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December 29, 2005


Just thought I’d keep y’all up to date on what we’ve been working on. Aside from the usual (and fairly boring) site management stuff, Michele and I have been exapnding the Reader’s Guides for various chapters of the books. I have been working my way through Philosopher’s Stone lately and just added quite a few notes for chapter ten. Our goal is to have the Guides entirely complete before book seven comes out, which we expect will be sometime in 2007. I wish I could tell you about the really cool project John has been working on or the almost-ready-to-launch surprise which Clint is preparing, but I can’t. Soon…

I would also like to welcome two new staff members to the Lexicon.

Clint Hagen and I have corresponded for a couple of years. He is quite a remarkably talented guy and he knows Latin, which I think qualifies him as an apprentice wizard. I do know that he’s a wizard at coding, so he’s been working on some behind-the-scenes things for the Lexicon. The project that’s been occupying his time is almost ready to go live, but frankly it’s been “almost ready to go live” through no fault of his own for a month or two and I didn’t want to wait endlessly to welcome him to the staff. I’m sure you’ll all see a lot more of him soon, but in the meantime, take a moment to welcome Clint on board. His Lexicon email address isn’t working yet (same reason why his project isn’t live yet!), so for now send a hello to Clint via the [email protected] email address and Penny will forward it to him.

Paula Isola has taken up the position of Essay Editor for the Lexicon. Penny and I turned over quite a backlog of essay submissions to her and she has started editing and preparing them for publication. The first three of these essays have been uploaded, although I don’t know if they’ve been linked into the index yet. Here they are:

The Marks of a Villain by Beth Welsh
Snape’s Change of Allegience by Cherry
Shaken, Not Stirred by CheshireCat

I am delighted to have Paula on staff here. She is knowledgable about Harry Potter canon, a skillful writer and editor, and best of all, a great person to work with. Unfortunately, like Clint she doesn’t have her own Lexicon email address yet, so if you want to welcome Paula and thank her for being willing to take on this huge job, send email to [email protected] and Penny will forward it to her. Very soon she’ll be ready to accept essay submissions — we’ll let you know when.


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