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New essay published on Flobberworms


Professor Koniphorus Swamp is at it again, writing about the flora and fauna in the world of Harry Potter as no other essayist! Be sure to have a look at her new essay, speculating about the surprising importance of one of the most boring critters in the Potterverse: Flobberworms.


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  • John D.

    good essay

  • Moony²

    Well done. But I think, other animals would eat flobberworms too: the ??hedge-hog-like animal (translated in Dutch as a knarl) could have a meal of flobberworms. And perhaps a niffler could use them too. Unfortunately, we don’t know enough about what these animals eat. I’m really curious about your thoughts on owls, cats, dogs and bats in the hp-universe.

  • Natalee

    why flobberworms??????

  • moony squared, they’re called knarls in english too. just sayin.

  • Chumlor the Mighty!

    That reminds me of the old song we used to sing at the Salem Elementary Witch and Wizard School:

    “Nobody likes me
    Everybody hates me
    Going to the garden to eat flobberworms.

    Long brown slimy ones
    Thick viscous oozy ones
    Chewy ooey gooey flobberworms”

  • Chumlor – lol

    Did you go to Salem Elementary too? 😉

  • Warren

    Good essay, but flobberworms being a protected specie doesn’t really mean they would have to be classified as magical. There’s probably something magic about how they live. Maybe they are so simple they don’t have internal organs, and still live.

  • Reader2

    It looks like the professor had pointed out yet another mistake. Clagg, the cheiftaness of the council who protected the sniget was supposed to have lived in 1600’s, according to her card. Yet QA places her in 1300s.

    Also, are the noble hosts of this site aware that the “Named Beasts” page is unaccessible?
    All the beast-name links seem to lead to the “being” page, with ecception of the “Binki” link on the “being” page itself.