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Musings on Bill’s Birthday


Did some updating on the new guide to Jo’s website. Then I noticed that she’d added Bill’s birthday on November 29. I figured I’d quickly add that to the timelines…

But wait. If Bill was born on November 29, that means he turned eleven the year BEFORE he started Hogwarts. And that means…I have to make a decision. What did Jo mean when she said that Bill was two years older than Charlie? If she meant that he was two CALENDAR years older, Bill would have been only one year ahead of Charlie in school. If, on the other hand, she meant two SCHOOL years older, Bill would have been born a year earlier than I currently have him listed. After thinking it over, I decided to that it’s much more likely that Jo was thinking about school years when she made that statement. After all, the stories are all told in school year intervals. So I went in and edited the timelines to put Bill’s birth year as 1970 instead of 1971. I adjusted his age for every year after that. Now it’s very late and I don’t know if I’ll stay up to find all the other references to Bill’s age and fix them. Don’t bother emailing me about it. I’ll catch them as soon as I can.

And what revisions will I have to make when we find out Charlie’s birthdate?


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