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Update to Rowling’s website


I just received this email from Rose:

“Just thought you should know that Jo has updated her site. Where her diary used to be is now a notebook with multiple pages. It’s called “Everything You Might Want to Know”, and it has info on herself, her books, different awards and honors she’s received, her charity work, and the films.”

Thanks for the heads up!

I looked it over and quite honestly, it makes me sad. It’s a collection of information clearly written by a publicist somewhere, certainly not by Rowling herself. I can’t get over the strong feeling that Jo has abandoned the site and her personal contact with fans. I think it’s time to give up hoping that there will be new tidbits of information, answers to questions, rumours in the trash can, or even new Wizards of the Month.



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  • wisteria53

    You are right. It is very informative, but impersonal. I think everyone was hoping there would be more….

  • Tim

    Well, I expect that after 12 years and a truly ludicrous amount of exposure, she’s probably sick of the whole thing. I know I’m not alone, though by all means also not speaking for everyone when I say that I kinda got the feeling in Deathly Hallows that she rather wanted it all to be over and was really struggling to care about the characters. It’s sad really, as the world she made was an interesting place, but like I say, 12 years with no let-up would be a bit much for anyone, and I respect her for having stuck with it for so long. Maybe when she’s had time to refresh and regroup she’ll decide to revisit HP and give us a bit more.

  • Well, if the creator of the hp-world is silently moving away, we hp-fans have two options: a: we can go on and re-analyse and rethink what we thought and speculated in the past, writing another bunch of essays and website pages; b: we collectively sigh, smile by the thought of a lovely time and episode in our lives and go on the search for another world of magic. I met some individuals on this website and on other websites, I’m very lucky about this. You’ll get your birthday mail every year, guys, I’ll promise. If you don’t want to get them anymore, please, let me know.

  • Olivier

    Steve voiced what I was fearing for quite some time and it seems it is – unfortunately – true. First sign was no more wizards of the month. Then almost no more updates of any kind, rumors, faq, whatever. And now this. Written in the 3rd person. All others were in 1st. What a pity. I still keep the hope up in case she’ll edit something new. But, alas…

  • Jesse

    I like Katty’s first option. We can still enjoy the world she created, even without any new information. We can always speculate and discuss to our hearts content. If, as Tim wrote, she wants or needs some time away, then so be it. We’re still here and interested, so let’s have some fun!

  • hpboy13

    This is saddening, but I think Jo has given us all we have a right to expect. She provided us with this world, and now we can play in it to our heart’s content. Even if there is no more word from Rowling and the movies are utter trash, I can still play Quidditch, listen to wizard rock, write fanfics and filks, and endlessly talk abotu the books. And maybe, someday, Jo will return to us.

  • Rose

    I agree with hpboy13. Without Jo, this site wouldn’t exist, we wouldn’t have all these awesome cons, and we wouldn’t have all these friends we’ve made through forums, cons, release parties, etc. We have so much to be greatful for, and Jo has said previously that she’s not done writing forever.

    PS Thanks for crediting my email!

  • Carly

    It makes me sad that some day I’ll have a life outside Harry Potter, but at least we still have all these fan sites, right? And we have fan fiction. Maybe JKR will write another book series we can all fall in love with. And as for all the unanswered questions, we can re-re-re-re-re-read the books and just make our own guesses.

  • jules

    Jo has other things going on at the moment (family) and has stated in some of here more recent interviews that she intends to concentrate on them. Fair enough I say, as they had to take a bit of a back seat when she was writing the HP novels.
    We know she is still writing (she has been spotted in cafes) and there is more and more confirmation that she will publish the encyclopedia. its a qhestion of when, not if. if fellow writer and Merchiston resident Ian Rankin is to be believed, she has been working on family trees, which would be great, if true. the two we know of (BFT and the year in the life documentary one) throw up as many questions as they answer, particularly the BFT which has some serious anomalies (the life spans in particular).
    If Charlus and dorea are jamses parents, than why wernt they blasted of like alpard for helping sirius? Perhaps the older Potters had more clout in the wizarding world than they are given credit for. we know that they had money and are a very old family (peverell connexion), Perhaps walpurga didnt want to offend/fall out.
    jo has also aluded in several interviews to other non potter works. much as i love HP, I have grown more interested in these, particularly since we may not see the Scottish book for some time.

