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Episode 8: “And then book 3 came along … a bolt of lightning!”


Steve raves about Pottermore, then talks about dragon breeds, interviews from the misty past, offensive spells, Rowling’s trickery, missing the whole point, and other odds and ends of Harry Potter lore.

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  • ZJJ

    I especially appreciated reliving the sense of excitement in the early days of the fandom–I didn’t begin until after the fourth book was published–and especially that moment when lightning struck us and we knew JKR was indeed sneaky… and creative and clever and just a really great storyteller. Ah, those were the days.

    And, Steve, I am the kind who will lose sleep until I know what other book series–not Twilight–that you find so interesting and detailed. Please, let us know.

  • gordon cunningham

    brilliant steve to hear you back in the fandom. i too have been reading and listening to the fandom sites until you were ostracized from the whole potter world. love listening to the conundrums a few years back. life really is too short to hold grudges, although i dare say jkr still holds a grudge on you.

    lexicon is a belting site by the way

    • I don’t think Rowling holds a grudge against me at all and I never had a grudge against her! Everyone concerned has made it clear that they consider the matter a thing of the past and is happy with the way things worked out. That’s a great way for things to be, I think.

      I agree with you … life is too short to hold grudges. Who needs to fill their minds and their hearts with that kind of hateful rubbish?


  • Gabe

    The podcasts are great. It’s been too long since you’ve given us a new one. Can’t wait.

  • Craig Hunter

    I really enjoy this podcast. Hopefully you can post another one soon.

  • Narcissa

    Cant wait for another podcast, loved it.

  • MCPaddyB

    Completely agree about Pottermore not being a game. I love the new levels and backstories about the books, not the minigames. McGonagall for example was great! Love the podcast, looking forward to the new one!