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WOMBAT grade 3 with Lexicon Commentary


Well we’ve finally managed to post the text of WOMBAT grade 3 exam with our Lexicon staff commentary.
John Kearns joins us this time with his added insight, and Lisa returns for a second time with her perspective. Steve and I have been overwhelmed in real life the past few days, making it very difficult to find time to do the commentary. But my obligations ended yesterday, so that I was able to finish today.
Steve is still Splinched somewhere. Hope he turns up soon!

Edit: The Do not Disturb sign has returned to the Door, Monday morning, June 18. Entering your code on the WOMBAT card shows Papers Being Marked on the clock.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • My apologies to the folks who’ve been posting their thoughts on the questions in the other Pensieve. I wish I could transfer them here!
    But feel free to repeat yourself, or start the conversation anew. 🙂

  • Bandersnatch

    You know, it took me forever to see Jo’s typo in Question 7-4 that Bel was talking about. Our minds see what they expect to see.

  • I loved this new WOMBAT, specially the History of Magic stuff!
    Great commentary, Lexicon (I don’t agree with everything, however =D)
    Hmm, waiting for my grades… I’ve marked O in the first (but lost the student ID ¬¬) and E in the second.

  • Bandersnatch

    For Question 1, I thought the answer was [c] (escalating attempts by Muggles to force witches and wizards to teach them magic), due to this exchange between Harry and Hagrid in PS5:

    “But what does a Ministry of Magic do?”
    “Well, their main job is to keep it from the Muggles that there’s still witches an’ wizards up an’ down the country.”
    Why? Blimey, Harry, everyone’d be wantin’ magic solutions to their problems. Nah, we’re best left alone.”

  • Bandersnatch

    Excuse me, I got confused. I meant, I chose [b] (escalating attempts by Muggles to force witches and wizards to perform magic for Muggle ends) due to that quote.

  • Moony =Luna Lupin

    As an historian I’m interested in the answers of the first part of the WOMBAT. It’s a pity Harry doesn’t like history, but when I compare Binn’s lessons with these of my teachers of history, i fully understand. It would be nice to have a look in the “history of magic” or in the notes Hermione made for preparing her OWLS. Thanks for posting the text of the WOMBAT and your commentary!

  • Nymphadora

    Hi there, thanks for posting the questions with your insightful commentary – of course I don’t agree with quite a few of them either!

    I’m curious as to what you consider a typo in Q7.4 – is it the word Centre? Because Jo, being British, would type it this way. But maybe I can’t see what it is.

    My main disagreements are about the Ministers for Magic and the related upheavals:

    I thought Stump was threatened by the Centaur, because of the beast legislation, and because it was attempted – so a “stumped” assassination.
    Spout-Hole Spavin’s time in office coincides with the Suffragette movement in early 1900’s, so the Squib rights would fit nicely there (and they seem to have rights for some time now, not just the last 30 years).
    Leach’s time, conversely, coincides with 1962 protests, so a “protest float” would fit better at that time.

    Finally, as Jo’s asking us what would conquer a WEREWOLF (the actual person, not its bite) I think it would indeed be Aconite aka wolfsbane, because it is lethal to werewolves in substantial doses. The DOLD also qualifies as a poison, so a bezoar would be an antidote, as in HBP we are indeed told by Slughorn that bezoars are perfect antidotes for a variety of poisons.

    Well… we’ll wait, and we shall see. I just hope she’ll publish the correct answers at some point after the book release!

  • The typo in 7-4 is: “Studies in situated in”. It should say is situated.

  • Jinx

    I found two WOM that may have some connection to question 6. Carlotta Pinkstone (b. 1922)is against the International Wizarding Statute of Secrecy. Her picture makes her lok like a hippie. So I wonder if she had anything to do with the breach of I.W.S.S.? And did this breach actually happen in the 60’s when Nobby Leach was the minister?
    The other person is Idris Oakby (1872-1985) founder of The Society to Support Squibbs. Was she involved in the Squibb Rights Marches? If so that would narrow it down to 3 ministers, Faris Spavin, Nobby Leach and Millicent Bagnold. I was thinking along the same lines as Nymphadora that the Squibb Marches happened around the time of the suffagette movment so Faris Spavin could have been the minister.

