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In memoriam: The passing of a member of the Lexicon team


In memoriam: The passing of a member of the Lexicon team
I need to take a minute to acknowledge the passing of a much loved and respected member of the Harry Potter Lexicon team and a good friend.
Howard C. “Kip” Carter died in his sleep Tuesday, Jan. 2. For those people who made the Lexicon forum home a decade ago, Kip was the voice of calm, friendship, decency, and kindness who made those forums into a family. Denise Proctor, who served as Kip’s loyal lieutenant through those years, writes:
“Kip was one of the first members of the Forum and quickly became the head moderator. He also became a good friend to everyone and loved being a part of the Forum Family. He will greatly missed by all. Kipendo! ::::raises wand into the air:::::: “
Kip’s support of the Lexicon and of the Forum family was absolute. He was a good and faithful friend for many years. He will be missed by all the Potter fans who loved him. The Harry Potter Lexicon was a much, much better place because of him. 
Rest in peace, my friend.


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