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December 25, 2004


Yeah, July 16, I know! I have a feeling that I’m the only fan who read that and panicked. I started looking hard at what needs to be finished around here before then, and it’s a bit daunting. It looks like it’s going to be an exciting seven months!

I uploaded a new page which might be of some interest. I received a lot of comments about the Open Letter to Jo. In response to some of those comments, I’ve started working on a page with notes about some of the questions that were asked in the Open Letter and about some of the responses Jo has given. I’m not finished with all the commentary, but then Jo isn’t done with all her answers yet either. I’ll continue to update this page as I get a chance and as Jo answers the questions.

One more thing: the Floo Network page has been updated again. Take a look if you get a chance.


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