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Here’s the answer to the most common question I get in email: Yes, the Lexicon is still being updated and edited. The changes are kind of hard to notice, for the most part, since they consist mostly of reformatting pages and making small edits and corrections to the content, but they’re happening. I work on it almost every day.

There are also changes happening behind the scenes, thanks to Nick Moline who has taken on the role of tech guru. The search is fixed, for example. Registration works, too, which means we can finally mess around with the Portkey again (which I’ve really missed … I love the Portkey!). Nick’s been working on a lot of other things, too, getting the Lexicon running the way it’s supposed to.

Probably the biggest addition to the site lately has been the podcast. I’ve put four episodes online so far and I’m recording a new one in the next day or two. Check it out if you want to spend a little time chatting about the Harry Potter canon.

I will try to post here a little more often and let you know what’s happening with the Lexicon. You can also follow me on Twitter (Lexicon_Steve), add me to a circle on Google+, and visit the Facebook page.



Pensieve (Comments)

  • My wife Barbara and I really enjoyed our meeting on the project status this morning, and I am honored to be a part of the update project.

  • Molly

    Thank you for your continued work on the Lexicon. I’ve enjoyed from the moment I discovered it.

  • ZJJ

    Thankds for keeping on keeping on. I’ve listened to the podcasts and really enjoyed them. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  • Wit Beyond measure

    I hope you are planning on adding an extensive Pottermore section? That would be great – its truly exciting! Im glad that you are still working on this, are there going to be more essays? I really enjoyed reading those.

  • I’ll be adding a section about Pottermore to our /about/sources area of the site, of course.

    “Fictional facts” from the site will turn up on the Lexicon, but not every single detail. We’ll do the same thing with Pottermore that we do with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: include some of the main details with citations back to the original source.

    You can see the way I deal with sources of this kind by reading what I wrote about FB here: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/bestiary/bestiary.html.


  • Elisabet

    So glad to see you are still doing this Steve!

  • RhayleRihannsu

    Thanks for coming to let us know you’re still there, Steve, we do appreciate it.

  • Cassie

    I Absoutly Love HPL I have to admit when i cant physcailly be reading the Books I come on to your site!!! And potkey?? what does it actually do on your site ( it must have been used eariler to when i began frequenting) Well anyways i sure am excited for more updates!!! and anybody looking to joing PotterMore??

  • Zara

    I woneder if the Lexicon will be damaged by the new Pottermore website which is opened publicly in October…?

  • I can’t see how Pottermore could “damage” the Lexicon. They’re fundamentally different things. The Lexicon has always been and will continue to be a reference to support reading Rowling’s books (and now website). We will continue to be that and are beyond excited to see what wonders Pottermore will bring us!


  • You forgot to add the omission of Harry’s Numbus 2000 getting smashed by the Whomping Willow in the CS film! 🙂

  • hpboy13

    Oh my god, this site is still alive!! I’d given up hope, but I’ll have to go and check out the podcast now! In the meantime, it’s so exciting that the Lexicon’s gonna be updated with all the new info – according to an image from Entertainment Weekly, McGonagall’s page needs a massive update.

  • I realized the day after I posted the above comment (CS Nimbus 2000 bullshit) that that happened in PoA. Going to Sectumsempra myself now.

  • ZJJ

    Laura, If all of us HP fans did a Sectum Sempra every time we made a mistake we would be knee deep in blood by now. Take a different page from CS and learn how to do a really effective Memory Charm–Obliviate! As long as you aren’t using Ron’s wand from that book, you’ll be fine. A Time Turner would be really handy too, but they all got smashed in OP. Anyhoo, join the rest of us who have publicly displayed our humanness and then just forget about it–I personally have no recollections of any mistakes, but then again I’ve always been fascinated by the Memory Charms ;P

  • Well said 🙂


  • Coco

    Harry Potter is my life!

  • wisterialane

    GO HARRY POTTER XXX Wisteria Lane

  • ZJJ

    Hey Steve, how about noting when you have a new podcast available on the What’s New page? This is the page I’ve bookmarked and come to first. Yes, I also check the podcast page and enjoy your podcasts every time I find a new one, but I’m lazy and would like a one-stop destination to find out what’s new everywhere 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  • I just posted about it. I’ll make sure I write a post with every new episode.

  • Nishala

    I cannot get enough of the Harry Potter books, seriously my friends keep asking me why I read the books all over again. I think Sirius Black’s page needs updating.

  • Nishala

    I would like to thank Steve and Nick for the updates,but the question is that are the updates age-appropriate?


  • Nishala

    I am enjoying the changes on the Lexicon