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Lots of new essays posted!


We have two provocative essays by glamourousgeek, Magic, Genes, and Pure Blood, discussing wizarding genetics and the meaning of blood status in the wizarding world, and Merlin, God, and You-Know-Who: Religion in the Wizarding World. There’s a fun piece analyzing Harry Potter’s Astrological Birth Chart by lunalove, speculating that Jo Rowling has chosen the perfect birthdate for her hero based on the planetary positions on July 31, 1980. A Lexicon essay veteran, Ravenclaw Rambler, has done fine work again with his essay In Search of . . . Grimmauld Place. Micheal Hagel wonders Did Albus Dumbledore Set Up Events So That Harry Potter Would Go After the Philosopher’s Stone, and he’s found some good reasons in the canon to wonder. For you detail freaks and overall Potterverse geeks (you’d be in good company with Steve!), Diana Summers has used demographics in the United Kingdom and meaning of names to adduce The Secrets of the Classlist first revealed to the fandom by Jo Rowling in the A & E Biography special Harry Potter and Me. There’s enough minutiae in that essay to keep even the geekiest Pottergeek happy! Finally, we have an essay by Hugo Costa Paes, What is Magical Power in the Potterverse?



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