfoy, wonderful..

    Anyway, sorry for my bad grammar, but I’m from Denmark so my english isn’t the best ^-^’

    bye for now

  • auntypsycho

    One thing that was left out that really annoyed me was that it wasn’t mentioned that Snape was the one that overheard the prophecy … that put together with him killing DD was what made Harry REALLY hate Snape in the last book and is what made Snape turn to the good side after telling Voldy about the prophecy … WHY was that left out? not like they didn’t have the last book to reference what should be left in for the last film to make any sense for those that haven’t read the books

  • Khanh Linh

    Hello every body, I am Linh,I`m a Vietnamese.As you,I love Harry Potter.I am very glad to find this web.Now I realise that there are many interesting things that I have not know about HP,I hope you will help me,please forgive me if there is any mistake.
    Thank you very much!

  • katzkidz

    I was looking so forward to seeing the movie until I heard from my son that the fight at the tower and the funeral scene weren’t in the movie. I am hoping they include these in the deleted scene section of the DVD.

    My husband hasn’t read the books but has seen all the movies and he was expecting more action to be in this movie. There would’ve been more action if the fight scene at the tower was included.

  • Padfoot

    Although the movie was engaging and a great watch (if you weren’t paying attention to detail), i was quite upset with some of the choices made about the film (and i know that most of the things i say have been said quite a few times)
    Firstly, and the most obvious, the burning burrow was not only USELESS but didn’t demonstrate any weasley/lupin/tonks/harry talent (they didnt even fight or stop the fire? !)
    I have never been taken with Michael Gambon’s performances as Dumbledore, he has never been able to capture Dumbledore the way he is in the books
    I was also disappointed with Bonnie Wright. She could have been more flirty and fierce….like Ginny
    Speaking of Ginny….I thought they butchered the Ginny/Harry thing
    I thought Emma was great as Hermione…as usual
    I loved Slughorn in the movie even though he wasnt true to the book
    Alan Rickman was fantastic..and he always is…But they should have emphasized that he was the Half Blood Prince a little bit more
    No tower fight? ok….
    Loved the Weasely Wizard Wheezes
    Tom Felton has really grown as an actor…but we didnt need to see him pull off a cabinet cover five thousand times
    where was the funeral?
    And others: Lupin/Tonks?? Fleur and Bill?? Bellatrix..too wacky! Narcissa …. meh…
    and more …most of it has been mentioned


  • pam

    I was disappointed, but then I have been with all the movies. I have watched each only once or twice. This one had too many of my favorite bits missing- DUmbledore in the cave “I’m not worried, I am with you”, Snape at the end “Don’t call me a coward”, Fleur in the hospital wing “I am beautiful enough for both of us” and “It proves that my husband is brave”. Loved Lavender, Ron is doing better and better as an actor, loved the joke shop and the cave. I think Gambon did not do as well as well as he should have in the drinking the potion scene and in the tower. He revoerd too much. I wish they would have included more information about the horcruxes, Harry is going to need to get that information some how (from DUmbledore’s portrait maybe?). Ilove hta way the movies look but am still disappointed in the scripts.
    On another topic (sorry)- if you can, get to the Harry Potter exhibit in Chicago (and later this year in Boston). It is AMAZING!

  • Cherie

    I completely agree! I was looking foward to the battle, and Neville should’ve been in more scenes. And even daytime looked gloomy. But it was awesome anyway:)

  • Cherie

    I also forgot: WHY did they add that Burrow-on-fire scene when they didn’t even mention Bill and Fleur?

  • Saint_Potter

    I’ve seen Half-Blood two times now. Even though they cut some crucial memories and the battle (which was really disappointing), it was a great film.
    I noticed a couple minor bits of information missing under pages that have been marked saying that they’ve been updated with information from Deathly Hallows. Firstly, it doesn’t mention that Theodore Nott is a pure-blood under his description. This was confirmed by Rowling on her web-site when she described a scene where Theodore and Draco discuss Dumbledore, Harry, etc. Secondly, although Natalie MacDonald is mentioned under the Gryffindor page as a student, she isn’t listed under “M”, only Magnus MacDonald (the “D” in his name is spelt lowercase on the list, which I believe is incorrect) and Mary MacDonald. These aren’t major issues but I decided to let you know about them.

