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Alphabetical search is almost here! UPDATE: IT’S HERE!


Alphabetical search is almost here!  UPDATE: IT’S HERE!

Since we came out of beta, the number one request has been for alphabetical lists of characters, places, etc. Nick the Tech Wizard has been working on it ever since. This afternoon I tested it behind the scenes and it’s working great! Nick tells me there is a little more work to be done and we’ll be rolling it out on the site. So hang in there… The alphabetical indexes are almost here!


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  • Sharon Akins

    While it is nice to see the lexicon out of beta, as a fandom writer who used the Lexicon for quick searches when I needed to know something about a particular piece of potterverse, ie a charm or a potion name and what it did, I find the new alphabetized lists that combine EVERYTHING very cumbersome and tiring to use. I wish that you’d have kept at least those separate as far as category.