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The Burrow


So after a fairly lengthy morning of in-depth research and writing, I have now completely re-vamped our page for the Burrow. Among other things, I determined what floor each room had to fall on, and organized the page accordingly. The explanation for why the floors line up the way they do is fairly lengthy, so I also wrote a new essay explaining my logic.



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  • kathee

    I got so tickled reading this! It’s amazing the details you all have summerized! Thanks for all the time and effort on this site – I love it!!

  • Naazju

    Wow! Very nice essay at the end there; it summed everything up quite nicely. Thanks for the update!

  • roonwit

    Have you gained an extra floor? In DH chapter 6, we hear Mrs. Weasley shouting 4 floors below, allegedly a Ginny leaving a speck of dust on a napkin ring. That would surely be in the dining room.

  • Roonwit, I’d missed that line, although the only way I can think of to make it fit with the descriptions in CS would be to perform some major backbends – not unlike saying the entrance to Dumbledore’s office has changed floors at Hogwarts over the years.

    The CS evidence (that I quote on the page) is a little more solid than this quote from DH – Molly could be yelling at Ginny in her bedroom, after all – so even though it would make more sense than having an entire floor of bathrooms, I’m still not inclined to go with it yet. I’d love to hear more evidence from others, if I missed anything else, though.

  • sstabeler

    an entire floor of bathrooms wou;ld be interesting, btu why would Ginny be peeping out of a bathroom? as if she was hahving a shower of bath ( not impossible, I’ll grant you, given it is early in the morning and she’s just got up) then wouldn’t the door be closed and locked? especially as she knows there is someone not in the family in the house, and she liejkly wouldn’t be wearing much in either instance. and if she was going to the toilet, again why is the door not at least closed? ( it would explain why the door snapped closed so quickly though, if she was getting ready for a shower…….)

  • sstabeler

    oh, and remember the napkin ring was what Rona and Harry supposed. Ginny could have done anything, really. especially as Mrs weasley was being a bit of a dictator at the time.

  • Reader2

    It sounds like JKR herself got a bit lost in the Burrow.

    For people who are supposed to be so poor, Weasleys have a pretty big house.
    Perhaps wizard standards are that much higher than muggles’.

  • Phil

    One curious idea that this description gives me is that maybe the second and third floors were constructed *after* the rest of the house! When there were only two children, they were on the first floor, with the master bedroom on the second, a fairly natural layout. When the family expanded however, they needed more space, so in typical wizarding fashion they added two new floors between the first and second to accommodate the new rooms. The attic was later pushed up to allow for Ron’s room, and presumably they’d run out of money by the time they came to Ginny. No wonder the house looks so crazily built! Just an odd thought I had.

  • Finn

    Wow, John, that was a really cool essay. Thanks. Great work.

  • Jameswys

    Good anaylsis! It all seems to fit to me.

  • rcs

    What about the passage in GF5 where Ron says that Fred and George are sharing a room with him and Harry because Bill and Charlie are in their room? That seems inconsistent with Bill having his own room.

  • Clock_maker

    Hurray!! I love the burrow

  • Yeah, rcs, that’s inconsistent with a lot of things. I think it’s pretty clear that Jo didn’t have a solid idea of how many bedrooms the place had, or who they belonged to (in GF5 it seems to be Master/Ron/Twins/Percy/Ginny; in HBP16 it’s Master/Ron/Twins/Ginny/Bill; in DH6 it’s all of the above). I still prefer to stick with six bedrooms, though, partly because it’s the most recent canon (and very explicit) and partly because it just makes more sense that way.

  • Phil, I forgot to mention – I just love your possible explanation. It makes total sense, especially as a reason the master bedroom would be on the fourth floor in a formerly tiny farmhouse. Would you mind if I write it into the essay?

  • Phil

    John, I would love it if you added it to the essay! I’d feel privileged to have a contribution of mine on the site, even if it was a crazy random idea I happened to have!

  • roonwit

    Except the Burrow wasn’t originally a farmhouse, but (in the view of Harry when he first sees it) a large stone pigsty.

  • kamion

    I like the idea of the haphazard adding of rooms
    every time the family extended.

    it reminds me of what the Dutch autor Jan Wolkers( he died today) wrote about his youth in a poor family rich in children: ” Father added another chickencoop.”

    I just see Arthur Weasley do the same in his precious little sparetime blundering around with hamer, nail and wand and taking shortcuts for too much carpenting would disturb the child’s sleep and Molly would complain about it.
    And when Arthur is off to work Moly examins his handy work and with a whisk of her wand prevents the new floorextent to tear from the wall.

  • hpboy13

    Awesome job John! I absolutely loved reading abotut he Burrow – I too have attempted to discern who’s in what room, but it’s usually beyond me

  • Weaslylover

    This is a well thought-out, logical essay. I love the explanation for where Ginny’s room is. Having a bedroom so close to Bill and Charlie might explain why she was so close to Bill.

  • Darcy

    Just from seeing the Burrow on the movies it looks like such a cozy little home. This would be my choice of all the houses in the Harry Potter series.

  • Art

    Hmmm, regarding the whole Bill/Charlie thing… One thing that occurs to me is that Children may move rooms as they age, so what was “bill’s room” 10 years ago, might actually be “percy’s room” more recently (ie: in CoS) and now that Bill has moved back home, they fall back into the old habit of calling it “bill’s room” again.

    I also didn’t think it very likely that the MBR was on the 4th, but Phil’s idea of adding a floor inbetween and “pushing up” the other floor is quite innovative.

    And as for Ginny’s room… well, maybe they moved it. The room I mean. The house did appear to be held up by magic, after all. And in Hogwarts, for example, there are stairs that “led somewhere different on a Friday” (PS, Ch8). So is it so hard to imagine that they moved the room magically?