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May 2, 2004


After several months of delay, I finally have uploaded an essay that Prefect Marcus sent me. It’s a very well-done analysis of the “potions riddle” which Hermione solved on the way to finding the Stone under Hogwarts. I have also uploaded a new essay by Connie Ann Kirk, the author of the new biography of J.K.Rowling which was published recently by Greenwood Books. Connie’s essay, called “Imagi(c)nation in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” discusses the relationship between imagination and magic in Rowling’s world view.

Back in March I noted that Troels Forchhammer write an essay discussing the ages of the Weasley children. I’ve had this essay on hold since then because I didn’t have time to do the editing and formatting. I just finally finished that project as well, and you can read his excellent analysis here.

I’ve been updating the Which Wizard pages lately, adding some of the missing names from Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. I have quite a list of things from those two books which slipped through the cracks and I’m adding them this weekend (“albino bloodhounds” anyone?) I’m also working through additions from chapters 11-13 of Order of the Phoenix.

In other words, along with the essays, you can find tidbits of new information all through the Lexicon. Yeehaw!


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