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Lexicon staff at Prophecy this week


Steve, Bel, Paula and I will be at Prophecy this week; if you see us wave Hi! If you’re wondering why my character pages are stuck in a time warp, well, that’s why. Steve has three presentations this week:

Playing in Jo’s World
Spend a little time looking at this magical world that Jo created … and looking at what it means to be a fan playing in that world. You know, if you’re not careful, you just may find yourself trapped…

The End of the Tale (a fan’s overview of the entire series)
Done. Finished. Time to pack up our quills and go home. Or is it? Now that we have it all — all the answers, every mystery solved, Snape finally unmasked — it’s time to take stock of the whole series. Join Steve Vander Ark for a slightly off-kilter fan’s-eye trip through the entire canon.

Welcome to the Wizarding World
Travel the length and breadth of Britain in search of the places which inspired Rowling’s stories. Explore Devon, poke around London, and even take a trip north to the Highlands of Scotland to hunt for Hogwarts School … and find a little bit of magic.

We’re really looking forward to this week, but also getting back to work on the Lexicon when we get home.


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