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Episode 16: So How Does the Map Work Anyway?

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Episode 16: So How Does the Map Work Anyway?

Steve introduces a new series with this episode to coincide with the new version of the Harry Potter Lexicon website, and also introduces a new co-host, Nick Moline. They discuss the new website, for which Nick is the programmer, and then delve into the mysterious Marauder’s Map, answering the age-old fan question of why <insert name here> didn’t see <insert another name here> on the map?


  1. The history of the new Lexicon Project
  2. Why a new Lexicon
  3. Spoilers and when can we talk about Cursed Child
  4. How did Fred and George figure out how to work the Marauder’s Map
  5. Why didn’t blank see blank on the map?

Be sure to join us next time when we intend to have a conversation about Wizarding Money


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