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Episode 2: “Oh wait a minute, who was that?”


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Steve talks about Pottermore misconceptions, how Rowling changed the online world once before, cool and interesting sources of canon information, Galleons changing the world, the late Quidditch match in book one, and other bits of Potter lore.




Pensieve (Comments)

  • Todd Abbott

    I’m thinking she might put her Encyclopedia of Harry Potter up there. Maybe she does not want to write and publish it, when the information keeps growing. This would be a much better way of handling it. Add in all the other ideas and the forum and you have a great fan site.

    I hated the maze in the movies…

    Snape was a jealous envious man bent on revenge for the death of his obsession love for a woman that did not love him. Snape was still an evil man that willing served Voldemort until he killed Lilly. Dumbledore is not his friend and Dumbledore was using Snape as a tool and knew he wanted to help avenge Lilly’s death and was only trusted because of this obsession.

  • Matt

    At last! Someone who sees that Snape was not good. His unhealthy obsession with Lily and the hopes for revenge on Voldemort are the only things that keeps him in Dumbledore’s service.

  • Emily

    I just started listening to the podcast (brilliant!) and the thing about Quidditch teams coming from tiny towns made me smile. My Quidditch team is the Haileybury Hammers, one of the three (?) Canadian teams, and if Haileybury means the Ontario Haileybury, it is the tiniest and cutest town ever! It’s not even technically a town anymore- it’s part of the Temiskaming Shores now. I think it just makes it so much better that these big sports teams come from little towns that nobody has heard of if they don’t live around there.
    Also, in my headcanon, because there’s a street in Haileybury where lots of rich people live, Quidditch players make up a lot of them, and there’s all sorts of secret wizarding things going on in Temiskaming Shores. I’ve even gone so far as to figure out the government system in wizarding Canada, and create a couple schools (Canada is so big, and bilingual, so I felt the need to create two)
    I’m a wee bit obsessed, but we only get a little bit of information about Quidditch in Canada so there’s so much to imagine!