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I did an interview today with a Brazilian newspaper and one of the questions was “What was your favorite experience as a Harry Potter fan?” I thought about all the incredible things that I’ve been privileged to do, from visiting the film sets to exploring Britain to write a book about Potter places, but the best experience? That was working on the Lexicon website with Lisa and John and Bel and the others. That camaraderie and shared excitement and passion was the best by far. And I miss it.


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  • We all miss it!

  • Amanda

    When will you update the quotes section about different characters? Love your site!

  • Rebekah Pauls

    Are you no longer updating the Lexicon site?

  • S. D.

    Well, though this comes months late from your original post date, I am saying it none the less.

    Thank you Mr. Vander ARk and to all that have put The Lexicon together and keeping it running all these years. I for one am very grateful to be able to have a place to go when I need to look something up, and have it easily referenced (and not have to paw my way through all seven books in the hopes of finding the miniscule item I am searching for). Further, I hope that The Lexicon will ALWAYS be available here because quite honestly, out of the hundreds if not thousands of times I’ve come here, I have encountered the rare error, and it has sent me into a panic, causing me to fear that the day has come that The Lexicon is no more (today for example, as I went from encountering “404 Error” to “Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Webpage” and I then scramble to try and find out WHY I cannot access this beloved site.

    And yes, this is an obvious attempt to suck up to all of you in the hopes of receiving some desperately needed reassurance that this beloved place is still needed by us, and I for one hope it never goes away. Yes, the books may all have been published, and the movies have all been released, but the fans are still writing, and still need to look up reference material here for their stories, or just look something up in order to settle a dispute between friends, lol.

    So once again, thank you to all of you for your continued time and effort to keep this site up and running.

  • José

    Just thank you. I would add more to that but it still wouldn’t make for all the appreciation I have for you.

  • Nishala

    Wow J.K Rowling, you wowed everyone with you books. But why aren’t updating the website

  • puffskein

    i really love this site. even though there’s official site from JK, that is Pottermore, i still love this site. this like my own marauder’s map. Until the very end.

  • puffskein

    is my comment appear soon? it doesn’t matter as long as you want to read it. i love this site.

  • Daniel

    I think this site is as awesome as a phoenix!

  • I understand your feelings, Steve. I also miss these old and friendly days of discussions, camaradery and friendship. I’m so happy I was there during these period to witness this spirit.Your hp-lexicon remains the source of information and I advised a friend of mine to check your hp-lexicon out. She’s a newby hp-fan, and I think, she’ll love your site.

  • JJB

    Will the Lexicon have anything to say about the movie franchise revolving around Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the intrepid Newt Scamander? It is being penned by JKR herself, so it should be canon, right?

    • I for one am quite excited about new canon from Jo, both from pottermore (the Daily Prophet articles have been entertaining reads) and the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie trilogy. Very much looking forward to it and I’m sure I like many of you will be eagerly dissecting every new piece of canon that comes from Jo’s quill (I always picture Rowling using a Quill to write).