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Episode 18: We’re LIVE!

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Episode 18: We’re LIVE!

Episode 18 of the Harry Potter Lexicon Podcast is very special, for multiple reasons.

  • Our first ever Live Podcast (with live Canon questions from the audience)
  • Our first ever Video Podcast (don’t worry, you can still listen to audio!)
  • We pushed the New Lexicon Live during the podcast!

Tonight’s episode was a lot of fun for both of us as we got to interact with you in real time.  We are sure to do this again soon.  Canon Topics included are:

  • How many super big things, hinged on minute events (like Sirius happening to get to see a newspaper that just so happened to include a picture of Wormtail).
  • The happening Music Scene at Hogwarts
  • Did Rowling keep Canon details from us on purpose?
  • Favorite (and least favorite) Potter related Memes


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