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Today I was asked about my position on the pending legistation in the US congress known as SOPA and PIPA. As the webmaster of a relatively popular website, as a published author, and as a dedicated fan of the Harry Potter series, I firmly oppose this legislation. These bills are intended to fight piracy and copyright infringement, but they are written in a way which is overly broad and which threatens legitimate websites. For example, many websites, including the Lexicon, could find themselves shut down if they link to some external site which includes possibly infringing content. Few site owners would have the resources to fight against such an unfair attack. As someone who has been the victim of piracy and copyright infringement, I support the goal of defending copyright owners and trying to stop illegal pirating of intellectual property. However, I am definitely against anyone who feels that the way to stop such things is to censor and damage the free and open way in which the internet operates. For more detailed information on SOPA, please visit this Wikipedia page.

Steve Vander Ark


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  • jp

    Jo Rowling has just opened her new site, announced her new book and confirmed that she is working on the Scottish Book. I do have a copy of The Lexicon(bought more out of spite towards a certain webmistress than in solidarity with your past cause)and it has proved it’s worth since it’s rewrite, but I will get the Scottish Book too.

  • Nishala

    Seriously, I pray such a bill is not passed. I can’t imagine such a day when I can’t access the Lexicon+ when it doesn’t exists.

  • Nishala

    I pray that such a day does come

  • Nishala

    Don’t think this law should be passed. As a Harry Potter fan, this will or may hurt the HPL and the fans as a whole.