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Ghoul - Giant - Glumbumble - Gnome - Goat - Goblin - Graphorn - Griffin - Grim - Grindylow - Gytrash

Ghoul creature from Muggle legends or mythology more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order


Ghouls are slimy, buck-toothed, ugly creatures which live in attics or barns of wizards. They are dim-witted and are content to throw things around now and then. Ghouls are relatively harmless creatures who live on spiders and moths. A ghoul lives in the attic of the Burrow, just above Ron's room. The ghoul makes noises a lot (CS4, GF10)

See also Chameleon ghoul.

Giant creature from Muggle legends or mythology

Once all over the world, very few giants remain today (more...) (GF23, GF24, HBP, DH)

See list of non-wizard characters - giants for a list of giant characters.

Glumbumble more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order


The Glumbumble is a magical furry insect. It produces a fluid that causes melancholy. This fluid is used as an antidote for the hysteria that results from eating Alihotsy leaves. Glumbumbles eat nettles.

Gnome (garden) creature from Muggle legends or mythology more info in Fantastic Beasts - click here to order


The gnome is a common garden pest resembling a potato with legs. Gnomes live in gnome-holes underground, where they dig up plant roots and generally cause a mess; their presence is also a dead give-away that a home belongs to a witch or wizard (Sch1). Every so often, a garden must be "de-gnomed," which involves grasping the gnomes by the ankles, swinging them around a few times to disorient them, then tossing them out of the garden. Gnomes are rather dim, so when they realize a de-gnoming is going on, they all come rushing up out of their holes to see what's going on, making them a lot easier to catch (CS3). Crookshanks loved chasing gnomes around the Weasleys' garden and the gnomes seemed just as much to love being chased (GF5). (also FB)

Goat Muggle

The bezoar (see) comes from the stomach of a goat (PS8). Aberforth Dumbledore is particularly fond of goats (OP

Goblin creature from Muggle legends or mythology

A race of highly intelligent magical beings who coexist (sometimes uneasily) with wizarding society (more...)

See list of non-wizard characters - goblins for a list of goblin characters.


XXXX - Europe

A large, grayish-purple creature which lives in the mountains of Europe. Graphorns have two extremely sharp horns. They are extremely dangerous animals. Graphorn horns are useful for potions and Graphorn hide is even tougher than dragons' and also repels spells (FB).

Griffin creature from Muggle legends or mythology griffin


Strange creature with the front body of an eagle and hindquarters of a lion. Griffins are used to guard treasure (FB).

There is a statue of a griffin in a corridor in Hogwarts near the girls' bathroom where Harry, Ron, and Hermione faced a Mountain Troll (PS10).

Godric Gryffindor, the founder of Gryffindor house, may have gotten his name from this beast. The griffin-shaped knocker on the door of Dumbledore's office may be a pun on Gryffindor's name.

Grim (barghest) creature from Muggle legends or mythology

The Grim is a ghostly image of a large dog-like beast; seeing one portends death (PA6). grindylow

Grindylow creature from Muggle legends or mythology

XX - Britain

A grindylow is a pale green creature that lives in the weed beds on the bottom of lakes in Britain. It is also known as a water demon. Grindylows have long, brittle fingers which they use to grip their prey, sharp little horns, and green teeth. Lupin taught his third year students about them (PA8)

Grindylows in the lake near Hogwarts attacked the Triwizard champions during the second task. However, some grindylows appear to have been domesticated by merpeople (GF26).


The Gytrash is a huge, spectral hound that lives in forests.

The Gytrash, in the form of a huge dog, horse, or mule, haunts solitary places; it is found in the folklore of Northern England.

(CS/g; reference: WEB LINKinterview with Derek Proud, one of the game designers, who specifically states that JKR designed this creature for them, Queensland, Australia, Courier Mail, Oct 12, 2002)

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