  • Wally

    Finally saw the movie, and I had a good
    time. Most of the critcisims I’ve read
    here are right, but they didn’t really
    bother me all that much. Yeah, I
    wouldn’t have had the Borough scene, but
    the ending with Ron off by himself
    didn’t bother me nearly as much as some
    of you. By the way, Grint and Felton
    are getting better in each film.

    I do think it would be hard for people
    who haven’t read the books to follow.
    But I think most of them are like that.

    Anyway, SS and CoS are still my
    favorites, but this one was better then
    some of the others

  • Mama Chach

    What about Dobby and Kreature – they should have showed the scene that establishes Harry as Sirius’ heir – they should have kept Christmas at the Burrow and introduced Rufus Scrimgeour – all of which are important for DH – I was looking forward to apparation lessons!

  • Rhi

    I liked the film much more than OP, but was disappointed with it as well. I agree with what others have said about Burrow, no battle or funereal. I am also really disappointed with the leaving out of the Dursleys and Bill and Fleur. You’d have thought that Molly and Arthur only have 4 children instead of 7. I love the character of Bill Weasley and Percy’s coming to the battle of Hogwarts in DH is one of the best scenes in a book full of memorable and wonderful scenes (also Kreacher coming from the kitchens with the other house elves!). I hope these characters are not left out of the last two movies.

  • Enrico

    Why on earth, Harry did NOT fight to defend Dumbledore ? He was FREE to do so… does a hero behave like that ?!?!
    Oh, maybe for the same reason the students could not fight at the end of Order of the Phoenix film… isn’it true, Mr Yates and Mr Kloves ?
    Very disappointed

  • andyhp7

    I loved your review in this film! Exactly what I think of it.

    It could have been worse! PoA & GoF for example!!!

  • Finally got the chance to see the film again on Friday, and I loved it even more the second time around. Make no mistake, I found the burning Burrow, Ron sitting far away from Harry and Hermione, the lighters waving in the air, and the strangely boring climax just as silly as I did the first time out. But so much was wonderful about the film that I couldn’t help but love it. Now I want it on DVD so I can relish individual scenes over and over without having to sit through the whole LOOOONG movie multiple times. Even at matinee prices, I just can’t afford that.

  • Tim

    I watched it again on Saturday. I don’t know if it was just that my initial impressions were done and dusted or if I was just spotting more stuff and more generally relaxed than the first time, but I enjoyed it somewhat more. I also read that films 7 and 8 influenced how this one was done, so maybe (I’m not saying definitely, but maybe) some of the randomness in this film does have a point and will become clear. That doesn’t make it better scripted, directed or acted, but it might make some of the things that happened more understandable.

  • James

    Actually, the PoA movie DID include the most important part of the book – THE STORY. Oddly, Alfonso Cuaron seems to understand what the story of PoA was about far more than certain “fans” do.

    And it’s worth noting that JKR’s reaction to the talking heads was “I wish I’d thought of that”.

  • I beg to differ on the PA film. The point of the book as part of the overall saga is to set up the entire rest of the series by giving us the backstory of the Marauders and Lily and Snape. This dynamic is critical for an understanding of everything else that happens in the series. It directly affects the build-up of Harry as the “action hero” of the fourth book and the subsequent remoulding Harry as a different kind of hero in the fifth. True, the small-scale story of the book comes through, but that story was almost incidental … never the point of the book at all. It’s only there as “cover”, if you will, as the real story — the underlying reason for all of this to be happening — is moved forward. I don’t have any problem with the shrunken heads except for the fact that it’s sad to include new and inconsequential material when you’re removing what matters at the same time. Like the replacing a proper confrontation between Snape and Harry with the Burrow inexplicably on fire half way through the sixth film.

