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28 October, 2003


I am delighted to announce that a new essay has been added to the Lexicon, this one delving into the possible connections between Ginny and Harry. The author of this essay, Water Witch, emailed me the other day to point out, without rancor, that she had indeed submitted this essay to the Lexicon back in July, so my statement below that no one had submitted an essay to me about other relationships was in fact wrong. She was right…I discovered the emails of our conversation in my inbox, still waiting for me to do something with the link she’d provided.

That brings up a rather important point. I do get a a LOT of email. I have a feeling that during the last few months, since Order of the Phoenix was released, I likely misplaced or forgot about other conversations I’ve had. There are currently something like 680 items in my inbox and 200 in my Lexicon folder. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t emailed back or, worse yet, why I never published something that I told you I would, and if you’re now harboring nasty, angry thoughts about me, I apologize profusely. You can wait it out and hope I somehow find myself back to your emails, stewing all the while, or you can forgive me and send another email to gently remind me. Your choice.

I suppose there’s always the chance that your next email will just become number 681, but the volume of messages coming into my inbox has dropped quite a bit in the last two months and there is a pretty darn good chance that I won’t forget you a second time. And if you want to email me and tell me how wrong I am to put “shipping” essays on the Lexicon, go right ahead and do so. I have a file for those too.


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