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Episode 5: “In front of me was a signpost that said ‘Burrow’…”


Steve explains how choices were made about Lexicon content ten years ago, then discovers the Burrow among the hedgerows, an intriguing list from Rowing’s notebooks, and two Harrys over the course of the saga.

Pictures of the Burrow farm and a Devon country lane:

Show links:

  • What’s In A Name?
  • HP Lexicon: How to find the “More idle jottings” special on JK Rowling’s website


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Another fantastic episode. Listened to it on the long drive from Monterrey to Saltillo after getting down to MX on my business trip and it ended up being near perfect length. I started it about 10 minutes into the drive and it finished about 10 minutes before arriving at the hotel.

    I particularly liked (other then the grin I got at the shoutout) the discussion about how Harry changed over the course of the series and what the purpose for introducing Luna at the time of Book 5. I found it very insightful and a great way to think about the series as a unit.

  • ChestnutPatronus205

    Love the podcast. I really like what you said about Expelliarmus – been one of my favorite spells ever since used in the dueling club in Book 2. I also love hearing praise for Book 5, that book really doesn’t get enough credit.

    Nice podcast!

  • ZJJ

    I, too, appreciated the new way to view the two Harrys and the idea that the second Harry couldn’t do it all alone.

    Noting how Harry was stripped of all that had seemed to make him special in books one through four helped reconcile me to two events in book five that I always found jarring, but now I see them as two additional aspects of the stripping away of Harry’s “specialness.”

    First, the fact that Ron helped win the quidditch cup without Harry even on the team. Book 3 made such a big deal out of it and Harry’s role that I
    felt Ron’s win diminished Harry’s achievement and, apparently, that was exactly what it was intended to do.

    The second thing was how so many people–including even Cho of all people–were able to produce a Patronus in Dumbledore’s Army. Sure, Harry taught them, but it was another thing that had made him unique and special, but we discover he wasn’t so special after all. How many of those same people might have learned if Lupin had attempted to teach them two years earlier?

    It also reinforces a notion I’ve had for a long time–Harry wasn’t all that powerful a wizard, despite Hermione’s opinion. He was an ordinary wizard in extraordinary circumstances and, in the end, did something extraordinary.

    Thanks for the food for thought, Steve.

  • Craig Hunter

    Thank you for this podcast. I really enjoy listening to your insight and analysis. I found the movies very disappointing for the very reasons you mention. They seem to be telling a different story based on a different themes, and really do “miss the point”. They seem to be more “Hollywood action/adventure featuring Harry Potter characters and settings” rather than JK Rowling’s Harry Potter. I know a lot of people love and defend the movies, but I find them to be gross parodies of the books.

  • Cassandra

    OMG I cant believe your GPS stoped working that really says alot! from the pictures it looks like ther is a gnome infestation!! but I am really intrested in reading your book! what is the full title and publisher maybe you could leave a ISBN number. I hope that you post the next pod cast soon! bye!!