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Where’s All the New Canon?


"You think you can just ignore everything that's happened? The world has gone crazy, have you noticed?"
-- Scorpius Malfoy (CC2.16)

Where’s All the New Canon?

If you’ve come to the Lexicon to research the characters, places, and events in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, you may have to wait a bit. We are creating many new entries and adding information to existing entries, but we aren’t filling in the main characters or events just yet. But it has nothing to do with Keeping the Secrets. Now that the book has been released, the secrets are no longer very secret. The reason is a bit more prosaic.

Here’s the deal. The plot of the play revolves around time travel, and the best we can work it out, there are seven distinct timeline variations in the story. That presents a very tricky problem because the Lexicon site automatically generates timelines for most types of entries and displays those timelines at the bottom of each entry page. We’re still trying to figure out how to generate and display all those parallel timelines in a way that will be understandable and accurate.

Until we work that little problem out, we’ll stick with adding the less complicated entries — the ones without multiple timelines associated with them. So for now you won’t find much about Delphi or Albus or Severus or Cedric, or any of the main characters who spend a lot of the play messing around with Time-Turners. Hang in there.


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  • Owl Post

    I actually think it would be nice to distinguish between Cursed Child canon, since so many readers don’t consider it to be canon (regardless of what JKR says).

    • Cursed Child information will be marked with the source, just like all the information in the Lexicon. Plenty of fans don’t want to accept things like the Famous Wizard cards or the Daily Prophets as canon either, so we make sure we make it clear where information is from.


    • Curtis Orchard

      Am I the only one who feels even after reading the screenplay that I want a prose version of Cursed Child? To me, Rowling’s turn of phrase is what made the past 7 books so priceless, and no script can supplant that need to have the story in novel form.

      • I would love a prose version written by her, but that said I did enjoy reading the script.

  • No

    Sorry, it’s well past time for that

  • Chirthorpe

    Meh, don’t waste the time. Enough people detest it and consider it non-canon or partially non-canon (and for good reason as Rowling was neither the sole developer of it nor does it conform to previous canon, and it borders on ridiculous. Which is a feat for the potter universe.)

  • The Cursed Child is nothing more than poorly written fan fiction and should NOT be considered canon… EVER. JK Rowling did not write it and her editors what have rejected the story outline they used. She must be regretting this book now.

  • Talia

    The cursed child is canon whether entitled fans wants to reject it as canon or not doesn’t matter. JKR is the creator of this whole freaking thing and she approved and helped to come out with story treatment.