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Episode 3: “There’s an Elf head hanging outside the window!”


Steve talks about Harry Potter canon levels, Rowling skipping the ‘t’,┬áteaching styles of Snape vs. Flitwick for First Years, wandering around Grimmauld Place, and other random Potter things.

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  • Todd Abbott

    I do not take interviews as canon. Why? Well some things she had worked out and other times she had to come up with answers. Things changes as you write and edit and re-write. Without it being published I do not think enough thought went into it. So I require it to be published and the books 1-7 take dissidence over all the other sub-books/cards.

    The films, like you said, are nothing but expensive fan fiction … not canon.

    Keep up the Podcasts as I always like your insight into the HP world.

  • An excellent episode of your podcast Steve. Barbara and I enjoyed listening to it on our long drive. Only problem was it wasn’t long enough, your 31 minute episode, only occupied 81 minutes of our 7 hours of driving (we kept pausing to discuss).

    Great talking points in this week’s episode.

  • Martha

    Has anyone ever noticed that the correct pronunciation of Voldemort (without the “t”) rhymes with Dumbledore? Just a funny little thing.