  • hpboy13

    OH, they’re being marked!!!
    I find it hilarious that I am far more anxious about this than the statewide physics test on thursday that will determine if I pass physics or not.

  • selia

    To the question on wizarding royal families: I don’t think there are any. I remember that in HBP, when Harry talks to Lupin about the Half-Blood Prince, he is told that there are no wizarding princes. (I don’t remember the exact quote and I don’t have the book here, but I think it was over the Christmas. Harry was hoping that it was his Dad or Sirius at least,) Well, the point is: no princes, no royal families.

  • Bandersnatch

    Nymphadora said:
    Finally, as Jo’s asking us what would conquer a WEREWOLF (the actual person, not its bite) I think it would indeed be Aconite aka wolfsbane, because it is lethal to werewolves in substantial doses.

    But that has never been stated in the Potter books, has it? If you know of a reference, please post it, I’d be interested to see it.

  • I doubt aconite is lethal to werewolves… It just CAN’T be, since the Potion that controlls their behavior is the Wolfsbane Potion.
    And I agree with Selia: no princes, no royal families.

  • Cho Chang

    I was wondering if it’s still possible to register for the W.O.M.B.A.T. thing, and if so, how would I do it?

  • Sorry Cho… you’ve missed it. 🙁
    The Do Not Disturb sign returned to the Door this morning.
    I know it is small consolation, but we’ll post the results on the Lexicon for those who are not able to get them.

  • The W.O.M.B.A.T. question 15-4 is addressed on page 138 of SS (US), Snape says, “For your information, Potter, asphodel and wormwood make a sleeping potion so powerful it is known as the Draught of Living Death.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t say what the antidote is.

  • John

    I wonder when the door will open again? I hope it will be soon, possibly before DH comes out, time is passing so quickly!

  • Ginevra Potter

    I think Nymphadora was referring to legend and folklore. From Wikipedia, it is “said to kill werewolves if they wear, smell, or eat aconite.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aconitum

    This theory is certainly interesting. Perhaps wolfsbane is used in Lupin’s potion because the right amount will make the inner beast die down, but too much would kill him almost instantly, which is why the potion is so difficult and dangerous to brew.

  • Esteban

    I see that the Do Not Disturb sign has been placed again, however if you click and hold the fly on the window it turns into a key. Drag it to the lock on the door and it opens with 3 shapes…what needs to be done?

  • Very interesting, Ginevra… This could be true! And fits! But I don’t know if this would be the right answer in the WOMBAT, I keep ‘No cure’ (but ‘sunlight’ is something to be considered…)

  • hpboy13

    That’s a good find, selia. Dang it, another oen that I got wrong. Woudl this automatically rule out the option about Anne Boleyn.

  • Beatrice

    Regarding royal wizard families, I think Reader2 (in the other pensieve)had the right idea. There is no royalty in the wizarding world, but that doesn’t mean members of Muggle royal families can’t be wizards.

  • Cricket

    Interesting, as there have been rumors about adepts and practitioners of the Ancient Arts aiding Britain in her struggle against Nazi Germany. Hitler was very much into the occult.

    As to royal families having wizard blood…heh. I have a few thoughts on that that would totally creep everyone out, so I won’t say anymore.

    But I will say this: My grandmother was a full blooded Scots Celt. She had a knack for doing certain things.
    Her mother was known for being able to do simple charms…sort of like a wise woman.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I don’t remember when, but didn’t say Hermione nothing related about royal families in HBP, when they were looking for info of the Half-Blood Prince? I am not sure…

    I hope Jo puts the results of the 3 exams in her website. In a hidden book of the bookshelf, for example 😛

  • Pokie

    I missed it 🙁 Is tehre any way to be able to access the test now?? I did so well in the first two

  • Nymphadora

    Belinda, thanks – I guess my mind read it right.