  • Reader2

    Hello everyone,

    It’s been ages since I’ve been to this site.
    Not that I’ve adandoned the fandom.
    It’s just that the real world kept me busy.
    The fact that Rowling has cut us off is disappointing, but she had every right to do that.
    Fame can be a way too hard a burden for anyone.
    Here is, however, something I think we all knew, but didn’t want to admit:
    All those interviews and on-line postings were not really necessary.
    The only real new information she would give us were names and dates.
    Everything else we should’ve been able to figure out on our own.

    Way too often we didn’t want to belive ourselves and waited for a confirmation.
    So, the author grew tierd of explaining every detail of her book and desided that the readers should just figure out what the book says for themselves.

    That’s exactly what we should be doing.
    Sure we’ll keep disagreeing among ourselves about some points in the book, but isn’t arguing just a part of the fun?
    As long as we dopn’t get carried away any away.

  • Big_Kelpie

    What’s more sad that Jo “abondoning” the fans is seeing all fansites either dead or turned into a collection of British celebrity gossip.
    She has no obligation to do anything and I hope you don’t mind me saying it, but maybe the whole issue she had to go through with the Lexicon dissapointed her and disencouraged possible contact with the fans.

  • jules

    I think we are all itchy for another book because it is two years since DH, and JKR had slowed into a book every two years after GOf. because the book a year pattern was proving too much, hence a slightly longer break between GOF and OP (if you discount FB, QA and TBB, or any extras like the BFT ect)
    JKrs second marriage and children must also be taken into account. considering the size of the undertaking, the fact that published all 7 books in a 10 year period is pretty impressive.

    i think we should expect a more leisurely pace for publications from now on.
    as for the site, its still her official site, and purely on a publicity/business level, she is going to have to update it in the future. even if it is just to announce something to do with her charity endevours, of which she has become very involved.
    when she publishes again (and it may/probably will not be a potter book) it stands to reason that shell announce it in the news section

  • Marco


    Dorea Black was technically a aunt and so ascendant of Walburga Black. Perhaps ascendants can´t be blasted off.

  • jules

    She blasted her own brother and son off. I doubt she would have problems blasting off an aunt

  • John

    Jo’s site is more up-to-date regarding DH/TBB than the Lexicon is. This ‘What’s New’ page dates back nearly a year and has only one legitimate update. Seems a little hypocritical to me to complain that she’s not updating her site when you clearly aren’t willing to put in the work necessary to do the same to your own.

  • John, you missed my point. I was expressing sadness that Rowling isn’t communicating with fans anymore through her site the way she used to. The comment was about the way things have changed for Harry Potter fans. I wasn’t taking her to task for moving on … I was simply noting the change and saying that it makes me sad.

    As for updates to the Lexicon, I have been working “behind the scenes”, as it were, trying to get the databases working properly again. When we moved off the Leaky servers, we were not given several of our large data tables, which means that a lot of information went missing or reverted to out of date material. Also, there are version differences between the old servers and the new ones which have made some things fail in the Timelines and Portkey.

    As of now, I’m the only person on the Lexicon staff and I’ve been putting as much time into repairs and updates as I can manage. I know it’s not enough, but it’s the best I can do. Frankly, I’m a bit out of my depth on some of this stuff. Things are looking up though. I have had help in the last week from a good friend who really understands what’s going on and has given me some good advice and assistance. So hopefully I’ll be able to get things working properly again soon.


  • Reader2

    We all do appreciate your work, and let’s face it, we’ll be happy onthis site as long as there are topics for us to discuss.
    For example:

    I think what Marco was trying to tell you was that blasting somebody off the family tree would require some authority over them.
    Walburga had authority over her son and her younger brother, but not her aunt.

    I can add from myself, that if Dorea was indeed James’ mother, then she was not even a Black any more by the time she helped Sirius so it would be too late to exclude her from the House of Black.

  • wally

    People are different. Some authors are
    great about using the internet to
    communicate with fans. George R.R.
    Martin, for one. He posts on his blog
    frequently about all his projects, or
    football, or whatever. For others,
    acting that way would never occure to

    Another problem is how rabid HP fans
    are. Most authors aren’t like JRR
    Tolkien and have family trees, maps,
    invented languages, cultures, histories.
    If you don’t have that all mapped out
    it’s hard not to give contradictory
    information which leads to even more

    Yeah, I’d love her to keep posting
    tidbits, short stories, etc. But my
    guess is we won’t hear much until the
    next book is getting close whether it’s
    the encyclopedia or an unrelated work.

  • Marco

    A idea, why JKR does not update her homepage at the moment.

    We know, that JKR currently works at an encyclopedia, so she can´t reveal too much, especially in terms “Wizard of Month”, since otherwise not much copies might be sold.