  • Frances Abdul-Azeem

    I haven’t seen the movie yet and I think it’s because I haven’t been much impressed with the last film. I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice tht the lighting is too dark. Just because the book has become literally dark doesn’t mean it has to be physically dark.I do plan to see the movie though.

  • Carlos Takashi

    Steve. I don’t know if you will read my opinion, but I’ll answer your question:

    I think it’s because they thought more importante to show us that the Magical World and the main characters are in danger too, and the Battle of Tower was not so important because all Harry’s friends drunk the Luck Potion, so they didn’t get hurt, and Harry wasn’t the most important character to fight there, but in The Burrow he was.
    I don’t know if I was clear but I think this way… So I thought they chose the right alternative to change it from the book… Get it?

  • Electa

    I have read each book 15 times, they fascinate me, even though I am in the older age bracket (70) for this type of book (I think JK Rowling has done a marvelous job on the intertwining plots of these seven books) – and I have just
    seen the Half Blood Prince for the second time – I thought it was the worst movie of them all – Harry in a cheesy cafe chatting up a waitress? – a scene where Dumbledore has “words” with the Dursleys would have been better at the beginning – Dumbledore apparating him into a pond! – for heavens sake he’s the greatest wizard in the world – and that added-in “burning of The Burrow” scene (in a previous film and in the books The Burrow is surrounded by an orchard and trees to hide the house from Muggles) – (where is the wedding going to be held in DH – or is this something else that is going to be left out?) – and leaving out some of the “memories” which would have made more sense of the movie for those who have not read the books! Leaving out the fight at the end, leaving out Dumbledore’s funeral. I know that not everything can be put into a movie – but unlike some other people – I believe that if a movie is going to be made of a book – it should remain as true as possible to that book – not each actor “doing his own thing as he sees fit” for the part. I do agree that Rupert Grint and Tom Felton are really growing into their parts, and while I was disappointed in this film, I will still be buying the DVD and probably watching as avidly as I have the others – just hope the Deathly Hallows lives up to the story in the books.

  • Lucette

    I can’t see the movie until it comes out in video (allergic to perfume), but did enjoy reading your summaries about it and what I’ve heard about it.

    I’ve heard that Harry first sees Ginny look out through a top window – which is an allusion to Princess in the tower movies. The Fleur bit which shows book Ginny as a bully is taken out and replaced with a fire scene which seems to create a situation for Harry and Ginny to act more positively – so the sparks start flying at the Burrow rather than on the train. The Ginny-Harry first kiss (Harry’s second) is in private rather than in front of a whole room full of people – which is more in keeping with a Harry who doesn’t like to be stared at. Look for them to write in a few Ginny-Harry scenes in the next few movies that were not there to begin with and less Luna than was in DH. I expect (and hope that I am wrong) that there will be a close up when Aunt Muriel comments on Ginny’s cleavage.

    I think that Harry will have flashbacks as to his meetings with DD – to show some of those things.

  • Shari

    I’m disappointed at the total uselessness of the Aurors “and Weasleys” except for Ginny. Yes, they were attacked without warning but come on – no one had a wand handy? Put out the fire with that Aguamenti (or whatever it was) and fight back. If my daughter had just run after Harry I would have either tackled her or followed screeching every spell I knew toward the DE’s.

  • Maddie Grider

    I was happy when Harry and Ginny got together. They stopped at a bad part!! Burning burrow, horrible. Almost cried when he died. Sad, sad, sad. REading books!! AWESOME!!

