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Snape in love?

Snape in love?

Q: Will Snape ever fall in love?
JKR: Who on earth would want Snape in love with them? That’s a very horrible idea.

— The Connection (WBUR Radio), 12 October, 1999 (Con)


Rowling is being very clever here, throwing us off the scent, suggesting that the very idea of love could never be associated with a man like Snape.

Love, however, was the overriding power in his life. True, his obsession with Lily Evans seems pretty far from true love, but it was as real as love could get for someone as emotionally damaged as Severus Snape, and all the decisions he made, all of his loyalties, all of his sacrifices were made because of that one true love of his life.

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  • Karina Kutschkau

    I cannot see any real hint of obsession here. This is merely a made up accusation to let him look worse by those who cannot imagine true love in a character they dislike. He really loved her, but was not able to go on, because she is dead ! und he feels guilty for it. He is not alive for himself (or to go on and love again) but for his redemption alone. Notice he spoke of Lily as Lily Potter later, not Evans. He accepted her marriage. Even Albus said “…I shall never reveal the best of you?….” He clearly spoke about- Love.

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