    She also might spend some time to learn better maths and geography to make that encyclopedia properly.

  • jules

    Im’ sure she’s not done with the site. it’s coming into winter, and she is often involved in charity events. They’ll be on the site. while this is not big ‘book’ related news, you never know, journalists will be at those events, so hopefully we’ll get updates that way.
    Personally, Im’ looking forward to the Female Force bio (it should look cool) that is coming out as well as the upcoming DVD releases.
    There is BOUND to be some canon on the HP universe on some of the documentary segments of the Ultimate Editions. A clearer look at the map JKR drew for the grounds (as seen on the POA DVD). other details about the castle, grounds, houses, wizard London. She has been pretty hands-on with the production team after all.
    And she’ll continue using the news section for book announcements.
    Still, an update in the (non book related) Extra Stuff, Rumour or Rubbish bin sections wouldn’t hurt.
    It would be too much to expect an update to the FAQ, (book related) Extra Stuff or Scrap Book/Easter Egg sections, much as we would all love that, because the kind of things she would put there are ideal for the Scottish Book/Encyclopedia

  • Barbara Ilott

    JKR is a creative artist, and creative artists grow and develop. It is more than likely she has “grown out of” the HP world and her imagination is brewing up somethings else – a completely different book, poetry, a contemporary novel – who knows ? Inspiration is a very unpredictable gift.
    This does not stop US from reading and rereading her existing books, or prevent Steve from completing this WONDERFUL Lexicon, nor is it doing her fans a disservice.

    Who knows ? She may well be about to write something utterly different and equally wonderful and exciting. We cannot tie her down and we should be ashamed of thinking of trying.

  • Jasper

    It has been confirmed that Rowling has a Twitter account. She said that she is busy writing!

  • David

    Great comments by everyone on this post.
    Yes, we all knew this time would come that Jo’s site would be lacking attention shortly after the release of DH. As mentioned here and I believe in a couple of interviews that Jo gave after the release of DH, she plans to devote the majority of her time to her family for the near future. Now, that doesn’t mean she has stopped writing. She certainly is working on a couple of projects but at a much slower more relaxed pace I would think than the HP days.
    Also, in my opinion, I don’t believe she has abandoned Harry’s world entirely either. I think we can look for a surprise from time to time, kind of like the 800 word story with James Potter and Sirius Black she wrote for charity back a little while ago. The HP encyclopedia is also in the mix of whats coming fans, so sit back and enjoy the wait or get to the WWHP in Orlando, FL next year when that awesome park opens. Get to a future HP conference and enjoy one of Steve’s great presentations on the HP Wizarding World.

    Hey, the “magic” lives on as long as we keep reading and sharing.

  • Noah who remembers

    Man, it is hard because I grew up reading these book, and they have been a oart of my life for so lng. I used to come on this site daily, up until the 6th book was released. And this is the first time in 3 years i’ve been back on the site. Its weird, like an old shell of what it once was. Though I will always love the HP books, I have grown past them, and I find it extremely sad that Steve still continues to work on this site. Mayber only I thought this quote was depressing “I’m the only person on the Lexicon staff and I’ve been putting as much time into repairs and updates as I can manage. I know it’s not enough ” (Steve)
    C’mon, I know its tough, but maybe we should all grow up a little

  • jules

    She’s on twitter and its been confirmed that it’s really her

    The Best bit….

    Its been confirmed that she is writing (what, is anyones guess, but the main thing is that she is writing)

  • Liz

    I agree with Steve’s point that the “Everything You Might Want To Know” is definitely not written by Rowling. Most notably, it starts off by calling her J. K. (Joanne Kathleen) Rowling. If As I recall, she doesn’t have a middle name and only picked “K” as an extra initial upon her publisher’s request.

  • John

    The lack of change on her site is very sad. I miss all the new tidbits of information, the door openings, and when it changed seasons. I hope this year new stuff happens.

  • jules

    If she’s tweeting that shes writing, its a good sign.
    If she’s immersed in a plot, even better

    But i dont expect a publication date anytime soon, so I dont think we are going to see much activity on her site untill then

  • jules

    The Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/paris-fashion-week/6261796/Overheard-at-the-Stella-McCartney-show.html) is reporting that at a recent fashion week showing, Jo is quoted as saying “I’m working on something, but it’s not Harry Potter,” she said. “I need a Harry break.”
    we recently heard directly from the author as well via her official Twitter where she said “pen and paper are her priority” at the moment.