  • Fabian Mulis

    For me the best of the seven books, and the best of the six movies released, no matter they don’t exactly match (who on earth can do that, DD is not here after all!).
    What I’m concerned is that the director seems not have read the seventh book, so Harry is going out there without enough information…wonder how will they solve that.
    For the funeral I think they could start the seventh movie with it. Dumbledore deserves it, and we all would love to see it.
    A friend of mine that was with me at the theatre the first day thought thay it looks as if they ran out of cash for doing the final battle, and final battles are important to any movie…

    Greetings from Argentina
    Fabian Mulis
    PS. We had the release of this movie delayed here because of the flu epidemics.

  • Hannah

    Yes, the film was absolutely amazing! But what a waste of blowing up the Burrow! It’s my favourite book in the series and possibly the best film so far! Keep it up Warner Bros!

  • Hannah

    Yes, the film was absolutely amazing! But what a waste of blowing up the Burrow! It’s my favourite book in the series and possibly the best film so far! Keep it up Warner Bros!

  • Joe B.

    With the destruction on the Burrow, by dark magic. I have to assume there will be no wedding scene in the Deathly Hallows movie. Why did they do that???

  • Bonnie

    Anyone else annoyed that they dont say WHY Snape calls himself the HBP?

  • Sean

    The movie focused too much on the romance and made it too blatantly obvious about the relationships developing. I enjoyed the movie the 2nd time when I lowered my expectations by a lot. It just failed to capture the darker mood set by the book and all the story that will be missing for the last 2 movies.

  • Sarah

    I adored the movie, though they did miss seemingly small parts that are actually quite crucial to truly understanding the magic (for lack of a better word) of the book and connections between characters… And YES I cried out a few times during the movie, one time being the fact that they never mentioned why Snape call’s himself the Half Blood Prince. That and when they destroyed The Burrow (WHY?!). And in the beginning when I accidentally ruined it for those people (who are missing out) that haven’t read the books by laughing at the title to myself because really, it’s Harry Potter and Snape.
    But, what are you to expect from Hollywood? At least they did a pretty acceptable job this time, graphics, adapting, and acting (oh such improvement on acting).

  • Sarah

    Oh, forgot to add this.
    omikse: YES I noticed the Pensieve changed… In the past movies it was strange and beautiful, one of the few good ways Hollywood portrayed the items from the books. In HBP it was like a bowl you wash your face in, what happened?!

  • Todd

    I agre with most of what you say, but you missed a few points. They cut out Bill and Fluer and with the Burrow burned down (that whole scene was just stupid), they have ruined the begining of the next movie… no wedding. They also saw only a small portion of the memories, so how does he even know what he is looking for. The whole scenen of Harry outside his important protection at a muggle coffee shop flurting with a girl… What was that about? There were so few good thing fighting against all the bad stuff I could not give it more than a 2 star out of 5. As a movie not attached to the books I would say maybe a 4. The directing, acting, and special effects were not too bad, but I think the charaacters barely fit the book let along the plot.

  • ILoveLupinAndTonks

    Okay, as you can see by my username, Lupin and Tonks are two of my favorite charectars!!!! i noticed in one comment that Tonks called Lupin “sweet heart” in the movie. I hadn’t read the series when the movie came out, so when HBP come out on Dvd on saturday, I’ll look for it…….
    Bill and Fleur, I loved that in the books everyone sees Fleur as superficial and expect her to leave Bill when he get mauled and then stays….WHY ISN”T IT IN THE MOVIE?????

    Aside from that, I thought it was pretty good overall though……

  • dragonfr

    I personally thought that if i had not read the books, I wouldn’t get the movie at all. There was practically nothing about Snape being the HBP…and the rest has pretty much been said.
    I also think that the fact that Dumbledore didn’t immobilize Harry in the movie had a minor but major (if that makes sense) difference to the emotion that Harry would have after the death. It’s like – I couldn’t have done anything, I was immobilized, and i need to decide what to do without Dumbledore now, or : I should have done something, why didn’t I stop it? there would be a HUGE guilt factor at the end of HBP and a good deal of DH if Harry had really just stood there and watched as Dumbledore was killed by Snape. I think that just changes the entire tone of Dumbledore’s death (at least for the future movies).

