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The Fightin’ Weasleys


The Fightin’ Weasleys


The Fightin’ Weasleys
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"A conglomeration of the Weasleys doing some damage--- this is in the final battle after Fred has died and everyone thinks Harry is dead, when sh*t's hitting the fan in the castle.

A note about Percy. I like Percy. I think he adds a really human element to the storyline. One of the main comments I get on my other HP stuff is "I wish Percy had died instead of Fred!!" But that would have changed everything; it would have made it less real. JKR would have simply created a character we didn't like so she could have someone expendable to bump off in the end. But she didn't do that; instead she created a character going through a real young adult crisis that created emotional turmoil and carried the themes of ambition, family, and forgiveness through him. Fred was the first one to forgive him when he showed up, which was JKR's way of providing closure. Yeah, it sucks that Fred died, but Percy drives home JKR's point that no one is pure good or pure bad (okay, except maybe Voldy) ---we're all just human.

Also, this is a book and I'm reading too far into it.

Anyway, this was a big piece for me in a lot of ways. I was forced to work on it bit by bit over the course of two weeks rather than sit down and crank it out like I normally would. I could push it further, but I'm happy with where it's at now, and I hope you like it too!"

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