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Taking a Short Break


Taking a Short Break

Hey, everyone, Steve VanderArk here. This is a special announcement for listeners of our Harry Potter Lexicon Minute podcast. As you may have noticed, we’ve been taking a short break for the past week or two. The podcast isn’t ending — we’ll be back with more episodes here on the main feed in May. During this downtime, we’ll be creating new content and sharing it with our Patrons on Patreon, including the next episodes in Eileen Jones’ wonderfully insightful series on Cursed Child. So if you miss the sounds of our dulcet tones, head over to Patreon and join up. As always, thanks for listening and thanks for supporting the Harry Potter Lexicon. We’ll be back in your feed in just a few short weeks.

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In the Harry Potter Lexicon Minute podcast you’ll hear the voices of our editors sharing some of the many little things which delight us about the Wizarding World. In each podcast, just a couple of minutes in length, we’ll talk about anything from cool trivia and interesting canon passages to the latest Wizarding World news. We hope you’ll join us! And we’d love to hear from you as well. Feel free to use the comment section on the blogpost for each podcast to post your thoughts.

Special thanks go to Felicia Cano who gave us permission to use her amazing artwork of Hermione reading a book for the logo, which was created by Kim B.

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