    @ Bandersnatch, Eduardo Andrade (duxx), Ginevra Potter: I’m at work, and I don’t have the books with me, so I can’t provide a quote nor rule out fanon contamination; but I swear I remember having read that the Wolfsbane Potion contains aconite in a minute dose, that will make the werewolf harmless and controllable during full moon without poisoning him. The other ingredients in the potion counteract the poisoning properties of the aconite, too. Lupin said in PoA that it’s very difficult to get it right without suffering adverse effects or ending up dead, and that he could only trust Snape to concoct it. Finally, the name itself, Wolfsbane, means that it can kill a werewolf.

    I do have something from JKR herself that is ambiguous but could be used to reinforce my idea: answering the Rumour “Peter Pettigrew’s silver hand will be used to kill Remus Lupin”, JKR said:
    Nice idea, clearly predicated on the legend that only a silver bullet can kill a werewolf – but incorrect.
    I understand this to mean “there is something in HP universe that can kill a werewolf, but is not a silver bullet. Read the books more carefully and you’ll find it”.

    Not really happy with the above explanation – but it’s the best I can do without canon at hand, and I answered the question based on that information, wherever I got it from initially. I will not be offended at the least if you are not persuaded :)))

  • Jayni D.

    To Nymphadora: The following quotes from POA are the only ones I could find about Wolfsbane Potion and I have just finished re-reading the book:

    From Chapter 8…”‘Professor Snape has very kindly concocted a potion for me,’ he said. ‘I have never been much of a potion-brewer and this one is particularly complex…’
    ‘…This potion is the only thing that helps. I am very lucky to be working alongside Professor Snape; there aren’t many wizards who are up to making it.'”

    Chapter 18: “‘The Potion that Professor Snape has been making for me is a very recent discovery. It makes me safe, you see. As long as I take it in the week preceding the full moon, I keep my mind when I transform … I am able to curl up in my office, a harmless wolf, and wait for the moon to wane again.
    ‘Before the Wolfsbane Potion was discovered, however, I became a fully fledged monster once a month…'”

    So, there is nothing about the potion containing aconite in a minute dose. However, I am thinking it probably does just that, working like homeopathy, where you take miniscule doses of the thing you are sensitive or allergic to. The Wolfsbane Potion could work in a similar fashion.

  • Ex_Pralite_Monk

    Belinda, no witches were ever burned in Salem- burning had died out as a way of punishment long before. In Salem, most were hanged, and at least one was crushed to death.

  • Bandersnatch

    And I believe that one of them was weighed against a duck. After she turned some poor villager into a newt. (But he got better.)

  • El Cronista de Salem

    I still think that the question of the good that can be used for Dart Arts was tricked. All can be used for dark arts. But in that question, I only find one that could be correct :-s

    I love the third WOMBAT! 🙂 the best of all! ^^

    About the door, I find difficult she re-opens before DH. We are only with a month of difference. The room of requirements has never opened two times in so few time.

  • John

    Thanks El Cronista de Salem for the input. About fifteen minutes after I posted that comment I looked at the page on the JKR site particularly the Do Not Disturb Door, it probably won’t happen, but it is a possibility, right?

  • hpboy13

    I woudl dearly dearly love to have the door open with all the answers, but I justr don’t see it happening pre-DH. We have just barely over a month – if she does open it again, it’ll be for the chapter titles or excerpt. But I think she would do it a while after DH, you know, to sort of re-liven the HP community.

  • Elsinore

    The word in Question 15 is “conquer”, not “destroy”, so aconite (wolfsbane) would be an acceptable answer, as it renders the werewolf harmless, thus conquering its dark powers. And remember, when Snape wanted the students to find out about Lupin, he not only set them questions on werewolves in DADA, he ordered them to research aconite in his own class, Potions (I think that was in PoA, or was it in the first potions lesson in PS?)

  • Elsinore

    Sorry, it was in PS (Ch.8), not PoA, that Snape mentioned aconite.

  • Cherry

    To Jayni D and Nymphadora: but aconite’s other name is wolfsbane (and also monkshood) – see the Lexicon potions entry. So I don’t think the wolfsbane potion contains aconite in a minute dose – it appears to be the major ingredient!

  • Nymphadora

    Cherry – aconite probably is the most potent ingredient in the Potion, but it can’t be in large doses or it would kill the werewolf. I stand by my interpretation, that there is a small dose as well as other ingredients that act as counter-effects to the poisoning properties.

