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Website news

August 29, 2004


A few of the cooler new things on the Lexicon:

  • added a site to the page for the first film which gives 360° virtual tours of various sites in Britain, including some HP film locations
  • added a new site to the Resources page which had me laughing out loud…it’s a dictionary of British terms written in a very droll, witty style
  • began adding new icons to the Which Wizard (ghosts, paintings, the Inquisitorial Squad) and Bestiary (harder to describe in a few words…check out theBestiary main page for explanations) sections of the Lexicon – still working on adding these to all pages, but we’re working on it
  • added a new short essay entitled Quirrell’s Leave of Absence, by Melissa Erin Friedline, to the Quirrell page


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