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Changes to the Lexicon Website


Changes to the Lexicon Website

I know it seems like nothing changes around here. That’s only partially true.

I say partially because things don’t change fast since everyone working on the site does it in their spare time and on a volunteer basis. So real life being what it is, that means that big changes come slowly.

However, that doesn’t mean that nothing changes at all. For example, we’re in the process of changing all the titles of entries in our Sources database. This will only become apparent to you when you look at the breadcrumbs:


becomes this:

which is much more informative. This will also improve how these entries appear if we add them to the home page slide show.

However, as we made this change we realized that it broke the “next chapter/previous chapter” buttons on each chapter page. No worries, we’ll fix it, although it may take a day or two. Real life, you know.

An even bigger change has been made recently to our menu system. I spent a lot of time working out how to make them a lot more useful when people are trying to find specific things, and recently Nick Moline (our resident tech wizard) completely revamped them with the new more helpful layout. Check it out! I think you’ll agree that they’re much improved.

We have a lot more updates and changes planned, some of which will be obvious and others which you might not notice right off the bat. And of course, we’re always editing and updated and adding information to entries. The Lexicon is a never-ending project which we all love to improve. Thanks for being part of the Lexicon family!


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