Caius Marcius

Caius Marcius
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November 15, 1995 In Attendance Headmaster Dumbledore – Hogwarts’ Headmaster Prof. Binns – History of Magic Prof. Flitwick – Charms Mr. Hagrid – Care of Magical Creatures Prof. McGonagall – Transfiguration Prof. Moody – Defence Against the Dark Arts Madam Pomfrey – Nurse Prof. Sinistra – Astronomy Prof. Snape –… Read More
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We all know the amazing things that magic is capable of in JKR’s narrative. I’d like to look at some of the things that magic is apparently unable to do in the JKR universe (as opposed to things that wizards don’t do, such as the Unforgivable Curses, for legal reasons or because of… Read More