    And, if there’s anyone out there who has seen the movies, but never read the books, remember this quote: “Never judge a book by its movie.”

  • Interesting to read all the comments – and I so agree with you Dragonfr regarding Harry just standing there and letting it happen in the film – maybe it’s just a way to make him hate Snape more as he seems to have let his guard down when Snape “shushed” him, and then Snape killed Dumbledore anyway. But I still think the book way would have been better – the guilt would have been hard to live with.

  • Necie

    I’m late posting this; I am in another read of the books, but haven’t been here for awhile. I agree that the color and the magic are gone from the later films. I understand the storyline is getting darker, but are all witches and wizards gray, and wear the same dull clothing? Even Molly was way too toned-down. Hardly anybody commented that magic was mostly missing from this film too. After Dumbledore helps clean up Slughorn’s temporary house, the magic is pretty non-existent. I can’t add anything new to the Burrow comments, just agree that the scene was not necessary. I missed the funeral too. Maybe the next film will start with it. If you go back and watch the first film again, it just holds so true to the story and includes such color and magic. It is always worth another view.

  • ej

    I’ve read most of the comments posted & agree with many of them. I thought the movie wa s all right,but like so many before,we were again robbed of the exciting end scenes in trade for unnecessary scenes that did nothing to further the story line.

    I liked the humor & found the whole Cormac-Hermione flirtation entertaining. Rupert Grint was great in the love potion induced euphoria. The Harry-Hermione scenes were funny & touching. But even Cho Chang got a real kiss in Order & there was no passion between Harry & Ginny in that miswritten scene in the Room of Lost Things. I also agree that Gambon’s Dumbledore lacked serious emotion when he was supposed to be tormented to the point of wishing for death in the cave scene.

    When I watched the movie I felt confused as the story was disjointed & lacked transition. The Burrow scene bothered me becuz the writer is abandoning the ‘laws of magic’. Almost as bad as some fanfiction writers! Harry can visit the Burrow becuz of the wards that protect it & if the DE’s can so easily break that protection, why not murder the family in their sleep & kidnap Harry? Of course that doesn’t work if we want the DH movies.

    The inconsistencies are what bother me more. How does Draco know that Dumbledore is in the Tower? How do the DE’s know when to come? Why does no one see Harry & why does Snape show up w/o being called? Those are only a few i can think of offhand.

    Harry doesn’t use his Invisibility Cloak at all. Is it not one of the Hallows so it should have been used. However I understand the screenplay was written before book 7 was released. Still it seems a big hole in the later story.

    I went to see HBP mostly to see how they were going to cover the plot holes they created by omitting so much of the books in past movies. Instead I see where more were created.

    For my money, the first two movies were more faithful to the books. I don’t need exact following of canon to enjoy the movies, but I’d like for the best parts to still exist in an exciting form. Why waste your budget inventing lame scenes when that money could give the viewers the real action packed, thrilling scenes Rowling wrote?

    I think Warner Bros, the movie directer & producer (not to mention the writer) miss the point of Rowling’s books. Harry is not a single superhero teen. He succeeds/survives becuz of his friends. The theme centers around friendship, love, loyalty & courage of doing what is right not what is easy. Perhaps that escapes their understanding but I think a little more of it in the movies would help. If I wanted big special effects I’d go see Transformers or Avatar or any number of violence based movies. If they wanted to do such things they could have given us the big Minsitry fight in Order or the Hogwarts tower fightalong with a solid duel between Harry & Snape that the book gave us.

    The movies will never be as good as the books,nor as good as the ones we envisioned in our minds as we read the books. I just would like for the movies to make sense & flow smoothly.