  • Cricket

    I don’t think she has abandoned the site. If that were the case, it would have been taken down and the blurb would not have been put up. After all, it does cost money to maintain it. I think she is taking a break from Harry things. He was a big part of her life for a long time.

    Don’t despair!

  • Nicola Vojvodic (16)

    Im glad that Im here again.This with JKR site a knew that will happen some day.We know that she’s working on something not related with HP and Scottish book.She’s busy, I understand. I think that she can’t wait to finish with HP, for all the time.
    I don’t want some other book that she wrote. I want HP, that’s world that I love and I grew up with HP.Yes, sure we always can re-read them again but it’s not same!But she don’t realíze that, and she never will because she knows everything in her head…:-(

  • Lucette

    Tim, I get the feeling DH was gutted that JKR had subplots that were taken out – that is the way DH reads to me. If so, it would explain both JKR’s promise of a Scottish book and her delay writing it. I don’t think that she can give too many revelations until the movies are over with. If she waits until the movies are over with and the last DVD has been released then whatever she says is more publicity for WB. Right now I think WB wants to take things where they want them to go.

    If so, JKR will probably be back in a few years. We still have the Scottish book to speculate about.

  • Draco’sWife

    I think its unfair for us to assume that Jo has left us. Jo will never leave us, but who can blame her for wanting a break? I mean, with the amount of years she has spent working on the books, I think she deserves a beak from it all. She has a family and social life to take care of, it must be mega-difficult to do that whilst writing novels! ‘Noah who remembers’ is wrong, btw. Who says we need to grow up? You’re only as old as you feel, and if adults want to be obsessed with Harry Potter, then so be it! I’m sure when I’m n adult I’ll still be as obsessed as I am now!
    P.S. If anyone is looking for fanfic, me and some mates wrote some on Quizilla, under the name AliceAndMel. You don’t have to check it out, I just thought I’d mention it 😛

  • i agree with everyone that this is sad but we have to continue to work and continue loving hp. being a mod on mugglenet i am seeing this too. what once was a thriving hp webiste is now in the back of peoples heads.
    i know that i am going to contine working a loving harry potter. i thank God everyday for harry and the friends that i have made because of him. because of harry i have made so many friends and grown so much in myself. i grew up with harry and i know that it is because of harry that i am who i am today. so i just want to say that i am still a hp fan and i always will be. harry was a huge part of my childhood, i grew up with him and i know that he will be a part of my future too.

  • potterssnowyowl

    Well, after all the years of changing the website, i expect she’s tired of it all. I mean, she’s a person with familiy and kids and everything, you can’t expect her to update a website for three hours every week! We all knew this was coming, but i am upset by it. I think if she writes an eighth book or another side book that the site will open up again. I refuse to belive that the site is shut down forever,if it was I think it would be completly gone. Something new is in the works, Im sure of it.

  • Anna

    Well, she has made her money from the series, so suppose she doesn’t feel she has to live up to what she said about answering other fan questions via her site. Or maybe she just wants to keep it all to herself so if she ever writes the encyclopedia it will make more money. Not impressed at all.

  • Saira

    JK Rowling is an author who has changed many lives… and I think that is a big enough thing. The fact that she personally used to come and update her site made me feel that there was a connection between me and her. I still check the site every day, hoping in vain that it would be updated, but no such luck. But I must say, I am sure we would all rather read another book with her name on the front cover than learn about the middle names of harry’s great great grandparents. Come on, she wrote seven (thick) books and 3 complementary ones. I think that after all of the magic even she needs a break!!! Long Live Joanne Rowling! Enough said.

  • reeba

    jo deserves a break I think .7 books is a big deal you know…

  • Montagne

    Hey, I wanted to say that I am shocked about how some of you guys speak of JKR. Come on, give her a break.
    Then, one other thing. I went to her site since a loooong time. The cookies were gone, so I had to ‘redo’ the scrapbook. And I found… a piece I hadn’t discovered before! And judging from what’s on this site, you guys haven’t either!! 🙂 Just… check out the rubbish bin and… make the spintop do what it’s made for!!! :D:D It makes number 13. Although I only have 12 atm, because I’m continuously to too late for clicking on the marble, haha ;).

  • Shereen

    Well, you JK is busy with her kids right now… she can’t even find time to write for more than ten minutes! But it’s true- there have’nt been any new wizards of the month for a long time…*sob* But you can write to her publisher, they forward the letters to her- but she actually wrote that she didn’t want any pen pals…