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19 October, 2003


I finally got around to editing and publishing an essay from my dear friend Penny Linsenmayer, who was in many ways the person most responsible for Harry Potter for Grown Ups being what it is today. Penny’s essay is entitled “Partners and Friends: The Evolving Relationship Between Harry and Hermione.” I used several of Marta T.’s wonderful drawings as illustrations for Penny’s essay. Considering the author and artist, then, this is a Lexicon page you won’t want to miss. I am very honored that both of these amazing people have given me permission to showcase their work.

I have been adding more of Cassie Songer and Vic Xntric’s illustrations to the Bestiary. Look for the shrinking Moke!

Quite a few folks have written to remind me that there are still a few spells missing from the Encyclopedia. I promise you I haven’t forgotten. I’ve been adding them as I get time. Last night I added Colloportus and Protego. Just hang in there, I’ll get them all. I’m actually still cataloging the fifth book, so I split my time between researching and adding information.


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