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From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

To Draco: “I would remind you that it is not – prudent – to appear less than fond of Harry Potter, not when most of our kind regard him as the hero who made the Dark Lord disappear – ah, Mr. Borgin.” (CS4)

To Arthur Weasley: “Dear me, what’s the use of being a disgrace to the name of wizard if they don’t even pay you well for it?” (CS4)

Draco: “Father says to keep my head down and let the Heir of Slytherin get on with it. He says the school needs ridding of all the Mudblood filth, but not to get mixed up in it. Of course, he’s got a lot on his plate at the moment. You know the Ministry of Magic raided our manor last week? […] Luckily, they didn’t find much. Father’s got some very valuable Dark Arts stuff. But luckily, we’ve got our own secret chamber under the drawing room floor –” (CS12)

Draco: “I always thought Father might be the one who got rid of Dumbledore. I told you he thinks Dumbledore’s the worst Headmaster the school’s ever had.” (CS15)

From Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Overheard on the train: “…Father actually considered sending me to Durmstrang rather than Hogwarts, you know. He knows the headmaster, you see. Well, you know his opinion of Dumbledore — the man’s such a Mud-blood-lover — and Durmstrang doesn’t admit that sort of riffraff. But Mother didn’t like the idea of me going to school so far away. Father says Durmstrang takes a far more sensible line than Hogwarts about the Dark Arts. Durmstrang students actually learn them, not the defense rubbish we do…” (GF11)

Voldemort: “Lucius my slippery friend,” he whispered, halting before him. “I am told that you have not renounced the old ways, though to the world you present a respectable face. You are still ready to take the lead in a spot of Muggle-torture, I believe? Yet you never tried to find me, Lucius…. Your exploits at the Quidditch World Cup were fun, I daresay … but might not your energies have been better directed toward finding and aiding your master?”
“My Lord, I was constantly on the alert,” came Lucius Malfoy’s voice swiftly from beneath the hood. “Had there been any sign from you, any whisper of your whereabouts, I would have been at your side immediately, nothing could have prevented me –”
“And yet you ran from my Mark, when a faithful Death Eater sent it into the sky last summer?” Said Voldemort lazily, and Mr. Malfoy stopped talking abruptly. “Yes, I know all about that, Lucius…. You have disappointed me…. I expect more faithful service in the future.” (GF33)

From Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry, after seeing Malfoy with Cornelius Fudge: “What private business have they got together anyway?”
“Gold I expect,” said Mr. Weasley angrily. “Malfoy’s been giving generously to all sorts of things for years …. Gets him in with the right people … then he can ask favors … delay laws he doesn’t want passed … Oh, he’s very well connected, Lucius Malfoy….” (OP9)

Quoted in The Daily Prophet: “I feel much easier in my mind now that I know that Dumbledore is being subjected to fair and objective evaluation,” said Mr. Lucius Malfoy, 41, speaking from his Wiltshire mansion last night. “Many of us with our children’s best interests at heart have been concerned about some of Dumbledore’s eccentric decisions in the last few years and will be glad to know that the Ministry is keeping an eye on the situation.” (OP15)

Sirius: “Tell me, how is Lucius Malfoy these days? I expect he’s delighted his lapdog’s working at Hogwarts, isn’t he?”
“Speaking of dogs,” said Snape softly, “did you know that Lucius Malfoy recognized you last time you risked a little jaunt outside? Clever idea, Black, getting yourself seen on a safe station platform… gave you a cast-iron excuse not to leave your hidey-hole in future, didn’t it?” (OP24)

Snape won’t cooperate with Umbridge: “You are on probation!” shrieked Professor Umbridge, and Snape looked back at her, his eyebrows slightly raised. “You are being deliberately unhelpful! I expected better, Lucius Malfoy always speaks most highly of you! Now get out of my office!” (OP32)

In the Department of Mysteries: Hand over the prophecy and no one need get hurt,” said Malfoy coolly.
It was Harry’s turn to laugh.
“Yeah, right!” he said. “I will give you this — prophecy, is it? And you’ll just let us skip off home, will you? (OP35)

“It’s time you learned the difference between life and dreams, Potter,” said Malfoy. “Now give me the prophecy, or we start using wands.” (OP35)

“Potter, your race is run,”drawled Lucius Malfoy, pulling off his mask. “Now hand me the prophecy like a good boy….”
“Let — let the others go, and I’ll give it to you! said Harry desperately.
A few of the Death Eater’s laughed.
“You are not in a position to bargain, Potter,” said Lucius Malfoy, his pale face flushed with pleasure. “You see, there are ten of us and only one of you … or hasn’t Dumbledore ever taught you how to count?”
“He’s dot alone!” shouted a voice from above them. “He’s still god be!” (OP35)

One of the Death Eaters seized Neville from behind, pinioning his arms to his sides. He struggled and kicked; several of the Death Eaters laughed.
It’s Longbottom, isn’t it?” sneered Lucius Malfoy. “Well your grandmother is used to losing family members to our cause…. Your death will not come as a great shock….” (OP35)

[Draco] Malfoy glanced around — Harry knew he was checking for signs of teachers — then he looked back at Harry and said in a low voice, “You’re dead, Potter.”
Harry raised his eyebrows. “Funny” he said, “you’d think I’d have stopped walking around…”
Malfoy looked angrier than Harry had ever seen him; he felt a kind of detached satisfaction at the sight of his pale, pointed face contorted with rage.
“You’re going to pay,” said Malfoy in a voice barely louder than a whisper. “I’m going to make you pay for what you’ve done to my father…”
“Well, I’m terrified now,” said Harry sarcastically. “I s’ pose Lord Voldemort’s just a warm-up act compared to you three — what’s the matter?” he added, for Malfoy Crabbe and Goyle had all looked stricken at the sound of the name. “He’s a mate of your dad, isn’t he? Not scared of him, are you?”
“You think you’re such a big man, Potter,” said Malfoy, advancing now, Crabbe and Goyle flanking him. “You wait. I’ll have you. You can’t land my father in prison –”
“I thought I just had,” said Harry.
“The Dementors have left Azkaban,” said Malfoy quietly. “Dad and the others’ll be out in no time.…”
“Yeah, I expect they will,” said Harry “Still, at least everyone knows what scumbags they are now –”
Malfoy’s hand flew towards his wand, but Harry was too quick for him; he had drawn his own wand before Malfoy’s fingers had even entered the pocket of his robes. (OP38)

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