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In today‚Äôs minute I‚Äôll be discussing Chamber of Secrets Chapter 1 The Worst Birthday. Here are some of my thoughts: I wonder what birthdays were like for Harry the nine years between being dropped off on his aunt and uncle‚Äôs doorstep and finding out he was a wizard. Harry would… Read More
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I wish you both a long future of health, love and laughter! I am pleased to say that I have added some stunning new artwork by four longtime Lexicon contributors: Red Scharlach (The Crouches), Riikka J√§ntti (Ron,¬†Draco,¬†Snape), and Laura Freeman (Scrimgeour). I think you’ll agree… Read More
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Happy birthday, Lupin! I have updated¬†his pages¬†to show his new birthdate.¬†Thanks to Leaky Lounge member Asphodel Wormwood there are 2 more quotes pages:¬†Fred & George¬†and¬†Sybill Trelawney. Enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window… Read More
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Did some updating on the new¬†guide¬†to Jo’s website. Then I noticed that she’d added Bill’s birthday on November 29. I figured I’d quickly add that to the timelines… But wait. If Bill was born on November 29, that means he turned eleven the year BEFORE he started Hogwarts. And… Read More