    Having said this, it is my theory (as well as fanon contamination) after all, as I have found nothing in canon apart from Jayni D’s quotes which tell us nothing about the ingredients, just the effects. So I can’t prove it – but I still believe it.

    Thanks for considering it as an option though 🙂

  • Jayni D.

    I’m with you, Nymphadora. I think your theory about the wolfsbane potion is the most likely possibility.

  • Bandersnatch

    Nymphadora, have you read Zsenya and Arabella’s well-known fanfic After the End? In Chapter 12, the Wolfsbane Potion is discussed, and some of the ingredients are listed: “Sheep’s brains, to effect a docile state. Scales of the middle head of a Runespoor, to induce a dreamlike stupor. Wolfsbane, to poison him just enough that he would be too weak to claw and snarl. Shredded human skin, to satiate the wolf’s terrible craving for flesh.” (Dragon’s blood is in there, too.)

    In addition, a book called Calming the Wolf: Development of the Wolfsbane Potion, a history of the development of the potion, is quoted. Historically, one of the tricky points was putting in enough wolfsbane to be effective, but not so much as to be lethal. “Even now,” the book states, “though we have reached a successful recipe, if the vital ingredient is not measured with perfect exactness, the Wolfsbane Potion will not only be ineffective, it will be deadly.”

    This is all fan-fiction, of course — none of this is stated anywhere in canon — but it shows that Zsenya and Arabella were thinking very carefully about the subject when they wrote this.

  • Bandersnatch

    Regardless, since Jo has never said any of this in her books — but has explicitly said that there is “no cure” for being a werewolf — then “no cure” seems to me a more likely answer than “aconite” for Question 15-7. But I will admit it to be an intriguing speculation.

  • John

    There is no cure for being a werewolf, but, the use of the Wolfsbane potion makes them more docile, and a bit more human during their transformations. I would imagine that in large amounts, the wolfsbane potion might stop the transformations altogether.

  • hpboy13

    Nymphadora, I’m inclined to believe you. But John, if enough doses would stop the transformations altogether, then wouldn’t all the werewolves take it? That just doesn’t add up.

  • sotaru

    I’ve been thinking about question 10, in which one of the possibilities is un-tranfiguring something or someone without knowing what they were originally. I thought that that one wasn’t the right answer, because of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (the quintaped), but come to think of it, that may actually give support that the un-tranfiguration is actually possible.

  • Jayni D.

    Soturu, I’m just re-reading Goblet of Fire and when Mad-Eye Moody changes Draco into a ferret, it is Prof. McGonagall who changes him back into himself. She knows he is a student, but not WHICH student…therefore, isn’t that proof that you can un-transfigure someone withoug knowing who or what s/he was originally? *I* think so.

  • Joyrider

    Question 13 is addressed on JKR’s website under “extra-stuff”, miscellaneous, spell definitions where she says that hexes have a connotation of dark magic as do jinxes, but a hex is slightly worse. Curses are reserved for the worst kind of dark magic. So d is true.

  • El Cronista de Salem

    Yeah, Joyrider 😉 I am with you that D is obvius. Jo said that and not so many time ago.

  • hpboy13

    For the un-Transfiguration, McGonagall knew that it was a student. I think you don’t have to know who it was, just WHAT it was. That would make sense when it says in FB that they tried to unTransfigure the Quintapeds – they couldn’t possibly know who the Quintapeds were as individuals, but they knew they were humans.

  • Jayni D.

    I would think to un-transfigure something, it would be more like un-doing a spell rather than doing a new one, therefore you would not need to know what the original thing was … you would just do a sort of reversal spell, which would automatically transfigure the person/object back to what it was originally.

  • Jayni D.

    Oh, and with the Quintapeds, it is implied that the Ministry of Magic WOULD have been able to un-transfigure them, if they could only have gotten close enough to try. :^)

  • John

    hpboy13, I understand your viewpoint, but, some werewolves don’t mind being werewolves, Fenrir Greyback for instance, enjoys transforming and killing humans, but, I admit Nymphadora’s logic is most probably true.