  • Lance

    The film most definitely shows the growth of the trio as actors. Emma was really able to get across that she is enamered by Ron. The scene where she and Harry are talking and she asks “how it feels to see Jenny with Dean”.. I so loved that. Perfect timing by Dan delivering his response. The humour was also a pleasant reprieve from the seriousness the movie conveyed. Jim Broadbent is fantastic as Slughorn. I think I prefer him than if they casted a person who more resembled the book’s Slughorn. On the dvd, Ive watched the two scenes over and over of; Harry in the library where he states he is the chosen one and then when he took felix felicis. When he mentioned Aragog’s pincers and then tried to impersonate them was hysterical. The scene with the Inferi was absolutely frightful as was the scene where Katie Bell touched the necklace. Very well done. Finally, music; different music. I really enjoyed the mournful single tones used. On the down side; I despised the color or lack thereof used. Harry Potter is not a Gothic story and should not made to look so. The lack of colors were harsh and didn’t capture the darkness(evil) that had arrived and more to come. That aside, I absolutely loved the movie. I have the dvd and have watched it at least ten times now. I have watched it with the caption on so I could understand every word said and catch other things said that are hard to hear. All in all…brilliant.

  • Lance

    After reading nearly all the comments, and not having read the book in quite a while I must digress from my calling the film “brilliant”. That is not to say I did not and do not love the movie, however, there are going to be some things that either are going to be left out in DH or the writers/directors will have to hope we forget what happened in this movie. I was under the impression that Deathly Hallows was being made into two movies because absolutely everything in the book is so important nothing can be left out. Now I think someone is just looking to cash in on making two half-told movies rather than one all inclusive (from canon)movie. The biggest, most incredible thing I feel Jo managed to do in these seven books was to keep continuity. Yes the burning of the Burrow was absurd when the wedding in book 7 is so important. How on earth will they deal with Harry and the whole tiara situation when Jenny hid the book? Indeed I could continue but why since the rest of the emails have captured the problems of the movie so well. Just two last things that really bother me. One would be, which was so important in canon, was leaving out Fawkes song. That would have been a tear jerker if they had 2. allowed Dan to explode in grief over Dumbledore’s body as he did in the book while the “raising of the wands” in honor looked and felt far more heartfelt.

  • Electa

    Have just finished reading the book again for the umpteenth time – and have bought and watched the DVD a number of times – thank goodness for DVD’s, can fast forward through the ridiculous parts – Harry at the rail station away from his protection, being apparated into a pond, the Burrow burning, the hiding of the book scene – sorry, but with all the introduced teen love scenes I wondered if this (dare I say it) was all in competition with the Twilight film which was being released at the same time. This is just a thought – I know it sounds like sacrilege. But – thank goodness for the books.

  • Did anyone else realize how Ron is competing for his old position as Keeper, when in OP he was never on the team..?
    Dumbledore from the first two movies deserved the
    funeral, as for his replacement….no.
    Speaking of those first two movies, why has
    hogwarts become all doom and gloom? Even
    dumbledores office looks like a dungeon now.
    Hagrids hut seems to relocate itself everytime I see
    it, where did the steps come from…and where did
    they go?
    Student Tom Riddle sounded like a wuss..especially
    for someone about to split his soul into seven..
    They left out EVERYTHING ):
    It’s a bit harsh, but the books are way too complex,
    why are they still making this “rubbish” (;

  • Oh yeah.. I think they must have misunderstood that the death eaters caught hagrids cabin on fire, not the burrow…

  • Alexandra Wood

    I think that the movie was all right. It was probably my least favorite movie in the series though. I still like it. The Deathly Hallows part 1 was terrific! Go Harry Potter!!!!!!!!

  • MuggleCreator

    Have got to agree with many of you.
    That joke about the little old lady is exactly right for me.
    I mean, they botched the Harry/ Ginny kiss scene, left out the fight at the tower, and….
    Made Remus and Dora be together already!
    That’s the bit I hate the most. Is it just me or has Remus’ subplots been ironed out of the movies?