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October 17, 2004


I was delighted to see the answer to another of my Open Letter questions on Jo’s website today. I have added the October 17 birthday to Flitwick’s page along with the first name Filius for sure. It’s just nice to know. Thanks, Jo.

I have also turned on the link for the Bookshelf on the main menu. Now tell me, are those cool graphics on that page or what? The Reader’s Guides for each chapter are being expanded and linked there, along with (soon) some more reviews and other things.

Other details? I’ve done enough editing and site managing that I had to re-synch the entire site twice this afternoon. So what’s new? A lot of things, just all over the place. Can you tell that it was closing night of our play last night and I finally have some time to put into the Lexicon?

(And Diana, I fixed the grammatical error in the little blurb I wrote about you yesterday…Boy, she’s tough!)


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