  • hpboy13

    John, maybe some werewolves (the psychotic ones like Fenrir) wouldn’t take it, but most people would. Lupin definitely would, and I’m sure there are plenty of werwolves who aren’t thrilled about their condition. And many are bitten as kids, so their parents would doubtless cure them before they had a chance ot start hating wizards.

  • John

    True, but, the way Lupin says in HBP, that he positions himself close to the victims, makes me think that he kidnaps them and forces them to a life wherever the werewolves are living.

  • hpboy13

    Really? I got the impression that he pretty much lets them discover the prejudices for themselves, and then they come to him. He’s like Voldemort, he’s very manipulative.

  • Ginevra Potter

    I hope Steve still plans on commenting when real life gives him a chance.

  • John

    I agree that Fenrir is very, very manipulative, but, it might go both ways. Some go with him, some refuse, and some return to him later.

  • Wombat Joe

    Snap, I wasn’t even able to take the test I was at my Grandparent’s house.

  • John

    That is really bad, but, you can look at the past tests and their results on the W.O.M.B.A.T. page here.

  • Reader2

    The question on werewolves is tricky.
    It’s unclear wheather it refers to werewolf bites, or fighting off a wewrewolf attack, or just reversing a trasformation.

    I probably blew it.

    On “what if there was a cure”:
    Lupin did say that most werewolves are on Voldemort’s side.
    The way wizards treat them seems to make the choice easy for them. Especially, considering that most werewolves are probably muggles, forced into the world of magic against their will.
    Still, how many werewolves enjoy being part of the pack, and how many tolerate it only because they think that they do not have any other options?
    If there was a cure, I beleave most of them would take it.

  • KayleeTonksLupin

    Bandersnatch said: And I believe that one of them was weighed against a duck. After she turned some poor villager into a newt. (But he got better.)

    Me to Bandersnatch: LOL!! “Witches burn because they’re…made out of wood?” ^_^

  • John

    Some would take it because they miss their families. Others would refuse because, they may or may not be in service to Lord Voldemort, and remember what Sirius said in OP, “It’s a lifetime of service or death”

  • Wombat Joe

    Have any of you seen those stills of Kreature? He looked CREEPY!!!!!!!

  • Bryan

    Hmm…I’m curious about something. When in the Potterverse is this test administered? I hope not to spoil anything but the (g) answer to question 12 seems to imply Harry living past the final duel with Lord Voldemort.

  • Wombat Joe

    Supposedly, during the first three years of schooling, after that point, the O.W.L. preparation year, then you take the O.W.L.S. and then the N.E.W.T.S. right?

  • John

    Yeah Wombat Joe, that seems right, but, it isn’t specificially mentioned in the series. So, that may or may not be true.

  • Wombat Joe

    I guess you have me there John, but then why should they have to take 3 tests anyway? Why can’t they just take one big test? Am I right?

  • John

    Because, Wombat Joe, they need to be sure that they’ve understood what they did in the past year!

  • Nicholas

    I think there’s more to this than jsut entertainment. JK might have something in store for us, maybe tidbits on Book 7? Anyway, results are out….only got an E. Oh well…

  • Amy

    The link to the WOMBAT results page is broken on this page, so I guess I’m going to have to detour to access it.

  • Amy, the link is fixed now. Don’t know what happened to it! O_o

  • John

    I got an A!

  • Jake

    Is Steve still splinched?!
    (I got an A!)

  • Ragnok

    For question 9, given that only one answer is incorrect, the answer must be c or the remaining correct answers would be in contradiction. If c. is INCORRECT, than stated correctly it should say that – An Animagus is able to perform a kind of magic that is BOTH Transfiguration AND Charm. This says the same thing as the two CORRECT answers (and also explain why it is so difficult to learn).

  • Amanda

    the answer to question 2 is e.
    Urg the Unclean is a fictional goblin made up by Ron in GoF. (page 618, American editon)

  • I passed the 1-3 W.O.M.B.A.T.s with all O’s it was easy considering harry potter is everything i think about im better than harry potter class subjects than real school subjects

  • I know. Same!