Fandom News is fantasy casting the “new short story”…


rita-mkThe “new short story” … which really isn’t a short story and really doesn’t tell us much that’s new, but whatever. is jumping on the media blitz bandwagon and giving their picks for casting the movie version, which you’ll find here:

Fantasy Cast J.K. Rowling’s New Story

This generated an interesting debate among the group of fans I was hanging out with last night. The biggest take-away, aside from whether Warner Bros would turn this into two or three films? We want to know who they’d cast as Neville and Luna more than anything! So what do you think of their choices?


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  • By itself it doesn’t tell us a lot new, but along with the 23 other Daily Prophet Articles we can learn quite a bit of new stuff. At age 38, Victor Krum returned to Quidditch and is the oldest player in the 2014 QWC. We now know a bit about the tournament style of the QWC as opposed to just how it ends as we did in GF. We have a bunch of new Fantastic Beasts stuff, and quite a bit of tidbits of other wizarding cultures around the world, including quite a bit of new information about the magical community in the USA. That’s quite a lot of information to ingest. I’m quite looking forward to the live commentary final tomorrow. Also had we heard of “Bridging Charms” before?