Lexicon Podcast

Episode 1: “Did Dumbledore walk around with it in his pockets?”


Here's a view of the graveyard in that little North Devon town.

Welcome to the Harry Potter Lexicon Podcast, in this first episode:

  • Steve introduces the podcast
  • thanks a few people
  • reminiscing about visiting the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow
  • the missing twenty-four hours
  • the mystery of Quirrell
  • and a few other oddities.



Pensieve (Comments)

  • Katty Geltmeyer

    I’ll listen to it. Steve and hpl, it’s so good to see you popping up again! A very late, but welcomed and apreciated, birthday present! Thanks! Thanks!

  • Thank you..really informative!!

  • Todd Abbott

    Starting with Abbott is always a good thing… and yes I was one of the people bugging you about videos of your presentations.

    Note… Vernon might have had to commute a bit to work.

    Maybe Quarrel took his travels and found Voldemort and listened to him, came back and taught for a year thinking about what Voldemort offered, took another year off and came back to take him up on his offer. Voldemort was always patient. Quarrel did not let Voldemort posses him, so moving him safely to London or some other place close enough for Quarrel to talk to him when needed to get directions. He might have even smuggled him into the Forbidden Forest when school started.

    As for Hagrid… remember Dumbledore said that he used a spell to protect Harry based around the sacrifice of his mother and her blood. Dumbledore likely told Hagrid to rescue to keep him safe for a day while he set up the protection that night, then likely Dumbledore went to see if he could determine that Voldemort was really gone, then came back to meet Hagrid. McGonaggall likely knew Dumbledore had spent the night working on the protection there and went to see if Harry was being delivered there… likely as Dumbledore had not returned to the Order of the Phoenix to update anybody yet.

  • Maggie

    I haven’t yet began listening to the podcast, but I’m excited already. The lexicon is my favourite source for anything HP related so I’m really looking forward to hearing the podcast.

  • Nadine

    Wow…I just found this and was thrilled that you are back to discuss HP in depth! I’ve only listened to the first podcast so far but it’s just excellent, as all your talks are. I can’t wait to catch up and listen to the rest, which I intend to do straight away.


  • I have so enjoyed listening to this. Can’t wait to get to the next one. Thanks Steve!

  • Martha

    I always wondered the circumstances under which McGonagall and Hagrid discussed Privet Drive, and how Dumbledore would turn up there (which is why McGonagall was waiting for him, poised all day as a cat.)Would this have been at Hogwarts?

  • Martha

    Also – I can’t thank Steve and his creative partners enough for their contributions to our understanding Harry Potter and his world! I just bought the Lexicon reader’s guides via Kindle (though I had to buy from a US computer/IP address on Amazon.com rather than Amazon.ca, because these are not available as Kindle editions here in Canada.)I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit on this site, listening to the podcasts and following Steve’s adventures on FB, Twitter and Google+. Thank you!!!!