Quotes by and about Rubeus Hagrid


From Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Dumbledore: “I would trust Hagrid with my life.” (PS1)

To Dumbledore: “–house was almost destroyed, but I got him out all right before the Muggles started swarmin’ around. He fell asleep as we was flyin’ over Bristol.” (PS1)

“Ah, shut up, Dursley, yeh great prune.” (PS4)

“Ah, go boil yer heads, both of yeh,” said Hagrid. “Harry — yer a wizard.” (PS4)

“Never wondered how you got that mark on yer forehead? That was no ordinary cut. That’s what yeh get when a powerful, evil curse touches yeh — took care of yer mum an’ dad an’ yer house, even — but it didn’t work on you, an’ that’s why yer famous, Harry.” (PS4)

To Harry: “Some say he died. Codswallop, in my opinion. Dunno if he had enough human left in him to die.” (PS4)

“Firs’ years follow me!” (PS6)

“Yeah, but have yeh seen anythin’, Ronan? Anythin’ unusual?”
“Mars is bright tonight. Unusually bright”
“Yeah, but I was meanin’ anythin’ unusual a bit nearer home.” (PS15)

From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

It was most unlike Hagrid to criticise a Hogwarts teacher and Harry looked at him in surprise. (CS7)

Harry, Ron and Hermione had always known that Hagrid had an unfortunate liking for large and monstrous creatures. (CS14)

“Dear, dear, you know, that temper of yours will lead you into trouble one of these days, Hagrid,” said Mr. Malfoy. (CS14)

From Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

“Gawd knows yeh’ve had enough ter be gettin’ on with. I’ve seen yeh, practicin’ Quidditch ev’ry hour o’ the day an’ night — but I gotta tell yeh, I thought you two’d value your friend more’n broomsticks or rats. Tha’s all.” (PA14)

“Ah, well, people can be stupid abou’ their pets,” said Hagrid wisely. Buckbeak spat a few ferret bones onto Hagrid’s pillow. (PA14)

Draco talking about Hagrid: “Look at him blubber! Have you ever seen anything quite as pathetic?” said Malfoy. “And he’s supposed to be our teacher!”
Harry and Ron both made furious moves toward Malfoy, but Hermione got there first — SMACK!
She had slapped Malfoy across the face with all the strength she could muster. Malfoy staggered. Harry, Ron, Crabbe, and Goyle stood flabbergasted as Hermione raised her hand again.
“Hermione!” said Ron weakly, and he tried to grab her hand as she swung it back.
“Get off, Ron!”
Hermione pulled out her wand. Malfoy stepped backward. Crabbe and Goyle looked at him for instructions, thoroughly bewildered.
“C’mon,” Malfoy muttered, and in a moment, all three of them had disappeared into the passageway to the dungeons. (PA15)

From Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

“It was my mother,” said Hagrid quietly. “She was one o’ the last ones in Britain. ‘Course I can’ remember her well … she left, see. When I was abou’ three. She wasn’ really the maternal sort. Well … it’s not in their natures, is it? Dunno what happened to her … might not be dead fer all I know ….”
“Me dad was broken-hearted when she wen’. Tiny little bloke, my dad was. By the time I was six I could lift him up an’ put him on top o’ the dresser if he annoyed me. Used ter make him laugh….” Hagrid’s deep voice broke. (…) Dad raised me … but he died, o’ course, jus’ after I started school. Sorta had ter make me own way after that. Dumbledore was a real help, mind. Very kind ter me, he was ….” (GF23)

Hagrid got up, went over to his dresser, opened a drawer, and pulled out a picture of a short wizard with Hagrid’s crinkled black eyes, beaming as he sat on top of Hagrid’s shoulder. Hagrid was a good seven or eight feet tall, judging by the apple tree beside him, but his face was beardless, young, round, and smooth — he looked hardly older than eleven. (GF24)

“Tha’ was taken jus’ after I got inter Hogwarts,” Hagrid croaked. “Dad was dead chuffed … thought I migh’ not be a wizard, see, ‘cos me mum … well anyway. ‘Course, I never was great shakes at magic, really, … but at least he never saw me expelled. Died, see, in me second year …. Dumbledore was the one who stuck up for me after Dad went. Got me the gamekeeper job … trusts people, he does. Gives ’em second chances … tha’s what sets him apar’ from other heads, see. He’ll accept anyone at Hogwarts, s’long as they’ve got the talent. Knows people can turn out okay even if their families weren’t … well … all tha’ respectable. But some don’ understand that. There’s some who’d always hold it up against yeh … there’s some who’d even pretend they just had big bones rather than stand up an’ say — I am what I am, an’ I’m not ashamed.” (GF24)

“Yeh know wha’, Harry?” he said, looking up from the photograph of his father, his eyes very bright, “when I firs’ met you, you reminded me o’ me a bit. Mum an’ Dad gone, an’ you was feelin’ like yeh wouldn’t fit in at Hogwarts, remember? Not sure yeh were really up to it … an’ now look at yeh, Harry! School champion!” (GF24)

“Great man, Dumbledore. ‘S long as we’ve got him, I’m not too worried.” (GF37)

“No good sittin’ worryin’ abou’ it,” he said. “What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.” (GF37)

From Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

“Hagrid?” said Hermione quietly after a while.
“Did you … was there any sign of … did you hear anything about your … your … mother while you were there?”
Hagrid’s unobscured eye rested upon her and Hermione looked rather scared.
“I’m sorry … I … forget it –”
“Dead,” Hagrid grunted. “Died years ago. They told me.”
“Oh … I’m … I’m really sorry,” said Hermione in a very small voice.
Hagrid shrugged his massive shoulders. “No need,” he said shortly. “Can’ remember her much. Wasn’ a great mother.” (OP20)

“They were bullyin’ him, Hermione, ’cause he’s so small!” said Hagrid.
“Small?” said Hermione. “Small?”
“Hermione, I couldn’t leave him,” said Hagrid, tears now trickling down his bruised face into his beard. “See — he’s my brother!” (OP30)

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